Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why you should visit Bisbee, Arizona

If you're not into quirky charm, stay far from Bisbee, Arizona. If you don't like talking websites, stay far from that link I just gave you, and go here. [I prefer the first one, for what that's worth.]

I won't apologize for all these pictures. Sorry.

The Bisbee 1000 is a stair-climbing event held in October.

R: This is a great town! Too bad they don't have a hospital.
A: With all these stairs, you'd never need one, unless you fell down 'em.

St. Patrick's Church. Take a left at the miner.

The Queen Mine tour. They asked us to show up looking our best.

WARNING: there may be naughty words on this mural. I cannot be held responsible, and will issue no refunds.

For my son, Phil, who has friends who drink beer.

This is my idea of the perfect town. Sure, it has no Walmart. And then there are bad things. [RIM SHOT] If money and lung capacity were no object, I could see living here. My own Northern Exposure in the sun.

Oh, and Tombstone.


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sierrasue said...

That is a cute little town. Will have to ad that on my list of places to stop by when I start my grand RV adventure.

Teresa Evangeline said...

I love Bisbee and actually gave serious thought to moving there at one time. I felt very at home. Thank for the laughs and the reminders of what a cool town it is. Yes, and then there's Tombstone.

Cj Cozygirl said...

Wonderful slideshow. Although years since I have been there...I will never forget it. Can't wait to get reacquainted next winter!!

Anonymous said...

A town of many interests and colors!!

Al Bossence said...

We have spent a fair bit of time around Bisbee in the last 5 years & it will always remain one of our favorite places. There is a hospital in Warren which is now a part of Bisbee & only maybe 2 or 3 miles southwest of Bisbee's town center. Bisbee's not for everyone, but many of us are right at home there:))

Kimbopolo said...

Talked me into it!

Soaring Sun said...

Kelly Florence said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Bisbee ! Hope you will drive to the top of the road in eat at the High Desert market/cafe... My favorite

That's where I also bought my African market baskets..(besides eating there MANY times ! )
so glad you went and liked !

The Odd Essay said...

My uncle moved to Bisbee in the 1930's.... I think he worked in the mines (probably not the Lavender Pit).. Another aunt took me to visit him in 1957, but he wasn't home... never did meet the dude. Been to Bisbee a few times... one funky city... bet it wasn't like that when Uncle Bill lived there ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Bisbee, but we love quirky charm & this looks like a place we'd love. Especially that that peace wall.

Lynne (WinnieViews) said...

Yeah!!! You made it to Bisbee!!! (and Tombstone!). But looks like you missed the place I keep wanting to see there (and keep missing as well)...The Shady Dell trailer court ( Please plan a trip back there real soon and provide us with your usual comical full report!

Gaelyn said...

Funky fun town.

A HS classmate lives in Bisbee and does the costume thing.

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

We liked Bisbee, and the Queen Mine Tour and the Queen Mine C/G (the only one in town). Dislike the steps and stairs. We enjoy hiking, but we'd pass on the Bisbee 1000. Funky town, but fun!

Russ Krecklow said...

We did enjoy Bisbee, and it's a lot easier to get around in than Jerome! The only problem I could see was it sits down there in the shadows most of the time, and it must stay nice and cool in the summer, but that's not when we were there! Thanks for sharing all the great adventure photos. Happy to see you rolling along again.

Donna K said...

Bisbee is certainly interesting...sure a lot of steps!! One of my favorite authors writes a series of who-dun-its featuring the female sheriff of Cochise County. Bisbee is the county seat. That is one reason I wanted to visit...but it wasn't exactly how I pictured it from my fictional reading!! Fun though.

Anonymous said...

Bisbee is said to have the best weather in the US. And living in Tombstone, we are no 2. Don't miss the pretty suburb of Warren with a newer built hospital The old one sits atop the hill behind it. Lee

Suzanne said...

Do they have a "Chris-in-the-morning" there? If so, I'm in!

Sherry said...

You two look terrific in your smart new outfits. If they sell those private eye signs let me know. I definitely "need" one for Winnona.

Northern Exposure in the sun. Yes yes I want that. I suspect the folks in the town are as kookie as it is so you'll fit right in and I probably should move there. But you say it's not in my price range huh? Hmmm kookie folks with bucks. Wonder how I can join their club.

judilyn said...

