Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Friendship and death: Sedona, Arizona boondocking

Look who came all the way to The Desert to see us! Our very, very good friends, Carolyn and Annie!
Carolyn and Annie at Montezuma's Well, where they were wary of revenge.
Sure, we look all sedate like middle-aged women are supposed to. Should I have worn absorbent undergarments? Did you bring the sherry? How many more steps? I could use a nap. I said DID YOU BRING THE SHERRY? THE SHERRY! NO! THE SHERRY!!!

L to R: Carolyn, NotMyAnnie, me, MyAnnie

However, Carolyn (far left) is the Venom Whisperer. She showed us our first scorpion within an hour of arrival. We knew they come out at night, which usually keeps us out of our lawn chairs after happy hour, but we had never seen one.


Later that night she found this guy in slo-mo flight:

It's chilly at night now. He was rockward-bound in the slow lane.
This is my camera on tequila.
Western diamondback rattlesnake txts friends: LOLOMG! U wont Blieve this. BCH pls!

Carolyn missed our trip to the V-V Ranch because she was stung by a fire ant and had an allergic reaction.


But, after that, things just got ridiculous.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket



And we saw things:

Montezuma's Castle. 
Coffeepot Rock, Sedona.

A mountain

Bell Rock is thought to be a vortex. I think it's spin.

Our campsite, the Valley of Death. 
Seeing Annie and Carolyn after eighteen months was like we never left the 'Burg.

After a few days, they decided to leave before Carolyn invoked javelinas. Sorry guys! Next time we'll meet someplace nice, instead of Sedona.

We miss you already.

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Russ Krecklow said...

Don't forget to go see the fish hatchery. It's cool there, you might like it. You really rocked the rocks in your photos! Glad you didn't have any more close encounters of the venomous kind.

Donna K said...

Are you SURE those vortices (is that the plural of vortex??) don't work? In looking at a couple of those pictures, I could swear you have all been spinning around in one. Or maybe just dancing away from the scorpions and fire ants! And are you actually sleeping in tents? On the ground? Oh my! Well, I have to admit it does look like you are having a grand time so I guess it's all good. Loved the rock pictures - reminds me of our time in Sedona.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Donna, THEY were in tents. We got to higher ground in the Duck. We were pretty dizzy, it's true. Russ, I will definitely look for the hatchery. We haven't left yet, so there's plenty of time for envenomation still.

klbexplores said...

Keep those critters away from me! I see there was way too much Sherry.... the pictures were crooked!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

You sure did get crazy and have a lot of fun. Glad to see no bail was needed. ;c)

Theresa Kim said...

Gorgeous. But you guys are crazy. When the husband got a job offer from NM, we thought about moving there. Would have been a fun place to be. Then I hear stories about scorpions showing up in the house and cats thinking they are like mice. It just didn't appeal to me.

Michael Ultra said...

Wow! The synchronicity of your posts. First, you chant my xwife's name (sherry, sherry, sherry) and then, you have a couple pictures of the ol diamond herself. Sorta like Beetlejuice.

Gaelyn said...

Thank goodness Carolyn wasn't bit by the snake, or the scorpion. Hope the ant didn't bring her down too hard.

Peter + Beatrix said...

About Snakes and Scorpions
A Swede is visiting Arizona for the first time. He books a guided hiking tour to see the desert. The guide warns him to stay away from rattlers and scorpions and off they go. When they take a break, the Swede discovers a scorpion on the ground. He swiftly turns around, grabs a stick and kills that scorpion bastard. The guide screams: What are do doing are you crazy?
- Why, you told me to be aware of scorpions. Have you never seen a man killing a scorpion with stick?
- It wasn't a stick you killed it with. It was a damn rattler!

Texas Yellow Rose said...

1. That's either a dynamite telephoto lens or you were waaaay to close to that rattler!
2. I hope Sherry had a good time wherever she was.
3. At least it was Montezuma's Castle and not that other Montezuma stuff you experienced.
4. The bucket sure got a lot of photoplay in your group pics. Or is that Ms. Bouquet?

Sounds like a rip-roarin' good time and you can color me appropriately jealous. I miss being crazy with friends as opposed to being crazy period.

Jeannie and Eldy said...

Looks like a terrific time had by all! Loved Sedona when we were there...

Teresa Evangeline said...

If you spend any time in the desert you have your first scorpion story. For all the time I've spent there, though, I've yet to see a rattler. Watch out, I hear they have boundary issues.

I see you spent some time among those ancient ones. Party animals. And next time you meet up with friends, at least pick somewhere nice. sheeesh.

