Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to get a non-resident library card in Pima County, AZ

Just ask.

I got my very first non-resident library card this week! It's so exciting! I can request old-school books (made of paper) I've been wanting to read, instead of settling for what I can find at yard sales. And, Pima County libraries have cool e-privileges. It was all very easy; I got my card right then, and took home three items.

Please check out Never-Ending RV Trip, with Troy, Trina, and their five (5) kids. They are full-timers - yay! They've been on the road for a year, but have only recently begun to blog.

Weekenders drive out to the desert to blow off gaseous vapors. 

Speaking of steamy women, some of us RVing gals got together for lunch at Jo's (Mom's Little Run Away) house. We met Sunny from Changing Lanes. Also the lovely-but-unblogged Terri, and the equally-lovely Lucy.


L to R: Annie, Jo, Sunny, Terri, and Lucy. Held: Fred

There were so many RVing ideas that my brain stopped listening. I hope Annie was paying better attention. I was just hanging out and basking. Jo pours big glasses of wine. In between bites and slurps I heard things like skeletal remains. On the way out the door I saw Annie scoop Fred into her jacket, but so did Jo. Then things got ugly.


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bhikkhu john said...

That does indeed look like a nice place to hit golf balls.

You guys look like you're having such fun!

Elaine said...

looks like a great day I'd have pocketed Fred

Sherry said...

So how long do you have to be a temporary resident to qualify? Are you staying there 6 months? Or 6 weeks? I love this temporary library card idea but I'm almost never anywhere more than 2 weeks unless David is in the hospital. Nice plug for never ending Rv trip. FIVE kids. whew.............and I thought one guy was a hand full.

Donna K said...

I FINALLY got my first library e-book. I was so excited. I am not in the City of Eugene so can't get a card without paying $100 so I got one from nearby Veneta where we own a small vacant lot. Hey it has a line for Veneta Library on the tax statement so they gave me a card - for free! It's about a 15 mile drive but getting e-books is a NO mile drive. Love it.

longdog2 said...

Of course, she wanted to scoop up Fred. He looks like a dachsie.

Gaelyn said...

Libraries are the windows of the mind, mostly paper windows.

Got to watch out in your desert neighborhood for the paparoxie.

Rick Doyle said...

I'm glad to see poor Fred didn't get duck-napped!

You ladies sure know how to party!

JO said...

Nobody steals my Fred. ahaha Had a great time with all of these RVing Ladies. And the glasses weren't all that big. There was still some wine in the box.

Melissa West said...

I love your pictures! They are very inspiring!

Bob said...

Hm, did anyone wash that truck? Or at least wipe off the foot prints?

Russ Krecklow said...

Nice to see you have become a card carrying borrower! That's a nice official designation, eh?

The Good Luck Duck said...

John, things were going well until she started hitting it toward a neighbor's vehicles. He got involved then. I think spirits were involved long before he was.

Isn't he cute, Elaine? So small the cats would never notice him.

Sherry, they didn't ask me how long I was staying, or where. They wanted my picture ID, and then I got a card. Suckers! And, yes. Your one guys is a handful.

Donna, so odd there's no county-wide allowance for your library system. Back in NY, we pay library taxes on the village bill, but we can use any library in the county (or request books from other branches).

LD, he looks like your Harley (I think); he's got the Australian Shepherd markings. :D So sweet.

Haha Gaelyn! Paparoxi. Yeah, I prefer paper windows. I guess I need to get into some recent century.

Oh Rick, there are worse things than being ducknapped! But, Jo was too vigilant.

Jo, it was a big box! Thanks for a good time!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thank you, Melissa!

Bob, I'm going to say "no," but only because I always say "no."

Right, Russ! I like it.

Desert Diva said...

Dang, I missed the pouring of WINE? :-(

Sunny said...

Thanks for all the boon-docking info form you girls. Very helpful!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Cheryl, the cork popped. What more notice did you need??

Good, Sunny. We're always ready to talk poop.

Dragonfly said...

My goodness, a book made of paper? I am a holdover, I just love the feet and smell of books. Depending on where said book has been of course.

Dragonfly said...

I think I meant to say feel of books, not feet of books. Someday I will proofread what blurts out of my head and onto the keyboard.

The Good Luck Duck said...

It's okay, Dragonfly. I love the smell of feet and books, too.