BISBEE!! A photographer's dream come true. We live about twenty-five miles away and make it a point to go there now and then with plenty of "film". Always something new, as evidenced by your gorgeous shots. Skulk around on the street behind the main street - wondrous photo ops await.

Bad part: too many electric wires

Cheshire Cats Capers said...

Bisbee, one of our absolute favourite places. Did you try the cafe in the alley, the most scrumptious cup cakes I've ever had. I can't remember it's name, but I seem to remember it as being Vegan. I'd definitely recommend trying it on your next visit.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ches, I don't think we noticed a cupcake cafe. With vegan cupcakes, no less? One more reason for a return trip.

Judie, I agree about the wires. You guys are in SV, right? Love, love, love digital cameras. No harm, no foul.

Sherry, I should say for someone who may still need to work hard in the future, it might be hard to make much money working hard in Bisbee. However, the prices for rent and property didn't seem at all exorbitant. It may be why it's a sort of retirement Mecca with a young vibe. You'd be perfect here!

Right, Suzanne? Reading Whitman verses and musing on the meaning of life on KBHR. Heaven.

Lee, we missed Warren altogether. As we were leaving historic Bisbee, I asked Annie where the other Bisbee was. We didn't find it that trip, but next! Is Tombstone climate good year-round? I picture it being hottie hot hot in the summer.

Donna, who's the author? Does Cochise County really have a female sheriff?

Russ, I hadn't thought about the mountains making extra shade, but of course. We were there on an especially perfect day. And, it did seem more accessible than Jerome, with a less-snooty feel. Please do not photograph the garden you can see from the sidewalk. Thenk yew.

Nickie, by the time we'd completed the Bisbee 78 I was done with that. We didn't stay in the campground, of course, but I appreciated that their prices weren't gouge-y, especially being the only one around.

Gaelyn, which costume thing? I must have missed it. Another reason to go back.

Lynne, I had to look that place up online. Fun! If they only had a place to pull our it's-not-vintage-it's-old motorhome, it would be perfect.

Molly, a community that encourages public art gets extra points with me. Yes, I can't think of a reason you wouldn't like it, since you do like quirky charm.

Sharon, wouldn't it be great if we could experience both Bisbees? I wonder what it was like way back then. Busier, surely.

Kelly, thanks for boondocking info. I really do like it down there, and I could be persuaded to park in that area. You know, for a nice cafe, and a vegan cupcake!


Kim, your satisfaction is guaranteed, or the time spent reading this post will be refunded.

Al, Warren must be the "other" Bisbee I was looking for. I need to see it. Yep, I can see that Bisbee's a place one loves or can't get out of fast enough.

It really is, Mich!

CJ, glad to remind you!

Teresa, I can see you being very comfortable there. I think I could be, too.

Definitely, Sue! We also really like Kanab, like you do, so you'd probably enjoy Bisbee, too.

Cheshire Cats Capers said...

Don't know if the cupcakes were vegan or not, but think the cafe was, just remember them as being truly scrumptious!

While you're out that way, have you discovered Gammons Gulch? If you haven't it's a great place to visit, just watch your speed on Pomerene Road as we were told there are always speed traps out there.

Anonymous said...

We plan to invade this area end of Feb...oh yeah!!!

Contessa said...

"Quirky charm", almost a perfect description of the place.

The author mentioned above is J.A. Chance who writes about a fictional female sheriff. Don't know about the real sheriff.

Michael Ultra said...

They have good turq there, too.

Anonymous said...

You said Tombstone? Tombstone (quite a distance away from Bisbee, actually) has the largest rose bush in ..oh..maybe the 50 states. It is about 2 acres big, I'm told. Hm. Hard to believe, though , since Tombstone is dust dry and not pretty at all.


The Good Luck Duck said...

The woman in the "bank" told us that, too. We were there too late to see anything, though. She called it a "rose tree," and I was all like "Rose tree?" and she was all, like, "yeah, a rose tree."

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hit it hard, Nina!

Contessa, I guess this is where my friendship with Google takes us the rest of the way.

Maybe, Michael, but I don't eat it anymore. Nope, surq and turq is in my past.