The Odd Essay said...

How'd you get that rattler to peek out of the rocks at you? Just how close WERE you to it anyway? Wonder if those folks climbing up the vortex rock got to the top? What fantastic colors that place is composed of... beautiful!

Kimbopolo said...

What fun!!!

Sherry said...

I definitely appreciate your strong desires to have me there. Seems to me with those vortices/vortexes you could have sucked me right over. Sure am sorry I missed such a great time. And what a gorgeous place! Oh well, It's at least nice to be wanted.

Maria B said...

Great - now you have to guarantee MG that we won't be anywhere near those critters during our visit in November! And please answer the question - how close WERE you to that snake!! Also, I strongly advise having some of those landscape shots printed up as postcards for sale - they are excellent.

SwankieWheels said...

Oh you guys are just having too much fun and all I get to do is visit my sister a few days and help her with a non-draining septic field, a leaking septic tank, too many cats, and dogs of the house is toxic to me. Airborn stuff from critters, rabbits in the barn, six cats hanging out on my van (literally ON my van)... and I AM OFFICIALLY NOT having fun now. Need to get back on the road a.s.a.p. and kayak with the alligators through AL and LA on my way to TX and AZ. I'm jealous.

Sue Malone said...

Nothing like a bunch of crazy women to ensure a really good time in a boring place like Sedona!

Desert Diva said...

Looks like you all had "big fun."

As for Carolyn and the fire ant reaction, I'm not surprised - they are "nasty little creatures" and the bites hurt!

I had sourdough wheat toast with pumpkin butter for breakfast. I'm putting the news in a comment since I know you don't like to "read that stuff" on blogs... ;-)

Roxanne said...

Haha, Cheryl! Did I confess that about food on blogs? WAS I DRUNK? It's only when it's constant that I object, and pumpkin butter sounds yum.

Sue, we had to do something to liven up this town. What a snoozer Sedona is - nothing to see or do here.

Swankie, RUN!!! You are having the opposite of fun, which could suck existing fun out and neutralize it.

Maria, you would insist on answers. I have a great 18X optical zoom on my little camera, so I was between 1X and 18X further away than it appears. No, MG will be nowhere near such things! We only saw them because we were out at night, and because it was so chilly the rattler was moving slow. Thanks about the photos!

Sherry, any event is better with you there, even if it's a bunch of women looking at scenery. We will go to a vortex that's not out-of-order next time.

Kim, it was!

Sharon, he was interested in my camera and my exposed knees. Sedona really is beautiful, no doubt.

Teresa, I imagine they've been around us a lot, but we haven't seen them because we don't sit outside at night. The Ancient Ones left a story that I hadn't heard before, and it made me cry. Oops, it's doing it again.

I don't doubt it, Jeannie. It's astounding here.

Betty, you'd better NOT be talking about MY bucket. Yeah, NotMyAnnie thought the bucket would convey the camping experience. It happened to be filled with dirty dishes at the time.

My telephoto lens is outstanding for a small camera. I was actually standing in Yavapai County.

Lol, P+B! I must be Swedish.

Gaelyn, we decided the ant was probably the best choice, given the options. She was feeling much better within a few hours.

LOL MICHAEL! Hahaha! You made Annie laugh loud enough to scare the cats.

Theresa, I hear that here, too. Somehow people do have cats here AND have scorpions appear indoors, but it would scare me, too. None have appeared in the Duck, but I always shake out my clothes and shoes.

Paul and Marti, we actually talked about who we would call in such a situation. Luckily, the point was moot.

Karen, if I have to fling something away in a panic, there are no guarantees. Keep your eye on the critter.

Rick Doyle said...

Looks like you're having a tremendous time in Sedona - one of our favourite spots. Thanks for the pic of Montezuma's Castle, I remember a great day visiting there. Rattlesnakes? Not so nice.

Anonymous said...

That pic of Coffeepot Rock is simply stunning. I'd love to use it as desktop wallpaper. Do you have a higher-res version available?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Rick, I'm fond of the Castle, too, as that's where I realized I might be crushed out on Arizona. I haven't yet become infatuated with rattlesnakes...although, look at those blue eyes!

Rob, glad to send it to you. I sent you a message in a bottle asking for your email.

MFH said...

I can only presume you're having so much fun the idea of being elsewhere and things "getting ridiculous" has become piffle. I hope it's true since people like yourself, with the gift for fun, have a social obligation to be oot & aboot spreading the word. On the other hand, one of the nice things about being unique is social obligation just bounces right off. Hope yer havin' fun!!