Monday, January 28, 2013

RV composting toilets create adventure.

I've had a little vertigo lately, so when it was time to take two cars into town, I drove circles around Annie. The Tracker went in for some preventive maintenance, and we went in to meet Kimbopolo at Ike's Coffee and Tea. We chatted over hot drinks; Kim knows the fine art of "leave 'em wanting more," because Annie and I could have visited much longer. Another time, for sure. If given the chance to meet her, take it.

We had limited success thrift-shopping, although I did find some earrings that made Annie ask are you going to wear them as earrings? Then a reflexology book that made her ask wouldn't you rather have those earrings?

So, you're saying no police involvement?

The pups I told you about running from found us at home. They turned out to be very friendly, and one let Annie pluck cholla barbs from her chin. Wouldn't let her near the dog's chin, though.

They like kitty kibble. Not sure how we know.

We're doing a reboot, so Duck systems can get away from us. No, not like that, but sorta just like that. Coyotes had started up their songs tonight when Annie announced that the Urine Bucket (that's boo-KAY) was already full.

Seriously? Already?
Can't it wait until morning?
We won't survive the night.

If you've never entered a coyote-filled night, you'd have no reason to know that coyotes don't retreat. They love the night life. They got to boogie. They don't advance, necessarily, but they don't back down even when faced with our urine. And they keep barking. We couldn't see them, but they were close.

I was the Doorkeeper, Watchkeeper, and Lightkeeper. Annie poured, then she finessed.

For godssake, Annie, that's good enough!
If you jiggle it, more comes out.  

On the other hand, please enjoy this picture courtesy of Jim and Sandie:

1.5 hours of anatomical relief

Thirty seconds in a desert night suddenly sounds like a bargain. But, wouldn't you rather have the earrings?

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Gaelyn said...

That's one way to mark your territory.

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh out loud. We miss you guys but always enjoy reading about your adventures.

Pat said...


Page said...

Bet you got the coyotes mighty confused about their territory. Thus, the barking.

154275 said...

There's a headline you don't see every day....

Bustersbud said...

We think of the strangest things top share with each other

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

I, too, would have enjoyed more time with Kim. next time for sure!

I am grateful for the lack of descriptives with regard to the composting toilet!

Brenda A. said...

Had I known it was only a God/Devil thing, I probably would have tried my hand at some stealing as a kid. I was way more afraid of the cops & parents!

I'm really liking the sound of that composting toilet more and more. No really, I mean it! :)

JO said...

So you met Kim and didn't share with other friends? :(P I guess she isn't still in town?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Jo, I think she may still be in town.

I hear that, Brenda.

It was the hour-and-a-half line to the RV bathroom, wasn't it?

Cyndi, you know I am the heart and soul of discretion.

It's why we like each other, Larry.

It's true, Rodney. And, yet we should.

Could be, Page and Gaelyn. The barking did become more confused. But, I think we won that round.

Good, Pat.

We miss you too, MG.

Sherry said...

Feeding stray dogs and dumping urine illegally! Hmmmmmmmm and when are the Federales going to come for you out there in the desert??

The Good Luck Duck said...

They could have had us any day. It's presumed they've let us slip away out of kindness.

154275 said...

Composting toilets+vertigo has to end with some sort of excitement. Tomorrow's episode should be a good one......

LG61820 said...

You know I love a good toilet story! LG

The Good Luck Duck said...

Rodney, that episode doesn't come out well.

I aim to please, LG!