Friday, November 2, 2012

Coconino National Forest, Arizona in Autumn

Having good cell service again feels like we fell mouthlong into chocolate. We caught up on some favorites: Modern Family, The Office, Bones. We also watch Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad, but they require a different kind of finessing.

Do you have TV suggestions for us?

Coconino National Forest

We've been to this area before, so I actually found myself thinking ho-hum. What. I grabbed myself by the lapels to get my attention.

Coconino National Forest

It's getting close to fly-time. When I can look at views like this and not notice, I need a shake-up.

Coconino National Forest

Our friends and my son in central New York State are fine and safe. The local school didn't even close.

Coconino National Forest

Coconino National Forest

Annie tackled a roof project today that we hope will make our cell signal stronger. Woot! ⇦ I can get excited about cell service.

Coconino National Forest

There's something about taking a picture that brings beauty into focus. Get it? Picture? Focus? 

Coconino National Forest

We bought a lot of coconut coir at PetSmart yesterday. The chipper young clerk asked us what we did with it. When Annie told him it was for a composting system, he seemed subdued. He was hoping we'd say Gila monsters.

Coconino National Forest
Do you offer a service or a product for sale? Do you knit hats or craft jewelry? Handmake soap? Tell me what you do in the comments, or by email if you'd rather (whotookmybucket at gmail dot com). It might be fun to do an RVers' commerce round-up before the holidays run up on us and trample us with Walmart everyday low prices.

Make our Amazon link your Amazon bookmark!

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Teri said...

If your cell phone project works, I hope you will share the details with us. Sorry, no TV ideas, I don't have a TV and I don't watch it on my computer, either.

Anonymous said...

If you like Bones you might want to check out The Mentalist.

Gaelyn said...

I am TV ignorant. Much prefer your boring view.

Merikay said...

We don't have regular TV. Our big dish sattelite here ar the house went dead a couple of years ago. I refused to get small dish because I felt it was a statement that we would be here forever. Not having Tv has not een bad. I watch some DVDs when I go on the treadmill. Get them from the Library.I really like bBC Dramas.

TexCyn said...

Wheeee, cell phone service..wheeeee! TV shows? doncha got a zapper? I'm pretty sure they are designed to keep you roaming about in a.d.d. tv land.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Definitely, Teri. It's not specialized technology, Annie installed the booster antenna on the roof instead of just on the window where it has been ineffective.

I DO like the mentalist. That cutiepie, Simon Baker. Good reminder.

Apparently I am jaded from the beauty, Gaelyn. When it gets dark I need entertainment or sleep.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Merikay, do you watch Downton Abbey? I keep hearing about it. We don't need current suggestions, because we don't watch "real" TV anyway - just streaming when we can, and DVDs.

A zapper? Is that like a clicker? We don't have TV, so I'd have to use a mouse instead of a zapper - will that work?

Anonymous said...

I've inferred that you stream TV shows through Netflix or Hulu over a cellular network. Is that right? I always assumed that would become very expensive very quickly.

Anonymous said...

person of interest , covert affairs and white collar are some of my favorites

Diana said...

The New Normal is my favorite new comedy. It's a lot like Modern Family.

Brenda A. said...

We love Dexter. Also Arrested Development. Weeds was fun for awhile. Current sitcoms we enjoy are Raising Hope, New Girl and The New Normal. That's about all I got. We pretty much suck at keeping up to date on TV shows.

I'm a massage therapist, so that's my service! I'm bringing my table with me in the RV and hoping to have the opportunity to use it occasionally.

I'm also hoping, once we get out on the road, to have time to reawaken my sleeping craftiness. Would love to eventually have handmade things of beauty to hawk. But that's something for down the road (get it???....down the road???). :)

Me and My Dog said...

If/when you get to Quartzsite, pick up one of the 2012/2013 Quartzsite Visitor's Guides. On page 18 it shows the area I went last season with Hazel and Cari and the dogs. The one with the grinding holes, caves and petroglyphs - the site of the original Quartzsite that was washed away in a flood. (Boy, that sounds a little too familiar, doesn't it?)

The Guide says there's a safe full of gold buried there - maybe you'll find it. Anyway, it has the directions on how to get there - the ones I couldn't provide you after I was there. Maybe you'll find it this year. :)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Barbara! We did manage to get there last year with Charlene. We had no clue how to get there ourselves. It was a cool site, and I'm glad Q is making it easier to find. I wish they'd make the gold easier to find.

Brenda, will you guys stay in parks? You may be able to publicize your massage services that way, if so. I almost never make massage appointments, but I will get "impulse massages" if a therapist is in or near a building I'm going into anyway. They have chairs, but you could set up your table outside!

And, thanks for the ideas for shows. We haven't tried Raising Hope yet. LOVE Arrested Development. Canceling that show was a criminal act.

Diana, I'll have to try that show again. We may have given up on it too soon.

Thanks, Anon - I haven't heard of any of those, and they sound right up Annie's alley.

Anon (same Anon?), yes. It could get expensive fast without unlimited data. With a 20G limit (like with Millenicom) you could watch some shows.

Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

I loved Damages with Glenn Close. Edge of the seat stuff first couple of seasons, it's on Netflix.

Cruzin2some said...

Love all the beautiful pics

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...
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Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Just made you my default Amazon link and bought a Paperwhite. Even though I write books for Kindle I've never had one. To everyone reading this, make the Ducks your Amazon default! Help buy cat food!

As for TV, don't have one, but sometimes I get on a Youtube kick and watch those silly "Just for Laughs" TV shows from the 90s, set in Canada, things you'd get shot doing in the U.S. Canadians are the nicest people and that show proves it. Pretty funny stuff that's perfect for a dark night in the backcountry.

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

No idea why that posted twice, guess my browser thinks the Amazon part bears repeating.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks for the plug, Chinle! An idea so nice, Blogger said it twice. Yes, Canadians have always seemed pleasant to me, too. What are some shows set there? I can only think of one vampire show that used to crack us up, with a character named Skanky. Something Night, or Night Something. Or maybe Knight.

Thanks, D&D!

I remember that show, Tammy! It was pretty intense. We like Glenn Close, too.

Sherry said...

I don't do TV either. I think I don't have the patience. I'd rather read it seems to keep my wandering attention better. BUT I'd sure like to pay attention to those views of yours. WOW!

Thanks for reminding me that I have the "uncut" straight BBC, no PBS, version of Downton on DVDs just waiting for me to remember and watch.
Good thing there is you to spark that fading memory.

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

The show is called Just for Laughs. That's not the description of it, but the title. Well, it's the description, too. Here's a link to one:

Penny Lane said...

We don't do tv but we do go on YouTube benders every now and then. Mostly stuff I can use for homeschool credit like science (CJ is really into space, robots, and physics), history, etc.

If we do Netflix, it's for the documentaries and our weekly cheesy Family Movie Night. Kinda boring to some but it works for us.

The only things I can make are handmade bread, juices, smoothies, and homemade condiments and mixes. We're trying to figure out how to legally and safely sell any or all of those.

We'd love a list of RVing crafters and vendors.

Cherie @Technomadia said...

We've gotten rather addicted to 'Once Upon a Time' lately.. very cutely done. We're also watching 'True Blood', 'Dexter' and 'Big Bang Theory'.

We keep an unlimited data plan just for this purpose, and also will buy series on BluRay (used) and then sell them back on Amazon :) Works out to be pretty cost effective.

For your vendors list.. we created a couple travel iPhone/iPad apps to help us in our travelers that are on the app store:

Coverage? - Overlays the major cellular coverage maps so us mobile bandwidth junkies know which direction to head to keep connected.

State Lines - Tracks over 50 different state laws & regulations that change as you cross the state line. From cellphone & txting bans, alcohol purchasing in grocery stores, speed limits, smoking bans, seat belt laws, overnighting in rest areas, etc.

You can read about them all at

Nancy said...

As for TV shows we have been streaming Midsomer Murders on Netflix, it is also available to stream mostly free if you have Amazon Prime. Good BBC stuff.
Raising Hope is hilarious if you don't require political correctness in your comedy.

Vicki said...

I've used the Ducks Amazon link a few times...Hubby said I needed new legs (huh the nerve!) a few months ago. Hooked up with Amazon (thru the Ducks) and now I'm sportin a nice new set of dual power 1200 lb legs....under the fifthwheel of course! ;)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Nancy! No, we don't require our laughs to be PC. In fact, you just put my finger on what's wrong with The New Normal (or was, in the beginning, maybe): it's TOO correct. The lessons were too humorless. But, a cute gay couple - I need to give them more time.

Cherie - perfect! Thanks for the additions to the vendor's list! And, we also love True Blood.

Penny, it doesn't sound boring to me. I love when people make entertainment work for them, instead of allowing it (and the accompanying consumerism) to wash over them. Deliberate TV.

I don't know about perishables, but I do see people selling food products on Etsy. I don't know what the regulations are around that kind of vending. Some cities require a commercial kitchen, which can be burdensome for local sales.

Chinle, are you interested in me mentioning your several books in the blog post? Think carefully; you don't want to risk your sales going down.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Awesome, Vicki! Thank you so much!

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

The books mention would be GREAT!! I can't imagine you linking to them would do anything but make them go UP. You can check out everything at - and THANKS! Let me know if you want any as samples (ebooks) - chinlemiller at

Donna K said...

Well, I'm kinda late to the party so looks like you have plenty of suggestions for TV. I'll just say I loved your pictures and I'm glad you are still seeing the beauty!

The Good Luck Duck said...

THANKS Chinle!

Donna, how's your head??

Harriet said...

There is something I recently discovered on Netflix. It's a British comedy/drama series called "Doc Martin", staring Martin Clunes. Martin Clunes is excellent. It is filmed in Port Isaac, Cornwall, England which is so beautiful it makes you want to move there. Back in the 70's, I think, I use to watch a program called "No Place Like Home", Clunes was in it, a very fun man and a good actor.