Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nogales, Sonora - dentists and optometrists

Please share recommendations for dentists and optometrists in Nogales, Sonora. It's not an emergency. You can tell us who not to use, too.

Please rinse...

...and spit.

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Anonymous said...

I would highly recommend Dr.Francisco Tapia DDS who I have been going to for about 5 yrs.I have had dental implants,fillings,cleaning,etc.His phone number is (520)270-7590.He is in a building with other dentists (multi-story).It is a short walk (few blocks) from the border.They can give you directions.He speaks English,and everyone in the office is very professional.

Margie in Tucson

Donna K said...

Can't help you with a recommendation but I did enjoy the graphics!!

Karin said... I had them do an extaction for me. I was very happy!

Anonymous said...

Having worked in medical, I hate to say who not to use is often the most important info. I'd use a MD for eye though, it does make a difference. ~Mary

Nancy said...

If you just want a check up and cleaning for your teeth you might look into a college or tech school that has a dental hygiene program. I can't speak for your current location but here it costs $10 to have a student do a cleaning and xrays. They are hovered over by an actual practicing dentist. One thing, it does take a long time to have a student clean your teeth, they are scared and all don't you know. Anyway, if they find you need more work they will tell you, then you can go to a dentist for other work.
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

This guy got recommended on the blog post I did on dentistry in Mexico:
Dr. Espinoza of Dental Periogroup

Don't know any others unfortunately. I am ALSO looking for a doctor in Mexico. Thinking about switching our entire primary care south of the border.

Anonymous said...

By the way are you ducks still in Tuscon? If so we're coming your way this week-end and staying for ~9 days. Would love to come meet you if you're up for it.

Contessa said...

OMG!! Are stepping foot on Mexican soil? Is this the first stop to a 15 hour drive from Nogales to Mazatlan? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Nina: YOU BET! You have our email, right? whotookmybucket at gmail dot com.

I hadn't considered an MD in Mexico. Duh. I wonder why that slipped past me. Will you concentrate in one city or another?

Lol, Contessa! Yep, we're stepping towards Mazatlan...a little. We're following up our Endless Algodones Tour with Less Nogales.

Nancy, that's a good idea - thanks for that. I just want a cleaning, and Annie may or may not have something more done.

Mary, do you mean an opthamologist, or an optometrist? I used to have those.

Good, Karin - that's two for that practice. Thank you.

Margie, thank you for that. So, you have been happy with a wide range of his services.

Ha, thanks Donna!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! E-mail coming your way...

mohammad ahad said...

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Rose Pipper said...

Thanks for sharing. I really need to find a dentist in Nogales. Its been a long time since I've gotten my teeth cleaned.