Thursday, November 8, 2012

Boondocking at Sacred Mountain, Rimrock, AZ

We left our boondocking site at the base of Sacred Mountain. I give this spot ◑◑◑ (half-moon cookies). It has a great view (Sacred Mountain), and is within walking distance of some really excellent petroglyphs (V-V Ranch), and the river.

There is a little too much traffic on the road (maybe twenty cars a day), and a fair amount of traffic right past the campsite toward the trailhead. On the other hand, for $24/night, you can park in the campground half a mile away, thirty feet from all your neighbors, and have no hook-ups. I like to provide options.

Sacred Mountain boondocking

Another boondocker got in touch with us by email, and we all ended up with some new ideas for camping in this area. Thanks, A!

I was napping in the grocery store parking lot and I dreamed a stranger wanted to trade his double-wide trailer for the Duck. When I woke up I was headed south with an old man. Annie, you kidder! Seriously, send me bus fare.

I like to clean up a little around our sites, and so Annie bought me a tiny rake for just that. Now I just need to find the "on" button, and a tiny person to run it.

Wet Beaver Creek


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Gaelyn said...

I have never found a rake yet that was my size. Or a shovel either for that matter.

Had a bit of rain here this evening. Predicting snow for Saturday. Must be time to head south, like of the equator.

154275 said...

That last photo is especially tranquil.

Russ Krecklow said...

RV Sue has a small rake, too. Must be a boondocking tool, eh? Saw another great post on the RV Toilets blog you would enjoy. Go there. Show us pictures of the small rake, sounds challenging. Might be good to keep spiders at bay!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Will do, Russ. I'll try to remember to photograph my rake, which will make me look huge. This may not be the way to go. Yeah, it's useful for cleaning up the area and not carrying around a huge tool.

It is, isn't it, R.?

Annie just read me this dire forecast, Gaelyn. My policy (usually) is to never get up before the Sun does.

Sherry said...

Tiny rake to clean up? Clean up? Rake? Work? No no. Not for me please. I guess I can call you to do my tiny raking now??

How far south are you going with this old man? If you get to Florida, let me know and I'll try to rescue you.

The Good Luck Duck said...

It seems like he's headed for the border, Sherry, but he drives very, very slowly. I hope Annie is enjoying the doublewide.

But, you give me an idea for my new Mexican enterprise: Tiny Rake 4 U.