Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Page Springs Fish Hatchery

Silk Nog just arrived on shelves. The holiday season has begun!

We moseyed out to Page Springs Fish Hatchery on Russ' recommendation. We didn't fight any crowds, and enjoyed wandering around for a while.



One of these fishes is not like the others.

What duck?

So we did.

We checked our pockets on the way out.
The hatchery and pond are fed by a 15,000,000 gallon/day cold-water spring (Page Springs). The temperature is a steady 68° year-round.

I've been getting carried away with my photos lately, and I blame Al B. He recommends Picasa, and it's so much nicer than iPhoto that I don't dread editing anymore.

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TravelBug-Susan said...

Good post. Love your sense of humor. "One of these fishes is not like the others." Oh, and "We checked our pockets on the way out." ROTFLMAO.

Gaelyn said...

That sure is a pond full of funny looking ducks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Duck,
Good you listened to Al B. I like your blog improvement.
Bob, the bum. :O)

Bob said...

Save that duck!! I wouldn't trust those captive fish. They could turn on you in a heart-beat.
Did you see what happened when you threw that food? It's scary I tells ya!

Anonymous said...

Page Springs has a pretty good restaurant nearby. As I recall, it's a bit north of there. Casual to the max, though, so don't dress up. It will be a tad cooler since it's next to the creek and heavily shaded by the trees.


The Odd Essay said...

Well, I've always admired your photos. But that rose with the dew drops is outstanding.

Kimbopolo said...

I've learned so much about nature reading your blog. LOL!

Sherry said...

Roses at a fish hatchery now that's class. Good thing ducks don't eat fish. That would be some fat duck.

I find I spend too much time if I fancy things up on Picassa. I just use Microsoft's Picture Manager. Not as many options but takes less time and I'm one of those folks who thinks there are WAY too many choices in life. I mean look at the cereal isle.

Donna K said...

Great rose picture. And I'm so glad you fed the machine. It gets cranky if it doesn't get a sufficient number of quarters each day!! Glad you enjoyed the peace and quiet there.

Russ Krecklow said...

Happy that you found that place and enjoyed yourselves. It is cool to have ducks "swimming with the fishes ". Feeding the machines is always part of the experience at fish hatcheries. You could make a good case for including "duck food vending machines " in all public places where ducks are found. Personally, I really like the ice cream bar vending machines...they are very cool. (And I am an Oregon duck so I know that's duck food!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find fresh cranberries anywhere yet, so I'm skeptical about the holiday season beginning. So what if I all ready want cranberry sauce ;)I totally dig Silk Nog.

Roxanne said...

Ah, Somer. The Elusive Cranberry. It's possible the grocery store is pushing the season a little, but I don't mind.

ACK! DUCKS DON'T WANT TO SWIM WID DA FISHES!! We do like to eat with them, though. The duck seemed happy enough to get fish food, but I would be more particular.

Donna, the spring was pretty amazing, too. I decided not to wade.

Sherry, choices ARE overrated, especially in the Oatio aisle. It helps that my iPhoto is misbehaving and irritating me.

Kim, it's the Duckscovery channel around here every day.

Thanks, Sharon!

Emjay, we may have seen the restaurant but not really paid attention, being all full of fish food like we were.

Bob, those writhing fish with the feeding frenzy gave me the willies, and i could see the duck was just tolerating them for the pellets. I don't think he liked being goosed.

Thanks, Bob! Yeah, I'm glad I listened, too.

Aren't they odd, Gaelyn?

LOL, thanks Susan!

Anonymous said...

Silk Nog, huh? Something about those two words together...Never tried the stuff, but I wasn't much of a regular nog-drinker myself. Forget the additional ingredients and let's skip to the hard stuff ;-).

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ha Annie! You and I would drink compatibly. It seems more genteel to mix it with something, but who am I kidding?