Saturday, November 24, 2012

Boondocking near Cottonwood, Arizona

More boondocking


If you click on a blue balloon, there should be coordinates associated with it. You may already know this, which is why I'll say it anyway: once you have clicked on a location, you can then save it to your own Google map(s).

Click "Save to map"

Add it to a map you've already started, or begin a new one.
If you've camped or boondocked near Cottonwood, you know about Thousand Trails Road and the boondocking area there. What we learned from another boondocker is that the area across 260 is much less crowded, and still in compliance with Prescott National Forest maps.

If you need propane and/or water, they can be purchased at the Thousand Trails RV Resort just down Thousand Trails Road. Easy in/easy out - tell the gate guard what you're up to, and if you've told the story convincingly he'll wave you through. Or salute. I like when he salutes. Propane sold 11:30 - 12, Tuesday - Saturday.

More RVing entrepreneurs  

In my last post, I featured several RVers who offer goods and services for sale. I'm adding Creations by Cyn to the list. She blogs at TexCyn Life. Cyn specializes in functional jewelry and doggie fashion accessories (so cute). Check out her work worn by award-winning models.

I've become fixated on Karen's socks. Not because I need socks, but because I need these socks. A lot of you already knew about Karen and her full-time life making socks I would be willing to measure my feet for (size large). As soon as I found her blog, she and her husband bought a house and stopped full-timing, so I guess now she'll have more space to make my socks (size large).

More wandering

We've spent the spring, summer, and fall centered around Flagstaff, where The Cousins live. It's been a lovely organizing principle, but now staying warm trumps family, and we've slipped off like a strapless prom dress. Tonight we're on the other side of Phoenix. Phoenix alarms us.

A man my age held up a sign at a stop: Homeless Vet - anything helps - God bless. We've given small bits of money to people for no particularly compelling reason, but we just didn't this time, to this man. On the way past he told us of the harm he wished us. Tonight, I'm concentrating on wishing for him everything he needs, but if he stubs his toe, too, and thinks of us, that's okay with me. I'm still evolving, shut up.

We're Tucson-area head-towarded.

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Rubye Jack said...

It sounds like your intuition served you well with the old man. I love the creative blog referrals and am now going back to check out your others. Have a good safe trip down to Tucson and happy camping.

Sherry said...

Glad you are headed toward warm. If Texas doesn't cooperate, keep going. I need a boondicking leader in Florida.

Al Bossence said...

Heading from Cottonwood to Phoenix....Ooops, looks like you missed Congress:))

Steven said...

The way you guys do it, it's more like "boonducking".

The Good Luck Duck said...

Lol, Steve! Sometimes there's a fowl odor...

Al, Annie said "There's the road to Wickenburg!" And I said, "Is that the really scary road, or the kinda scary road?" And then we drove past. The Black HIlls on 17 are scary enough for me - we'll need to visit Congress by car.

Sherry, if you're looking for a boondicking leader, no one boondicks around like we do. At your service!

Thanks, RJ, and I see what you did there! :D "A man my age" = "old man" Very clever, you.

Anonymous said...

Over the last few days I have read your blog from start to finish ,did a lot of laughing and got a lot of knowledge from it.
Great blog

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Ron! I appreciate knowing that it helps, one way or another.

Anne Sigalet Henderson said...

Hi and FYI - I don't know if anyone else has reported this but I tried saving a couple of your boondocking sites to my map - couldn't get it to work! I can save locations between maps that I created but not from your map. I even changed my privacy settings but that didn't work either. Sounds like some good places to check out the next time I can get that far South though.

Allison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Allison said...

Is there boondocking in the Tucson area? We're in a park, I enjoy long showers way too much to unhook from a sewer hose. If you want warm, you are coming to the right place, it's in the low 80s today.
I deleted my first comment to fix a typo, now I understand why I see the "comment ... removed by author" on other blogs, they must have had a typo as well. Edit! Then publish!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Allison, there is boondocking. We're in a quite acceptable boondocking spot right now, in fact, and we even scored a tree. And, nice to meet you - I don't think our paths have crossed before.

Anne, we're trying to figure out the problem. Annie can save to her own maps. Other readers, are you having the same issues?

Sherry said...

Roz - I'm sure that is absolutely true and I am definitely looking for a leader and particularly one that will proofread my comments and in particular ones done with my damn droid. I'm waiting for you to get here.

Gaelyn said...

You missed Yarnell.

The Good Luck Duck said...

It's true, Gaelyn. :o( You had that "colder than Cottonwood" situation going on, and I'm thinking the same scary road issue as the Bayfield Bunch (is that true?)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sherry, I can't even text. My own phone is a twelve-year-old Tracfone, and I ignore anyone who texts me there.