Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bloggers getting mobile


Thanks, Andra. This pleases me.

I have a travelin' song! I'll play it for you later.

Turtle Ranch

I wasn't always a Duck. My other self is a tortoise. I relate to the tortoise. If I had a spirit guide, it would say DON'T TOUCH ME I WILL PEE OUT ALL MY WATER.

How the truck looked in the 1950's

The passenger side.

Cheryl is almost ready to leave. Get that body loaded on her rig, and she's outta here.

Work the rigor mortis.

Cheryl's rig is back from the rig doctor, and she got busy loading and organizing.

I got Spud's registration in the mail today, and I'm very relieved. I got the old stickum off, which was even more exciting.

I'm nervously waiting for my 12 volt computer charger. Then everyone can leave Las Cruces.

I think Cheryl's rig should have a name. What do you think?

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SwankieWheels said...

Hey, you can't tease ol' Swankie... I know a kayak when I see one... and I covet that kayak cover. Happy trails to your both.

Craig MacKenna said...

Every rig should have a name, but only she can hear it.

Brenda A. said...

Exciting stuff! I feel the tortoise in you....I hope that doesn't sound too strange. Hey,'s all good. :)

Good Luck Duck said...

You got me, Swankie. I shoulda known better. Thanks!

I think we can amplify the signal, Craig.

Kate said...

So hey I was in center city Philadelphia yesterday and saw these and thought of you:

Ride the Ducks

Also, while I was in town, I bought a stroller. For my cat.

Gaelyn said...

Names for rigs come in their own time.

I'm curious about the 12V computer charger.

Crawl or quack, soon to be on the road again. Wondering where to?

klbexplores said...

Yahoo, the road awaits, onward to somewhere!!

Good Luck Duck said...

Somewhere, here I come!

Gaelyn, it's an after-market charger for Macbooks. GPK sells it, although I can't endorse it yet. Where-to is north and up. It's HOT here.

Tee hee Kate! That's got to be cute. GOT TO BE.

Good Luck Duck said...

LOL, Brenda! It sounds just strange enough.

Tesaje said...

Kayak, body - whatever, its got a nice cover. I'm interested to hear how living in the Prius goes. Bon voyage!

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

How far north are you going? If you make it to Montana, give me a shout.

Grace said...

Bon Voyage! That was such a great video! Make use of all that unused wind!

Grace (in Tucson)

Soaring Sun said...

Every rig deserves a name.

I bought a stroller for my cat and tried to use it for a while during our travels. She was about as thrilled with the stroller as she was with the little pink harness and leash. As Grumpy Cat would say, NO.

Kate said...

Yeah, my older cat likes lying in it as long as it doesn't MOVE MOM WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS, but Loiosh, who LOVES the leash, also LOVES the stroller. We went out for our first walk with the thing yesterday and he was all RUN FASTER MOM GO FASTER.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Love that old pickup truck! Are you thinking of upgrading to it? ;c)

Steven said...

I might suggest calling it "The Ballroom", but knowing this crowd it would take on an entirely different connotation.

Desert Diva said...

Gee, nothing like the backside of a 61-year old woman to scare the heck out of the blogging community!

Steven: I LIKE the name, but of course you're correct on the misinterpretation. ;-)

Good Luck Duck said...

Oh Cheryl, you're crazy. They saw my backside and the trauma therapy has been fully successful.

"This crowd"? We take umbrage (tee hee you said BALL).

Marti, I think a nice tarp would do wonders, right?

Kate and Sue: LOL! Cats can create drama wherever they go.

This talking amongst commenters is an extra layer of fun. I can't enable nested comments with this template, but... keep it up!

Grace, I love that video. It's true - I just thought of wind as a big tool, but it's misunderstood.

C, I absolutely will get in touch with you. I haven't forgotten your great invitation.

I'll definitely keep you posted, Mary. Thanks!

JO said...

Love that truck! But I will keep mine it fits the tent just fine.

Have a great time where ever you roam. And as always be safe on the road.
Hope the car thing works out.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Jo!

Contessa said...

How about simply Ms Tango?

Safe travels to you both and Dear Duck please know that Duck Lake in Canada awaits your arrival.

John and Pam ( said...

That was too funny as Cheryl was loading the "body" on to the roof. Very clever writing, Roxie!!

Travel Safely!!

Sherry said...

Ok I'll admit it I'm late for the party and I'm glad. I think the comments are 'almost' as funny as the post. Notice I said ALMOST! I want that truck. Did you hijack it??? The kayak is bigger than the RV. Maybe she should paddle and put the rig in the hold.

Desert Diva said...
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Good Luck Duck said...

Thank you, Contessa! I *do* have a passport...

I will Pam, thank you!

Sherry, I left that Turtle Truck right where it stood. It's a pretty big kayak (what do I know??); she says 12 feet.