Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the world in Tucson

Got any plans?

Mayan Aporkolypse
We can't leave a heater running unattended.





Sorry about the pot shots.

We're looking for Suzuki Samurais, Sidekicks, or Geo Trackers in the neighborhood.  If you know of a creampuff or lightly-nibbled biscuit, let us know.

I applied for jobs here in Tucson, which may account for my uncharacteristic depression. No responses, though, so my mood is lightening.

It's cold here at night. 

Remember, your world could end anytime. Don't waste a good Friday night worrying about it.

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The Odd Essay said...

Maybe Miss Kitty wants that heater aimed towards her potty - I know I hate to plop down on a cold seat! As for the end of the world... my sister's 75th birthday is tomorrow.. I just put her card in the mail today... I may have wasted a stamp.

Karen and Al said...

Bad kitty! I bet you do as well with a Christmas tree as we do. Bad Baxter.

A job? Yuck!

Anne Sigalet Henderson said...

Plans? As usual on solstice I plan on running around my backyard banging on a pot with a big spoon exhorting the sun to return. In view of the possible end of the world, I will open a really really nice bottle of wine (just in case).

Anne Sigalet Henderson said...
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klbexplores said...

Well look on the bright side.... if the world doesn't end the days will start to get longer!!

jillbertini said...

If you get accepted for a job app, that might signify the end of the world! Hope it all goes well.

Lynne (WinnieViews) said...

What? No puns about your new "Cat-a-tipped-it" heater??? Far superior than those ceramic heaters!

Fingers crossed for the job and toad hunts.

Me and My Dog said...

I'm guessing if the heater was HOT, the cat wouldn't be standing on it?

Yes, I'm eagerly awaiting tomorrow , but I suspect nothing will happen. Just like Y2K, remember that?

Donna K said...

Great balancing act. Perhaps you need to need to take that cat on the road...oh, I forgot, you already did that.

In preparation for the end of the world I am going to have ice cream for dinner. I hope we are around long enough for that at least.

Rick Doyle said...

Baxter better be careful or his Mayan end of the world is going to happen before the rest of us.

Think I'll have a really good dessert after dinner tonight just in case.

TexCyn said...

Oh, I'm hanging out with Rick & Donna. Yum, dessert. Yum Ice cream! And you only offer a sign of bacon..the sign should state open from 9pm till the end...
Funny story about Y2K. My computer monitor had somehow became unplugged, so the next morning, I had no computer! haha!

Pat said...

What kind of work are you looking for? If you want to do some mystery shopping and store audits, let me know. I can hook you up.

Allison said...

Would you be so kind as to explain how that heater works, and if it's propane how are you not suffering from carbon monoxide? I was thinking about you guys at 3 am this morning when I woke up because my ears were cold. Last night was chilly, but at least the sun is back out on your solar panels. Does anyone know what time the world is ending tomorrow?

John and Nan said...

Hummm, we spent last night in Tuscon! Tonight, Yuma and San Diego till Jan 1. Sorry we missed you two.

LG61820 said...

Good luck on finding one of those vehicles, they are pretty scarce around here. A suzuki Vitara is nearly the same as a Geo Tracker. I have just found a 2-door Chevy Tracker. I tried mind control on the person who was driving it, but it still isn't mine. LG

Sherry said...

Sign that cat up for the circus high wire act is my advice. You applied for a what? Why in the world would you do that. The world is going to end tomorrow.

What's happening to the prius? Trading a prius for a suzuki? I guess the world is going to end tomorrow.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Where in Tucson, Nan? Enjoy San Diego for NYE...IF IT COMES.

Well, Allison, we are a little slow most times...but this is a very efficient propane heater with a low-oxygen sensor, and we augment those safety features with a very drafty old RV. I also woke up at 3AM with chilly ears - coincidence? I just pulled my hat back down. Oh, and we always turn Mr. Heater off when we go to bed.

Thanks, Pat - I've heard that's fun! The jobs I applied for were sciency, only because that's what I know, but I'm open to lots of things. Should we email you?

Cyn, that's a VERY funny story! I wonder how many spouses pulled that one on their honeys.

Rick, it's a slippery path these cats travel! I think we should all eat dessert every night just in case.

It's a plan everyone can live with, Donna. Well, "live" with, anyway.

You'd think so, Barbara. Every night, though, he stands so close we smell fur burning. Y2K-fun! We did party the night before, but only because it was NYE.

Ha, Lynne! This is the cat with no danger receptors, so he'd be a cat-a-LIT-ic heater.

Jill, YOU'RE SO RIGHT. Wouldn't it be hilarious if I were responsible? It would be the most responsible I've ever been.

Karen, that would be a good way to temper the disappointment. Thanks.

Anne, that's been YOU?? WELL DONE! It's worked every year, so far.

Karen, trees have been such lost causes in our house. This year we just have two strings of lights around the roof of the Duck. Tucker brought them down. Baxter probably thinks "BAD KITTY!" means "GOOD KITTY!" too, doesn't he?

LOL, Sharon! Happy Birthday, Sharon's sister, and sorry about the apocalypse. The good part is that, if you wasted a stamp, you wouldn't have needed it later anyway.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Karen L, I actually meant "ceiling." It's not so hard to picture that way, is it?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Haha Sherry! I knew it. I'm ending the world tomorrow. The Prius is great. But, it's not great for heading down desert roads, which is what we most want to do with a vehicle. The job apps - I guess it was panic?

