Saturday, October 20, 2012

Podcasts and Annie's lipid profile

Annie wants to know why I didn't publish her numbers. I say "did you forget how to post, dear?" But, the real reason is that her numbers are always good, whether she's eating poke salad or pork chops.

Total:   139
HDL:     73
LDL:      56
tri:         48

However, I won the glucose wars this time! Annie's:  98    Ho hum, she replies.

If you think there's no genetic component to cholesterol and lipoprotein levels, we're here to disagree unpleasantly and argue loudly. Annie and I eat the same foods, and have the same levels of exercise. As the clinician told us, life ain't fair!

Penny Lane asked me if we would consider doing a podcast like other RVers, where we talk for an hour about some aspect of our fulltime RV life. I thought we could, but then I realized Talk for an hour? How is that possible?

A: Well, Roxi, it's that time again.

R: What time is that, Annie?

A: Roxi, it's time to talk about stuff for an hour.

R: Annie, what is our topic this week?

A: Roxi, this was your week to decide.

R: We're fulltiming boondockers (Time?)

A: That's 20 seconds.

R: (sigh) Boondocking is camping without hookups. We do that all the time. (Time?)

A: Roxi, that's 23 seconds.

R: Tell them about that time.

A: Ha! Ha! That was funny.

Seriously, do you know how many interesting blogs you could read in an hour? A lot. Do you guys listen to RVing podcasts?

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Jim and Sandie said...

I've never listened to a podcast. With reading blogs I can get interrupted and still come back to reading right where I left off. Way to go Annie - even though it really is not fair!!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

I listen to things like This American Life if we can't stream TV, for example. But, I do prefer the written word in most cases.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally jealous. I could run a marathon a day, and still my HDL-C would be too low. I've had to join the Lipitor Achievers!

And you're right—it's very difficult to change one's total cholesterol level by more than about 20% through diet alone. (Our father, in the pre-statin days, managed to reduce his from 260 to 200 mostly with diet, but only by switching to a diet I would consider incompatible with human life. Super-low-fat diets have the general problem that they tend to lower HDL as well as total cholesterol, and low HDL seems to run in the family.

Soaring Sun said...


Gaelyn said...

I know high cholesterol runs in my family and I've been a bad girl at trying to reduce it. You two are an inspiration.

Nice podcast, just the kind I like.

Brenda A. said...

Don't do podcasts. That whole getting distracted thing. I either need a face to go along with the speaking or I need printed words.

Don't feel bad about Annies superior numbers. I bet there's SOMETHING genetic you have all over her! :)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Bleen, the only reason my HDL is up to 50 is niacin. I've been taking that for a couple of years since all the stains I tried didn't work, and then attacked my liver in a dastardly ambush. All the research I could find says that niacin is easy on the liver, especially if it's in the OMG I may die now flushing form. I take 1000 mg/day.

I think doctors don't recommend it, not because it doesn't work, but because the flushing is uncomfortable and they're afraid patients won't stick with it.

Annie, meanwhile, flaunts her fancy DNA.

Sue, please. I get so tired of your rambling.

Gaelyn, I hope it didn't take you the full 23 seconds to read it. I'd feel bad about wasting your time that way.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Right, Brenda. You have that thing. The 'cast has to be compelling for me to stay tuned-in, too.

Al Bossence said...

Nope, never even knew there was such a critter as an RV Podcast.....

klbexplores said...

I have dastardly cholesterol. The last time I had it checked the total was 359 although my Hld is good and included in that number. I too have tried every statin known with liver enzyme results as well. I eat cautiously but still eat. I exercise as well. Life just ain't fair!!

Sherry said...

I don't think my bankdwidth most places or my limited 5G from stingy verizon would permit podcasts.

Anybody read the super careful extremely well done research by Dean Ornish on lowering lipids with diet. Bazillions of people have done it and he has a life style change program that medicare will pay for BUT it's diet AND exercise.

That said - there is something in those genes. SO glad I'm related to you Cousin Annie - no offence Rox. But you're a great in-law!!

heyduke50 said...

take your pod and cast it elsewhere... i barely have enough time to have fun must less listen to a one hour podcast..

stillhowlyn said...

LDL high, HDL high (good thing), triglycerides I have given myself until Nov. to "correct"...I do not want to take statins! I would vote "no" on the podcast. Much prefer reading your blog!

Pat said...

I'd listen to a 2-3 minute podcast. One hour? It would have to be truly amazing.

My total chol is 139 too. It tends to be low when I refrain from complex carbs like desert, breads, pasta and rice.

The Good Luck Duck said...

I'm there with you, Pat, closing the page at 1:59.

Lynda, thanks for the "no" vote. Talking for an hour would send me to bed. What are you doing to correct?

Heyduke, I hear your pain. Okay, no to talking for an hour. I suspect I would run out of things to say and start singing anyway.

Sherry, if I only had 5G I'd spend it on blogs and cat videos, not podcasts no way José. I guess some people would prefer to "simply" take a pill, and if all things truly were equal, I wouldn't blame them.

Karen, if being whole-food vegan isn't working for your cholesterol, would you consider researching niacin? Also, most doctors won't tell you/don't know that statins interfere with coQ10 production in the liver (maybe Bleen will come back and clarify or discuss), which messes with us.

Al, they're around, but I had never listened to one. I suppose it's all in what you're interested in, but this couple talked quite a while about this week's RV park, and you and I know that ain't where it's at. :D

Donna K said...

No interaction in a pod cast. It's all you and none of wouldn't that be terrible??? I like to read but might get an earache if I have to listen...

