Saturday, October 20, 2012

When in Jerome, Arizona... as the Jeromans do.

Jerome takes shabby-chic uptown. 




This is The House of Joy. Joy wasn't in, but her sister, Chronic Low-Grade Depression, was.

A man walked in, asked for the owner, and complimented her bottle garden (shown ^ above). He told her he had been here several times, and wanted her permission to photograph the display. PERMISSION DENIED, good sir! I've indicated where you could see the bottle garden, should you look toward it.

What? You can't photograph the bottles? I didn't even want to until I heard that. If Kate Middleton were in the bottle garden, anyone could photograph her. That's how public the display.
Maybe he wanted to walk down into it? The gall.
I just hope he learned his lesson about civility and courtesy.

You'll enjoy an afternoon in Jerome, or maybe longer if you find it irresistible. It was extremely busy on a Saturday. Lots of art and pretty things to look at, hold, break, and pay for.

There are a few restaurants with vegan options. We settled on Quince (15), with their veggie wrap. Bonus points for having a rainbow equality sticker in their window.

Leave the big rig down below and drive your toad. Small rigs should be okay. 


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Gaelyn said...

Jerome is a cute old town that requires money.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Exactly right.

Russ Krecklow said...

We drove up there a couple of times, and I was too busy hanging tightly to the steering wheel to see much. We did go to that old museum just over on the hillside...that was interesting. There were motorcycles parked several places in town. Now, that's the best way to go up there! Your photos are great, thanks for sharing. Oh, by the way, don't drive from Jerome to Prescott over the mountain unless you like really curvy roads. We learned that by being dumb. (Honest, it didn't look bad on the map.)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Russ, I've looked at that route on the map, and you and I may have different standards of "bad." I'm glad you pioneered that so we don't have to!

TravelBug-Susan said...

Just drove up there once many years ago. I honestly just remember a bunch of old buildings. I remember something about mining history.

Brenda A. said...

Love Jerome! Been there several times. Cracks me up that we have some of the same pictures from there. Ahh...good memories.... :)

Bob said...

What? No bottle collection? I'm crushed!
At least the guy asked.
It is on private property though, although any photos taken from the vantage point of the public area is open season. Not that I'd give a rat's tiny behind.
What's that line from a Frank Zappa tune?
"All that we have here's American made, it's a little bit cheesy, but it's nicely displayed."

Al Bossence said...

We drove our big rig right up and over Jerome by mistake ! People on their porcches could reach out and touch us ! Al did a blog post about it.... ( just type Jerome in his search bar )


Al Bossence said...

We made a similar mistake to Russ's. Coming from the Prescott area we drove our Motorhome over Mingus Mountain & right down through Jerome & out the other side down to Cottonwood. Only time I ever smelled hot brakes on the rig. Came back to Jerome in the car a few days later & had a nice quiet walk around. Payed some major dollars for a hamburger!! Recognized a few places in your photo. Jerome & Bisbee Arizona have similarities. Bisbee is bigger & not as expensive for stuff.......

The Odd Essay said...

I like your new photo of the two of you...(on the side bar?) As for asking permission... I only do that if I'm inside ... I figure outside's fair game.

Pam and Wayne said...

Those glass pears almost look good enough to eat...hate to imagine the heartburn they'd cause though! Jerome sounds right up your alley, I'm sure you'll have a great time in the area!

Dragonfly said...

Drove the the mountain pass once in a big extended Silverado. Thinking of it brings back a stomach ache. Thought I was going to cause the demise of my family. I do love Jerome. Just pack your own p&b sandwiches.

Lynne (WinnieViews) said...

Your photo captions always make me laugh! But looks like they do indeed have Jeromen ruins and Jeromen arches!!! Love that cute little funky town of Jerome and the towns below it in the Cottonwood and Prescott valleys-- glad you're having a fun time there!

Sherry said...

Shabby Chic uptown - exactly right. And put a big price tag on it too. Then folks will folk right on in thinking it's something to see. And it is, the whole Sadona, Jerome, Prescott thing is unique. Good to see you girls are continuing to have fun!

Jim and Sandie said...

Love Jerome but I had to had my breath a few times to help the truck make it through there. We drove the curving road to Prescott and it had some beautiful scenery. But we're from Montana and mountain roads really don't worry us too much. (well as long as the fifth wheel isn't behind us)

Desert Diva said...

I would have been more interested in the posada calavera display at Quince's than the bottle garden - just sayin'... ;-)

Vicki said...

