Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why you should go to Cottonwood, Arizona

We had a date with bloggers Lisa and Hans! They are an active, lively pair - very young retirees - and it was a good time. The four of us had had similar mornings. Hans and Lisa hiked several miles while spotting, chasing, and catching white-tailed deer on foot. Annie and I got up.

We met at the Red Rooster Café, where I spotted this sign:

I love this sentiment! Except that it's in the ladies' room.

Old Town Cottonwood was having a Veterans' Day street fair, so it was a lot bustlier than usual. Old cars (token old car ⤵), live music, and a few vendors.
PhotobucketFrom here on out, it's just going to be sky.







Soon after we got home, a rancher-like dude stopped to tell us the Forest Service has been ticketing campers in this area. We checked the map: yep, we're in Motor Vehicle Use (MVU) -legal territory. We'll check tomorrow to be sure we're no more than 300 feet from the dotted road, and if we are, we'll fix it.

P.S. It snowed.

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Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

Imagine - we drove RIGHT through Cottonwood! oops!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ah! There will be other chances.

Rubye Jack said...

Those skies are gorgeous. One could probably stay here forever. Maybe?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Perhaps, RJ! Or at least many days.

Vicki said...

Snowed here too...Monday can't get here soon enough...gettin off the mountain down where we hope it's gonna be a wee bit warmer! 24 degrees is just to cold!!!!

Tammy said...

And such a pretty sky!

Gaelyn said...

Wow skies! No snow. :) Yet.

Sherry said...

Snow, from those beautiful skies? Boondocking in snow - you guys are mighty hardy. Carry on!!

Lisa said...

It was so good to meet you two! I hope to be in boondocking mode soon, following your fine example!

Safe travels and stay warm!

DeeBev said...

I love Cottonwood!! Have you visited the bakery in Old Town just down the street from the Red Rooster? The aroma is tantalizing and the workers are entertaining....

Roxanne said...

DB, we didn't see a bakery, and you know I would have noticed an aroma! I wonder if it's still there.

Same here, Lisa! Hearing how you guys got on the road, I know you have the right stuff. Thanks for meeting up!

Sherry, you already know we're mighty something.

Gaelyn, what's your elevation?

Aren't they beautiful, Tammy? I can't get enough.

BRR, Vicki. 24° is way too cold.

SwankieWheels said...

Quacking... I am between St. Johns and Sanders AZ and heading SW from here toward Quartzsite, as soon as I can get back to a main road. With the heavy trailer, I can move it in snow and mud, so with two nights of snow... and sun today (11/11) I am hoping in a day or two I can head that way. Not sure if I will get to Cottonwood on my way to Quartzsite or not, but am hoping to meet up with you two again soon.

Donna K said...

Cottonwood is a beautiful area. Much more "natural" than Sedona, if that makes sense. (although I love those Sedona rocks) We were in Sedona in April once and woke up to fresh snow. It was kinda neat.

Jim and Gayle said...

We rode with the local bike club when we stayed in Cottonwood and they recommended the Mai Thai restaurant. It was excellent if you like Thai food, and you can get tofu instead of meat or seafood in most of the dishes.

154275 said...

What does one do with white-tailed deer once they catch them? Is it a catch-and-release sort of thing? Or catch-and-cook-and-eat deal?

Contessa said...

Ahhh it snowed here also, several inches too much for comfort.

Gaelyn said...

Yarnell is just under 5,000 ft.

Roxanne said...

Brr, Gaelyn. You must be a lot colder than we are.

I saw your snow, Contessa! Get south!

Rodney, it seemed better not to know.

Gayle, we found Mai Thai tonight and loved it! Thanks for the rec.

I am more comfortable here than in Sedona, Donna. Sedona has raw natural beauty, with an arm-length's feel to it.

We'll meet up, Swankie! Get warm!

Roxanne said...

DeeBev, we found the bakery! We found the cookies inside the bakery!

Karyn Lee said...

Not sure if you caught this, but behind the "token old car" the tree and the shadow look like a.... duck!!! (beside the OPEN sign).

Look closely.

Very strange indeed!!!!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

HAHAHAHA! That's both eerie and awesome. Eersome. Thanks for seeing that!