Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sacred Mountain, Rimrock, AZ

Just beyond the V-V Ranch lies Sacred Mountain, a mesa where you can see ruins, potsherds, and the whole rest of the world.



The hike is moderate, I guess. It's not "hard," because we did it, and it's not "easy" because it wasn't. A 300 foot rise, scrambling over loose rocks and uneven earth -- it was plenty for me even though it claims to be a one-mile roundtrip. We left the mesa's top as the sun was hitting the horizon, and with a careful-but-steady descent, we were back to low ground just in time to miss rolling down the hill in the dark.

Pumpkin gift
A gift for Sinagua spirits? I had a juicy Honeycrisp in my pocket, but I thought it was better enjoyed by the living.

The living.

Can you see the Duck?


You can rest a-sherd I didn't do this. Possibly a grindstone.


We are asked not to move sherds. I could understand the desire to protect these bigger pieces, though.

You spelunkhead!

I'll guard the rocks.

On the way down I thought I heard a herd of javelinas. I didn't tell Annie, though; no reason to alarm her. Like desert tortoises, we will leave our water behind when frightened.

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Gaelyn said...

Nice looking hike. Not easy to leave all those shards behind huh?

Teresa Evangeline said...

Can't. Stop. Laughing. You guys are hilarious.

Maybe the Great Pumpkin was watching over you, watching over the rocks.... good job!

The Good Luck Duck said...

You're right, Gaelyn. I had to slap my own hands.

Teresa, I do like to think Gourd is looking out for us.

The Odd Essay said...

That "sort of" grind-stone rock made me think of a sundial without the gnomon ..... great photos of the desert!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sharon, these comments are educational; I never knew that's what "gnomon" meant. I thought it was "of or like a gnome."

Donna K said...

Great hike! Your comments are as funny as your blog. I'm certainly glad you heard a herd before Annie so that no water was left behind.

Cj Cozygirl said...

Looked like the perfect spot to grind up a mess of goodies for a big huge bowl of salsa :O)

Sherry said...

Looks like an alter to me. Fess up! What HAVE you really been doing out there with all those shards???

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Donna! And, me too. Water is scarce in the desert!

CJ, please omit the cilantro.

Sherry, how else would we get our SuperDuck powers?

Anne Sigalet Henderson said...

Reviewing hike descriptions after actually experiencing the hike makes me suspect that most authors of those guides are in their 20's, have personal trainers and regularly smoke something not commonly found in your local convenience store.

Anonymous said...

Kewl pix! Hey, thanks for posting this entire post to LJ!

You must have been at pretty high altitude; the landscape looks a lot like large parts of Utah.

Roxanne said...

I guess we were at about 3800 feet at the top, but only a modest 300 foot rise from the surrounding terrain. I really want to get back to Utah - I'm smitten. Well, you know, in many ways.

I thought I had done that a long time ago - sorry. :(

No kidding, Anne! I usually double the advertised difficulty.

Contessa said...

Actually it looks like a bit of a tough hike, the path is not easy to navigate. You two have come a very long way in the that last year. Well done.

Roxanne said...

We have, haven't we? Thanks, Contessa!

Lisa said...

Hey there! Hans and I are staying in Camp Verde for a few days. Let us know if you're available for happy hour or something...

BTW, it was great reading your posts on Best Friends, we knew we couldn't pass it up after all the glowing reviews!

Thanks! Lisa

Zophie said...

I just found your blog couple weeks ago, we are ourselves about to start full timing with our Revcon hopefully soon, and your adventures and blog is a real treat. Love your humor and sarcasm, and I am extremely encouraged following your life. I also have a little online store, right now it needs updating, but in a week or two I should have stuff for sale. I will let you know once that happens. Thanks for fun!

Roxanne said...

Lisa, shot you an email - short answer: yes!

Thank you, Zophie! We've been enjoying your blog, too! We're are very envious of the Beast.

I'm thinking I'll do the round-up around Thanksgiving. Of course, there's nothing to stop me from mentioning your shop later, if it doesn't go online sooner. THE POWER!

Lisa said...

Roxanne, That's great...but I did not receive the email!

Today (Thurs) we are going to hike the Bell Trail. Tomorrow we'll probably check out Montezumas Castle...so we'll be around!

lmmsdca at yahoo

154275 said...

Did you leave the pumpkin as an offering to....something?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Lisa, I tried again! Enjoy the trail today and the Castle tomorrow!

Rodney, someone did. I thought maybe it had been a Dia de los Muertos offering.

Theresa Kim said...

Gorgeous. Such peace.

The Good Luck Duck said...

It's beautiful up there, Terri!