Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saguaro National Park, East

We have already enjoyed the heck out of Saguaro National Park, West, so I set out to make a matched set of heckless National Parks.

The park is primarily an 8-mile loop road with pull-offs and trails leading away. You can see beautiful stuff without ever leaving your car, but why?

Saguaros can't tolerate below-freezing temps for more than 20 hours. I think our periods of cold were less than that. *crosses fingers*


The valley floor is a river during monsoon season.


Folks back home: this is real snow.
I took a short hike a few hours after skipping lunch. Halfway through I got confused. Is this the trail? Is that the trail? What does this arrow mean?

If you choose the "Javelina" "Picnic" "Area," you'll come to the Freeman Homestead Loop Trail. Take it, and take a snack. There are other, longer trails, one of which will show you a crested saguaro.

We're still at the Fairgrounds for another few days. A logistical decision, not an aesthetic one. But, since we're here anyway with nothing particular in mind, we went to the RV show today. Mostly we were underwhelmed and overfumed. I'm not always a delicate flower, but these rigs would need to stand open for a year before they offgassed enough to be habitable. After half a dozen viewings I had to refrain. Besides their noxious odors, they all seemed wrong. Shiny with no substance, glitzy, overdone.

It was all useful, though, because I was relieved to get home to the old Duck. We pictured all those new rigs with Arizona pinstriping, and it doesn't work.

Tucson peeps, we're casually in the market for a decent loveseat. Non-nappy (vinyl or second-hand leather (if this seems weird, I'll explain)). Wall-hugger reclining independently on both sides. Used is A-OK. If it separates for moving, that's excellent.

I'm tired of not sitting next to my sweetie.

Soon we hope to be enjoying the hospitality of two kind locals who have pushed a road into their beautiful rural land for us to park. We visited to be sure we could find it, and it's just lovely. Electricity has been nice, but I'm itching to get back out into the 'docks.

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Brenda A. said...

The brand new RV's shall I say it...lacking in....character. Yeah that's it.

We briefly considered one of those extra large overstuffed chairs with an ottoman that you can cuddle in. But how would we ever get one in the RV? Oh poo.

Just so you know, your posts are not helping us with our home sickness. Sigh.... But so glad you're loving the area. :)

klbexplores said...

Were the Javelina's for lunch or the picnickers?

Sunny said...

No camping (off-road) in the parks, right? I hope to be moving on first of the week.... no....I AM moving on the first of the week. Getting too antsy to stay any longer. I got the AZ atlas you recommended... been researching it.

LG61820 said...

Javelinas can read to know where their picnic area is? LG

Gaelyn said...

Car, furniture and now a driveway. I'm a little worried about you two. Stay warm. Snuggle more.

Laurie and George said...

I was quite disappointed that we did not see nary a Javelina when we were there. We did however, see lots of cute little ground squirrels who begged for our lunch. Who is feeding them so much!?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Brenda, that's the thing. I don't know if you have the same floor plan, but there's a skinny divide between the kitchen and the living room, and that's the problem. And, yeah. Lacking.

Neither, Karen, so I demanded my money back.

Sunny, there's no parking in the park. :( Deceptive name, I say. BLM is around, but scarce. Do you know where we were parked outside Tucson?

Apparently not, LG. They were off lunching at No Peccaries Allowed Lane.

Always slimming down the life, Gaelyn! And, our new driveway is JUST a driveway - how great is that?

Laurie, you read all those "don't feed the squirrels" signs? No one else does. They can be a serious problem! Because they scare the javelinas.

Cheshire Cats Capers said...

Saguaro East is one of our favourite places to hike. Try the hike to the limestone falls it's a lovely spot, but watch out for the pesky bees in the limestone kilns. Have fun :)

Soaring Sun said...

It doesn't necessary to have a picnic area for javelinas. They are usually happy munching anything, anywhere.

It reminds me of a veterinarian in Seattle who specialized in cats and had a big sign that said, "The Northwest's Biggest Store for Cats." Hmph! I never even gave my cats an allowance, much less took them shopping.

Allison said...

Would you please post a map of where you were originally boon docking in Tucson? I was terribly curious to know where it was.
People living in the Starr Pass neighborhoods have been feeding their javalinas. They come out during the day and troll the back patios looking for chow. We saw them going to the Genser trail head, it was very odd being that close to them.

