Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mission del San Xavier del Bac, and finding old friends

The tail is off screen to the right. We are not amused.

We looked carefully for the ghost. He was not amused.





This mission served, and still serves, the Tohono O'odham nation, and is on their land.

I dig churches. 

Mission de San Xavier del Bac

Mission de San Xavier del Bac

Mission de San Xavier del Bac

Bac (say "bock") is the non-native name for the village of Wa:k.  

Hugh and I were just alike, only different. We were younger than our classmates (ten), both smart, both weird. He was sassy and irreverent, and saw things the way they most likely were. I saw them the way I was told to see them.

We both went somewhere else after that year. I found him last month on Facebook, and he is so funny and fabulous that I am mourning the years we weren't friends. He would have been an excellent influence on me. I would have a fashion sense. 

Please read When I Learned to Sing today. 


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Karin said...

I love that cheezy rattlesnake bridge. It makes a rattle sound when you walk across it. My kind of silly fun. :)

So that blog was written by your long lost friend I presume? It was beautifully written.

Morgan Johnson said...

interesting. I "friended " Hugh a long time ago through someone else I've never met, Gordon Atkinson who used to blog as Real Live Preacher. I have followed his and Polly's (his dog) exploits for a while now. The interwebs are amazing things.

heyduke50 said...

we really enjoyed this church when we visited it as well

¡Vizcacha! said...

It's a cool place, HD. Literally.

Morgan, I'm so floored by this coincidence that I had to email you to express my amazement.

It makes a noise, Karin? That might weird me out, but I'm up for it. Yes, Hugh wrote that piece.

Teri said...

Diamondback Rattler? Cool. I had a dream about rattlesnakes last night - probably cause I'm living in their backyard.

Rick Doyle said...

Great post! I love visiting these old missions. I've been to quite a few in California but kick myself for missing this one in Tuscon.

Roxanne said...

Thanks, Rick! Hey, there's plenty of room for you in Tucson - it's the city of second chances.

Teri, next it's the Javelina Waterway (I made that up). A cute exhibit in the Museum was a little rattlesnake with a gardening glove and a spade in his enclosure. I think they were training him.