Thursday, April 18, 2013

When full-time RVing is just life with a great view

I feel that I should tour great sites and post mediocre reviews. Instead, I tour the Duck in my pajamas and post mediocre reviews. Food was good, but too many animals. Offers outdoor dining. Plenty of wine, but it's all from the same box.

Jake the Dog is doing well. He seems to know what we're asking him to do, so he does it. He wants to be friends with the cats beyond them running under him on the way to the toilet, but one day at a time. He seems more comfortable here as time goes on, and he loves to run in the deep sand of the washes and chase sticks. 

FYI, do not walk barefoot in a wash. A wash is Nature's litter box.

Annie went to Mexico again for a tooth follow-up. The dentist thinks there is still some nerve inflammation, and gave her stuff for that. 

I found a fascinating house in Bisbee where we can all live. It makes me happy just to watch the slideshow. Be happy, too:

Here's today's dose of Zen, Rubberband Man. I like this blog. I think I'll follow it a while.

Here's a picture that made me feel really good. It's a small gift, but at least it's not a turd.

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klbexplores said...

To me that is the beauty of Rv life.... ordinary days with ex-ordinary scenery that changes at will. Loved the Cave house.... I chatted with my self all through the slide show. "I might never get out of my jammies at the cave house..... Ok I would get out of my jammies to take a shower in that wonderful shower..... Maybe I'd get dressed to take a walk in the wonderful scenery.... Then again a swim in the outdoor pool would be COOL But saddly, no wheels :(

Judy and Emma said...

You wouldn't have to paint the walls...

lesliewhozit said...

Love the cave house!! Fruit is beautiful. Glad Jake is happy and adjusting well. Tell Annie I hope her tooth feels better soon! I'm off to zen...

Pat said...

I always wanted to live at the Shady Dell or in the bus across the way.

Kate said...

If the cave house is as far from the road as it looks, I'm not sure I'd ever put my pyjamas _on_. I'd just run around naked from one pool to the next.

Soaring Sun said...

The cave house is nice, and Bisbee is nice, too, and I would definitely come visit you there. But somehow I think you still have other places to go before you settle down.

Sorry to hear Annie is still having trouble with her teeth. I hope that gets resolved really quickly.

When are you bringing Jake over to New Mexico? His fans want to meet him.

Donna K said...

Nice cave dwelling!! After I watched it my computer got snarky and your comment box was GONE!! - but I fixed it. Is it just me??

Rick Doyle said...

Pretty nice house - thanks for the link.

Lisa said...

Cool Cave House! Thanks for sharing! I would like to end up in some kind of unique house some day. But it will have to be in a place with a little more water than the South West.

Tesaje said...

Cave house should be cool in the hot summer. As long as there are no earthquakes... Fruit looks yummy! Cats take time to give up their indignation at having dog in abode. My rule is it's ok as long as no blood is drawn.

Jake is the Branch Manager out there isn't he?

Hope Annie's teeth get fixed.

And wasn't that your whole ambition in the big RV adventure - to be dull where the scenery is great?

Brenda A. said...

Bisbee? Cave House? Skinny dipping in the stone pool? Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing house! I could do that -- if only they'd pay ME! Thanks for posting the link; really enjoyed looking at the photos...


Anonymous said...

We must be kindred spirits. I too drink box wine and clean-out a litterbox everyday...or something to that effect. Either way my life is ruled by furry animals...and wine.
Hope Annie's tooth issue gets resolved quickly. Nothing is less fun that dentists.

Gaelyn said...

A little bored are we?

I want the Cave House shower.

JO said...

This place was on HGTV a couple years ago. When are we moving in?
Love the picture of the fruit and veggies.

I think I am finally leaving this sat. after many date changes. The car has been packed for a week. 8{.
Hope all is going well with the teeth now.

Nancy said...

Oh heck yes! I could live there! Is it for sale or just for looking?

Karen and Al said...

Amazing house. I would love to live there....for a while.

How many dogs do you have? I'm confused.

Anne Chisholm said...

What an amazing display of creativity the cave house is. When do we move in?

Pam Wright said...

Thanks for the morning humor! I enjoyed the "tour" of the Duck!

The Cave House so neat. A little dark but a fun place to visit. I wonder if the owners have unknown guests in for the night!!

Glad to hear Jake is adjusting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!! I saw that house on HGTV too!! Was only a million something!!!Really cool. Bisbee is so excellent! Maybe if we ALL pool our money we could afford a down payment!!!! So glad Jake is doing well.I hope Annie's tooth issue gets resolved!(no fun!) Dixie

Anonymous said...

Hey Good Luck Duck,

Just thought that i would stop by and tell you that I really enjoyed your article and sharing your journey with me. Your mountain cave house looks beautiful.

Also thank you for sharing the rubber band analogy with others. Much appreciated! <3

Laura said...

Jake is just figuring out how much he lucked out. Soon he'll be just like "the dog that could" (by Farley Mowat) and riding with his head out the window and goggles on to protect his eyes :-)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Laura, I think he's too stoic for goggles, but he does like to let his lips flap in the wind!

Hi Nick! Thanks for stopping over. I really like the way you express important truths without excess words.

Dixie, I think we could all pool our couch change and take a tour. Still, it's good to have goals!

Pam, if we're "unknown," what's the harm??? I say we DO IT!

Anne, my duffel is already packed. Print out the map and we'll meet you there.

Karen, that's true. We could live there until it became monotonous. That's an important truth we don't realize when we pursue our dream house, isn't it?

We have one dog, and Whitey visits us. And Cookie, sometimes.

Nancy, it's totally for sale. I think the asking price is $1.5million, but surely they'd consider $1799?

Jo, did you leave?

Gaelyn, maybe a little ...

Nina, join us in the Cave House. All box wine and animals - all the time.

Renee, it does seem like they'd need a housesitter! PERFECT!

Brenda, right? Is there anything bad? Maybe bats...? I'd take my chances and sleep under a net.

Mary, all that stuff you said is true. And, especially the dull life with a good view.

Lisa, I think it depends on where you want to be in the southwest. I spent a lot of years in the northeast, where water is plentiful and sunshine is not, and right now I choose sunshine! And, the Cave House.

You bet, Rick!

Donna, it's just you. "Snarky" was the biggest clue.

Sue, it may be that we have more things to see. It's hard to know sometimes. But, I know I have New Mexico to see!

Kate, you have the right attitude to live in the Cave House.

Pat, I've never been to that trailer court, but it looks great. They even dress in 50's clothes, don't they? Or did I dream that up?

Thanks, Les!

It's true, Judy. And, if your spouse complained about something being dirty, I could say "IT'S A CAVE!"

Karen, "no wheels" and "$1,500,000" are the worst things about that place!