Stillhowlyns Travels said...

Hey...We're in that neck of the woods, so to speak. Tucson Mt. area near Saguaro Nat'l Park. Found a small, funky RV park that will let us leave the RV when we go to Roatan. Even has saguaro!!

Sherry said...

Why is everyone so interested in Javalinas. I know a lot of folks who would pay you to take theirs away to new homes.

Anxious to hear the results of your shout out for a love seat.

I came to the same conclusions at the Tampa RV show. My ticket bought me two days but I couldn't even stay one day. The off gassing was terrible. The colors were dark and gloomy and the things were just too darn big. Still haven't found anything that holds a candle to Winnona. I may have just been to my final RV show for quite some time.

Pam and Wayne said...

Those round protrusions on the cactus brought to mind the "Gremlins" movie. Think they were eating after midnight? ;) I'm with you on the interior stink of new RVs, I find the travel trailers to be worse than the fifth wheels which must be using better materials in their construction. Yuck! I passed when Wayne mentioned going to an RV show the other day.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Pam, I didn't think to note a difference when I was looking. Also, the fifth wheels were outside, so that gave them an unfair nose and ventilation advantage. The quarter-million dollar motorhomes were noxious, too, and outdoors, so I don't know.

Sherry, I want to see them in the wild! Once.

We sat in some of the models and just couldn't make the feeling work. They're set up to look "pretty" but they don't work for life. That is about RVs, but also applies to the loveseats we looked at today. One came close, but did not win the coveted cigar.

Good deal, Lynda! We like it out that way. Nice to have a populated area to leave your rig in.

Allison, I'll be glad to. How about I put it in the next post, or you can email me a reminder and I'll send you the coordinates.

I don't think I'd like javelinas sitting in my patio furniture.

Sue, this is why your cats are bad with money as adults.


Anonymous said...

If you build it it will fit. (Loveseat) Simple plans on google...everyday tools and a trip to the hardware store and fabric place - then you have what you really want!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Nanci, that's a great idea. Except we want it ALL, including wall-hugging reclinability, and I think that's beyond our technological prowess.

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

We ate lunch at Javelina picnic grounds last Sunday, and - amazingly - it was too cold to eat our picnic outside! Didn't see any javelinas, but I did see a Gila woodpecker. I think that counts... (but I keep hoping to see a... you know, even here in south Texas).

The Good Luck Duck said...

Too cold! I would have stuck out my tongue at you, but it would have frozen to the air. Javelinas are saving their own bacon somewhere warm.

LG61820 said...

Peccaries? For a minute I thought you said pessaries and I got confused. LG

Cheshire Cats Capers said...

Just bees I think, plenty of people about on the trail and I'm pretty sure I'd've remembered if they were Africanised bees!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Tee hee, LG!

Lol, Ches. It's my understanding that all honeybees in this part of the world have been Africanized. You'd only notice if you got too close to their nest, or if John Belushi showed up in a sketch.

Cheshire Cats Capers said...

Well I never knew that!

JO said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the desert in the winter.
I would never own one of those fancy RVs then your compelled to clean that thing all the time. To much glitze for me. when did they forget or leave out the word CAMPING! Hope to see you guys up at that driveway.
Lucy dog sat Fred this weekend. I know she spoiled him rotten I can tell. haha

The Good Luck Duck said...

Fred just turned those soft doggie eyes on her and all was lost. He tried to keep his tongue inside, but it didn't work.

Yeah, I can't see myself in those rigs. Out there polishing and shining - is that me? No way.

I know, Ches! We're all it's just a little bee! and they're all BUZZ.

Maureen at said...

Great scenery! Looking forward to seeing some of Arizona soon and doing some motorcycle camping.

Boonie said...

I would be interested in a whole post on the RV show that you saw. Were there any interesting innovations? Did the industry appear to be frozen in time, say, 2005? Are they moving towards rigs more like those made in 1980, now that the Era of Cheap Oil is over?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Maureen, you'll be in a tent, right? The original boondocking!

Boonie, you're right; that would be a good post. It would be written by someone else, for one thing. I noticed things like "I could put the composting toilet there," and "where would I hang undies?" In general, I found the big rigs incompatible with boondocking (residential refrigerators, power-hungry appliances), and that sort of turned off my info-gathering powers.