The Good Luck Duck said...

BOR-ing! Okay, I ain't doin' it.

Pam and Wayne said...

No pretty pictures to go with a podcast, not to mention no comments for you to bask in afterward. Nothing like a little comment reading for those idle moments. I've been a vegetarian for the past 8 years and now probably have a digestive disorder where I can't tolerate fruit, beans, tofu and other delightful items. Have to return to meat, talk about life ain't fair! I had 3 small venison meatballs with some bok choy, carrots, corn and rice noodles last night. Now where to get more game so I don't feel guilty about eating mass produced-poorly treated farm animals??

Penny Lane said...

Ooh, I feel like I've been belted for wondering if there might be any Ducky goodness for my ears. LOL

Podcasts don't have to be an hour. My son and I don't do those anymore and honestly, stats show 30 minutes or less is ideal anyway.

There are actually several RV podcasts and depending upon the service provider, you can interact via phone or chat and you do see pictures. Again, depending upon the provider, 1 static or a rotation of images. The host can also share transcripts or other documents as desired.

Most folks just follow the podcast through iTunes or something similar. When a new episode comes out and they are in an area with good internet coverage, they download it and listen on the road/in camp.

My favorite RV podcast is by John and Kathy Huggins. They do the 'record and share' type of show:

You can listen to them for free, download for free, or purchase their episodes on CD. They have also put out a book based on the information they have shared in their podcast.

The Road Rebelles, who just hosted the Duck, have a more giggly, family type setup and use the interactive model (FB/chat/phone):

It's not for everyone but considering how much great info the Huggins' put out, I figured, why not ask if the Ducks would ever be interested in something similar?

Penny Lane said...

Congrats on the glucose win!

My Mom and I have the same issue: same diet, different numbers across the board. Heck, we're even at opposite ends of the size spectrum! Grr ...

The Good Luck Duck said...

Penny, see what a crabby crew we are? Seriously, I am flattered that you would suggest a podcast. I just can't imagine myself doing one. I'm not a self-starter, you know. And, if you heard the Road Rebelles' show tonight, you're repenting for ever bringing it up.

At least I didn't unleash a string of profanities from being nervous.

My mom and I have always been different shapes, and not in my favor. She used to insist it was just my poor habits, but she has learned more and now is more sympathetic to my struggles.

Pam, that sucks!! Game would certainly be a healthier option, too, with its more natural omega balance. How do you feel about grass-fed beef? Do you have such a thing available locally?

Penny Lane said...

Repent from a podcast talking about poop?! No way! Thanks for doing the show BTW, even if I'm no way affiliated with it. I at least got to hear your voice. QUACK!

Ahh, comments. I ate nothing but an apple a day for a while, finally got *almost* as slim as my former catalog model Mom and everyone loved the look but I felt sick. Went back to eating normally and everyone asked if I had an overeating problem. Wha??

Now, I'm actually one of the small cousins but I haven't done anything differently. Bodies are weird. Although you did inspire me to juice. Thanks again! =)

I joined a group of RVers committing to a reboot and also started DDPYoga. I also convinced my family we needed to replace standard toilets with composting ones and made my case for solar. The later was more of a anti-female thing: you can't do it because you are a girl. Oh yeah. Check out the Ducks! BOOM!

So yeah, you've made an impact on my household and that's why I asked about the podcast but I know everyone is different and that's what makes the world so friggin' fun and awesome. You'll still be my favorite Ducks no matter what. =)

The Good Luck Duck said...

I wonder if that show set a record for number of times "poop" was said.

My dad's side, while not Polish, is of very sturdy stock. STURDY. My mom is now about five feet tall and maybe 110 pounds (she "plumped" up with age). I ate practically nothing as a teenager, and managed to stay slim (starved). People thought that was great. Aren't we a weird species?

Is than an online group of RVers? Also, do you know Vegan Vagabonds?

LOL! I'm always glad to be a feminist example, even if it's Annie who does the dirty work. And, it's very kind of you to say that we've made a difference to your family! That makes me verklempt! And, if it were your podcast, I'd be happy to do it.

Penny Lane said...

Careful. I just might take you up on the podcast guest offer. In addition to trying to make standard education stuff fun, we started a Nature Kid education program, love to share eco-friendly info, and have talked about our adopted pets a lot in the past. It wouldn't be so far fetched to have a guest Duck. The kids might even like a convo about poop. Poop = giggles + environmental education. =)

Yes, the RV rebooters are online. Actually, there are two groups that I know of on Facebook and both are run by people I trust. I won't post the links here but I'd be happy to share them in a private message.

Sadly, I don't know the Vegan Vegabonds but I should! I just read today's guest bloggers' post and it's eerily just what I needed. Mom has the beginning stages of osteoporosis.

I'd never really thought about my activities as feminist - stuff just needs to get done - but I guess it does kinda fit, huh? I guess that's why my role models (real and fictional) are all such strong women. LOL

Margaret said...

6-bleen-7 did your father feel any statins side effects? I read lots of negative article about it and I want to know more about it first before taking it.

Roxanne said...

Margaret, I'm not sure Bleen will come back to this post. I can tell you that, although I didn't feel side-effects, my liver enzymes became quite elevated, and my doctor told me to stop taking them. A year later, she told me to commence, but I declined.

I feel certain that everyone taking statins should also take ubiquinol, but I'm not a doctor. Doctors don't tell you that, but they may not always be aware that statins are ubiquinol antagonists.

Niacin (the flushy kind) has been more effective for me than the statins were, but again: not a doctor!