Monday, April 8, 2013

Some fulltime RVers need help.

Andy over at My Old RV survived a Texas hailstorm that delivered softball-sized stones for 10 minutes. His home did not survive. Go read his story. I'll wait.


Our rig has been swaying for twelve hours; my lunch will not survive. We're parked in an unfortunate place (where the wind is).

We had a lovely and odd weekend with our friend, Su, who traveled a long way JUST to visit us.  We laughed at a lot of inappropriate things that I won't share, but here's a hint: sixth grade.

L to R: Denali, Jake, Whitey, Su, Goldie, Annie

Another foot of clearance and a composting toilet, and this would be the perfect rig.

I said the weekend was "odd" not just because Su was here. While we sat out here, a huge truck came up the road, except it was really a mini-haboob. We grabbed the dogs, not knowing what they would do, and the dogs grabbed us for the same reason. Once that oddity settled down, a swarm of Africanized bees passed directly overhead. Don't mess with us. Unless you really like frogs and gadflies, let our people go.

Denali and Jake. Or, is it Jake and Denali?

Dude, what are you lookin' at? I'LL LOOK WITH YOU!!!

Jake is socially-awkward

This flower was not urinated on all weekend. It has survivor guilt. I have urinator's guilt.

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Cj Cozygirl said...

"it takes a village"comes to mind seeing the crew go down the trail...SWEET! Saved from the bees...good instincts "Like" ...

The Good Luck Duck said...

:D Thanks! It makes me think of that picture of Cesar Millan with his pack.

SG Smith said...

I think you better catch up on Andy's story and then change the wording of your post comment on him. Right before the storm that destroyed his home Kathy left him for someone in the nudist colony where her parents live. He is definately not in a good space right now so doubly needs support.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Good to know, SG. Thanks for the clarification, and sorry to hear this is a double whammy.

Tesaje said...

Jake might be awkward but he has a pretty collar.

JO said...

Andy sure got nailed. Sad very sad.
I want your friend Su's camper. If most of those dogs are hers she really needs a bigger place anyway. Right, Right!
The wind here is bad too but I bet in the middle of nowhere its worse.

Upriverdavid said...

Thanks for telling me about Andy...Jeez..somedays...

Al Bossence said...

Love a pack.... Kelly

154275 said...

Is it possible that the popularity of you Ducks crashed My Old Rv's site? Can't get on to give.

Sherry said...

Jake seems to be doing much better than Andy or that poor flower. Glad this wasn't a totally sad tale. Been through the hail damage stuff- no fun even when it wasn't as bad as Andy's.

Morgan Johnson said...

I had to look up mini-haboob Us people on the East Coast are in the dark sometimes. At one time, I thought gate guarding would be the perfect job and mostly due to reading Andy's blog. But we don't have the rig for it and I can imagine there are some brutal brutal times.

Karen and Al said...

Too lazy to look up mini-haboob, so I guess I'll just have to use my imagination.

Thanks for the link. I will send Andy a little help.

Pam Wright said...

How funny! I was ready to click and check out the site when I read your line, you'd wait!!!

Love all the dogs!

The Good Luck Duck said...

And I did wait, didn't I? The dogs were fun.

Karen, it's like a haboob, but smaller.

Morgan, the job sounds like a lot of tedious, constant attention to me, but I'm easily bored. And, I like to look at pretty stuff. But, I imagine it's a better job than many.

Yeah, Sherry, Jake is on the good end of the cosmic stick these days.

Ha, Rodney! No.

Me too, Kelly. It was fun energy while it lasted.

I know it, David. You're welcome.

I don't blame you, Jo - it's a good rig! She doesn't like traveling with two big dogs in it, which would make it perfect for you and Fred!

Mary, I think his pretty collar lets him take his social skills for granted.

Donna K said...

What a great bunch of dogs! Looks like they are all having a great time. Thanks for the link - that's a pretty horrific story - sent some help.

The Good Luck Duck said...

You're a peach among peaches, Donna. ♥

Anonymous said...

BAD news on that storm. Can't believe the damage on the rig. Harsh stuff.

By the way you DO realize your blog pictures are now 60% dog. Nothing wrong with that, of course...just pointing out the future of your life. Once you go dog, you never go back

wait...did that come out sounding the way it should?..?


The Good Luck Duck said...

HAHAHA Nina! Yes, I think it sounded just like you meant it.