LOL...Held my breath till I read your last line..Leave the big rig down below and drive your toad. Small rigs should be okay. "
We live the other side of the mountain(Chino area)...we take the ATV's and ride over to have lunch once in a while, it's hard enough to find parking for the quads let alone a lrg motorhome!

Teresa Evangeline said...

Well, look at you, with that photo of the branch growing through the window of an abandoned building, getting all artsy-fartsy and all. :)

Never been to Jerome, Spain, or heaven (in homage to Elton). I aim to change at least that first one.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Right, Teresa? I felt both while taking that shot. I'm not sure the women or music is as good in Jerome, but the investment is smaller.

Vicki, you were worried we had taken the Duck? We've heard enough stories (like Al and Kelly's) that we didn't even consider such a thing. Do you guys have horses? Back when we were still thinking of property in AZ and a regular life, I noticed that the lots big enough for horses were in Chino.

Cheryl, there were actual calaveras on display - are those his? It was so crowded we couldn't see anything much lower on the wall. It didn't occur to me to take a picture there, because no one told me not to.

Sandie, we didn't proceed through Jerome, so I imagine that would have taken the wind from my lungs. Although not so bad in a little car, I hope?

Sherry, I need to experience Prescott, then I've done the trifecta of trinkets. The hat trick of having it all.

Lynne, just don't expect any Latin outta me. Prescott is next!

Pam, I didn't even LICK those pears. It's true. It was a fun ride, and a good day.

Dragonfly, the pbj's are good advice, and just our style!

Thanks, Sharon! And, that's my perspective, too. I put the cameras away when I go indoors, but on the street? Open season!

Al and Kelly, it's thanks to that story that we knew better! We were talking about you guys as we pulled around the relatively tame curves coming up from Cottonwood. But, where in the world did you park to pay too much for a burger there?? We barely found a spot for the Prius.

Susan, there is something about mining history, and I didn't learn it. I was in the mood to fill my eyes with color and take forbidden pictures. Next time maybe I'll get educated...? I love the "ruins," though.

Bob, you're looking at the bottle collection, in the midst of other tchotchkes. <---did I REALLY spell that right the first time? --- I respected her demands to take no photos inside, but on the street? C'mon lady.

Brenda, wouldn't it be funny if we had pictures of each other?

Pat said...

If you like Jerome, you'll love Bisbee. If you like to run check out the Jerome Hill Climb and the Bisbee 1000.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Run? If Bisbee is that scary, I don't need to see it! You're right - I do want to see it. I hear good things about it.

Rick Doyle said...

The view over the desert from Jerome is one of the most awesome we've seen anywhere. Great pic of that!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Rick! It is a great vantage point.

Happy Trails said...

First time I was in Jerome 30+ years ago, it was just beginning to be reborn. 10+ years ago, took my mom there in our small Winnebago... town was getting crowded then. That plus for some reason, the horn to the Winnebago kept blowing all the way through town! So embarrassed. Cottonwood mechanic disconnected it for us! Last time was 2 years ago! OMG! it has overgrown it's streets! Much like Sedona 30 years ago and now. Like different towns! Loved your photos of the area!

Anonymous said...

hi ducks... you strut.. Jerome not a place to float a duck..

We've had some good times at the Hotel bar.. but wouldnt drive the RV up there..our Miata had a tight parking spot.. Met a lady from Kansas that came west and fell in love w the bartender there.. 7 years ago...never made it to LA..

The art school building is a better art experience and historic as well. First large building down hill.

Sue Malone said...

It was fun seeing Jerome again, it has been a long time. Your photos are seriously cool!! especially the bottle garden.

Rubye Jack said...

Jerome looks cool but I've been meaning to get out to Bisbee for awhile now. I'm told it is a mellow funky that I would enjoy so when you get down there I look forward to hearing what you think.

JO said...

I have been to Jerome twice. I love it. Bisbee isn't quite that high, the roads are narrow too. Should be taking a trip to Bisbee in the next few weeks.
Do stop in Prescott, another heat old town but growing up fast.

JO said...

that should have been neat old town.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Jo, I do want to see Prescott before we slide downhill, and Bisbee is on our list. Is it a good winter stop? Do you know of boondocking nearish?

RJ, I've heard the same thing about Bisbee. I will definitely report.

Thanks, Sue! That contraband photo.

Anon, we needed to talk to you first. Next time we'll hit different places.

Happy, that horn story makes me laugh. No sneaking through town for you.

Diana said...

I can't tell you how many times I didn't even think to do something until I saw a sign that said I couldn't! Thanks for getting the shot.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Exactly, Diana! What are they thinking? It was my (perverse) pleasure.