Monday, October 29, 2012

Arizona blond tarantulas: do they really have more fun?

Tarantula, Rimrock, Arizona,
Quentin, you've grown!
I am not standing with my foot in this picture just to show off my cute hikers. For perspective, the Arizona blond tarantula wears the same size I do.

He was crossing the road as we approached, but once he lowered the flag we could proceed without tire damage. It's possible he was crossing the road to mate (one more question answered), but we didn't want to stick around to see him reach under the female to insert his pedipalp into her gonopore.

Tarantula, Rimrock, Arizona,

He could easily cover Annie's palm, if he relaxed. He could easily cover Annie's palm, if Annie relaxed. 

Tarantula, Rimrock, Arizona,
Weather feels pretty perfect at this elevation, at this time of the season. Flagstaff nights are too cold for us to deal with in the Duck, but here we're warm enough to sleep with the windows cracked. I always check under the covers before I get in. Sometimes I find Annie under there.

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Gaelyn said...

Better to find Annie under the covers than one of these guys. Although he is a rather handsome blonde.

Jac said...

Wow, throwin' some pretty impressive scientific terms there, Ms. Scientist. So, how'd you know this was a he? Nifty photos, & thanks for this--I never knew about this kind of tarantula. I learned something new today. I just hope there's no test, not sure I could answer any questions about pedipalps & gonopores.

Jim and Sandie said...

May be blond but still not anything I want to hang around with. And really not in the bed.

Donna K said...

Obviously a bleach blonde...

Desert Diva said...

I do believe you and Annie go searching for these crazy critters... ;-)

Bob said...

Hey, that's my kinda spider. The kind I see on a computer screen, that is. Gah!
Saw a black one out on the golf course in the Dominican many years ago.
Didn't put my foot down next to him though. Could have been a her? Don't know.
I do draw the line at spider porn though.
"Pedipalp"? "Gonopore"? Such language! Shocking!

Anonymous said...

As creepy as it sounds, these guys are really not as fearsome as they look, unless you grab one and scare it. People sometimes make pets of them. My HS biology teacher passed one around and had us handle it, cautioning us not to drop it. If the spider survived the drop, the next guy to handle it might be getting a nasty pinch. I'm glad I sat in front.


klbexplores said...

It's a wonder that Annie doesn't feed you to the critters! She obviously has a great sense of humor! At least I'll have your cutie as a point of reference should I ever come across one in the wild. Run for your life!!!!

Karen and Al said...

Yep, windows open at night...perfect temperature. Any colder and you'll find multiple kitties under there!

Soaring Sun said...

How did you figure out why the tarantula crossed the road? You are brilliant!
Philosophers have argued for centuries about why the chicken crossed the road.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Is it a natural or a bottle blond?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Marti, finding out would have involved awkward questions, so I didn't.

Sue, HILARIOUS! I'm keeping that for future reference, should I see such a thing happen.

It's true, Karen! Those hairy legs![shudder] I'm talking about the cats, not Annie.

Karen, Annie is a freakin' saint, honestly. A saint with a good sense of humor.

Emjay, that's wild! Literally, wild. We do know people who keep them as pets, but they're unbalanced anyway. :D This guy was not alarmed by our presence, and just kept truckin'.

Bob, we do the up-close so you don't have to. Wikipedia said the female is not blonde at all, so there you go. Remember as you go through life: don't be a pedipalp.

Not so, Cheryl! Okay, it's true we did turn around and go back for him, but to go looking would be crazy.

Donna, that awkward question I didn't want to ask. Hey, does the abdomen match the thorax? (heh heh heh) It's just crude.

Sandie, I am just certain that I will DIE if I encounter such a thing in bed. Nevermind that a bite wouldn't kill me. Just the meeting would.

Jac, lucky for us that, at our age, if there's anything we don't know about pedipalps and gonopores... we won't be asked.

I agree, Gaelyn. Just Annie? YAY!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm officially going to have nightmares tonight! I really hope that whole thing about eating spiders while you sleep is an urban legend.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Yes, Somer! Let's just say it is definitely an urban legend! Hey, Mythbusters guys!

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally found Annie...she must have been hiding under those covers for a while?
Blonds always have more fun, altho' I'm not sure that extends to male tarantulas -> they will sometimes get eaten by the female after mating, a little post-sex snack if you will. Kinda takes the buzz out of the fun methinks.

Sherry said...

Oh my goodness this is much more than I wanted to know about tarantulas blonde or not. Under the covers?? YIKES! Annie I'm seriously going to send you a sympathy card.

Mike and Terri said...

Don't think I'd wanna share any blond jokes with it just in case it couldn't see the humor.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Nina, I think she was keeping the tarantulas company. You know it's the males going TOTALLY worth it! If females knew they were going to be the snack, they'd stay in with a good book.

You're welcome, Sherry! Annie just nodded toward you with a sad, resigned face.

HA, Mike and Terri! Or didn't get the joke.

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

YIKES! You have GOT to QUIT posting pictures of these eight-legged creatures or you'll lose your audience!!!

Huh! Spiders. Halloween. Appropriate.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Okay, Intrepid! Next I'll post pictures of a creature with no legs - deal? We went to town yesterday - will that be better? I'll post pictures of my bead finds...ZZZzzzzz... NOW how do spiders sound? :D

J Peterson said...

I have an Arizona blonde Tara. Recently I added more flooring to her aquarium since I read they burrow. Now she stays in a corner doesn't move and is turning black. She has crickets and mealie worms.
Should ibe worried. I've had her about 2 months and she was always blonde

Good Luck Duck said...

Gosh, J, I wish I knew what to tell you. If she's not moving, that seems not-good. :o(

Good Luck Duck said...

But, I'm not a tarantuologist!