Thanks, LG - good to see you, by the way. I figured you weren't around because I haven't posted anything phallic for a while. We did find one today, and will buy it tomorrow. Yay!

The Good Luck Duck said...

[LG, if you don't know what I'm talking about, then I'm thinking of someone else and am embarrassed.]

154275 said...

You're talking about "lightly-nibbled biscuits" and you are worried about PHALLIC symbolism?

Best wishes in the job-avoi-dance.

Brenda A. said...

So.....a job as in a stay-put type of position or a mobile type of deal? Permanent or temporary? Are the ducks settling down? I don't know whether to wish you good luck or hope you come to your senses!

Well.....whatever is best is what I wish for you I guess. :)

JO said...

JOB! Wait unitl this weekend is over. Actually heard something about that isn't what the deal was it meant something about people or some such thing. I only half listen and I forget most of what I heard.

Where is this place with the bacon? Is that in Ajo?
Sunny from Changing Lanes had rolled into town. Looking for a GTG after the holidays.

Gaelyn said...

Job, car, freezing in Tucson. Dang, get south.

Dessert IS dinner, every night. ;)

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

A job? That's enough to unhinge anybody! Don't do it!

Nice of you to buy the kitty a Christmas present.

judilyn said...

If one must be in one place for a while, Tucson in the winter is a winner! Hot in summer, though not unbearably so. Love SE Arizona!

Virtual hugs,

Judie  <-- Sierra Vista, Arizona 

Today: Door to the Bisbee Grand Hotel

Anonymous said...

Plans. Well, I made sure I had sex last night. Just in case it was my last chance.

The Good Luck Duck said...

We do like Tucson, Judie. Not sure we'd be happy off Mt. Lemmon in the summer, though!

It's true, Nickie - I feel less stable having even considered it.

I don't know how much souther we can get, Gaelyn, but maybe we need to get lower.

Jo, does this apocalypse thing work like the rapture? Will there be lots of jobs for me after this weekend? The bacon place is 4th Street, Tucson. I need to check out Changing Lanes - you told me about her and then I forgot.

Brenda, only a temp job, if it were location-dependent. Or more beans and no job, which is win-win in my book.

Haha Rodney! Hey, I'm talking pastry here.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Well-played, Mary. Well-played.

Levonne said...

Wow! I have been out of touch. You guys are in Tucson and looking for a job! Good luck and I mean that in the best way! I miss Tucson. Where you staying? Want to buy a nice house there? I've got one for you! Drew said he bumped into you guys on the internet. He said you have a great site! Small world! Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year! I've missed ya!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hi Levonne! Well, I always drool over nice houses, but I'm not sure we're ready to settle. You guys have a house here?

If I took a job, it would be a temporary gig, but I could see being happy in Tucson long-term. Later. Thanks, Drew!

Anonymous said...

What, you're still here? I've already passed to the other side and am happily living my after-life in an RV. In many ways it's eerily similar to my previous life, but I'm not letting appearances fool me. I'm a smart cookie you see.
And did you say work? Perchance what are you going to be doing?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Nina, you are extraordinarily perceptive to realize the nearly-identical life you're living now is the mirror-image. As someone I don't know once said, "If there was an apocalypse, it was subtle."

Penny Lane said...

The first time I ever experienced snow was on Mt. Lemmon. I thought it would be solid and jumped out of a raised pickup. We still giggle about that face plant into the softest, coldest, slighly wet blanket of goodness. Later we had snow flurries in Tucson proper.

My flat, south Texas ranch land family ran up a ravine in Summerhaven. Our ooo-ahh hike abandoned when someone thought they heard a bear. Boy did our glutes hurt afterward! We temporarily forgot family fueds as we ran up and turned as needed to haul up stragglers. LOL

There was a string of Mexican food stands called Los Betos with delicious - HUGE - tacos de carnitas (un-fried burrito style) - and horchatas. Mr. G's bbq, Pinnacle Peak in Trail Dust Town, a buffet I can no longer name, and so many side trips all over southern Arizona. Never made it to the Bio Dome though. It's on my 'show CJ the world' list.

Sorry if you've already thought of this, I am behind on my rss reading, but have you tried the temp agencies? There are some great national ones with benefit packages, weekly pay, and the opportunity to work as you travel. They can even find you a job before you arrive and you have the option to say yes or no to assignments and even leave without penalty (just enough notice for the agency to replace you). Sort of like a 'normal' job but more on your terms and not quite traditional workamping. Although having your own home on wheels might be a plus in some cases.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Penny, I had thought of temp agencies (even submitted my résumé online), but didn't realize some would provide perqs. I may email you about this - feel free to respond only as your schedule allows. What you describe sound not at all horrible!

I don't have the traditional office skills. I mean, I type. But, I am in no sense an office professional.

I think a body could be in Tucson a long time before that body saw half the things available.

Levonne said...

Yes, our house is in the Sweetwater or Agua Dulce development off Silverbell and north on Sweetwater to Pallisites. We're 4273 Tombolo. It is rented now. We're thinking of selling it in the spring.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Cute! That would be nice to walk out your back yard and be in the scrubby desert. Are you friends with your pooled neighbors? Does the friendship come with the house?

Penny Lane said...

By all means, contact me at will. I am always thrilled to tap what my family and friends call my "fount of useless knowledge". I may not be able to remember why I walked into a room but gosh darn can I remember a lot of other things!

Plus, I'm a research junkie. I love (and appreciate) any excuse to indulge my addiction. LOL

LG61820 said...

Oh, I've been around. Just trying not to tipsy-post as much as I used to! ;->