Thursday, June 27, 2013

Elephant Butte State Park, and Leasburg Dam: Stuff I forgot edition

Leasburg Dam State Park is pretty sleepy in June, because OMG hot. There is a train that passes alarmingly close to the campsites. Not all the time, but definitely in the dark hours. And, it whoos, no extra charge. 

Wildlife alert: biting gnats. I was attacked on the eyelid and by morning it was obstructing my vision. So, I took the gnat OUT of my eye. Now I can help you with the roofing truss in yours.

While I'm doing Biblical allusions, I want to tell you about the acoustics here on Elephant Butte Lake. Because the banks rise so steeply from the basin, the lake is a perfect amphitheater. People passed on boats I could barely see, but I could hear their conversations. Two couples camped below me, and I heard their laughter until some of us fell asleep. I must have been crabby, because I critiqued the jokes and judged them unworthy of that kind of hilarity. Then someone said "I'll have another brownie!" and it all made sense.*

*There's a passage about Jesus rowing out onto the lake to address the crowd here in New Mexico.

Elephant Butte Lake is very low, so I'd like to say some nice things about it. You can safely* drive down to the water's edge. It's very pleasant to sit and watch the water do whatever it wants. I get the impression you can also camp down there. There are porta-potties for your boondocking comfort. 

*I got stuck in the sand, but not everyone does. A truck came along within 45 seconds and the family pulled me out. Yay! Thanks, New Mexico family!

I'm up because I butt-dialed someone who returned my call. Sorry. 

I bought a cheap Walmart keyboard to get me through, but it's no long-term solution. Or, it is. A person can get used to a lot. Annie has offered to get me back on track when we're in the same locale.

Elephant Butte wildlife alert: fire ants.

If you want the basic, water-only sites, they are $10 (free for annual pass holders). No bad views from the cheap seats; every one overlooks the lake. Some overlook it completely [rim shot]. My site is a hundred yards from a pit toilet, and a quarter mile from the flushies and showers. Cold-water showers only.

If you park along The Strip, you'll get traffic well past dark. Right now, though, it's quiet enough that my neighbors can hear the clackity-quack-quack of my keyboard.

Elephant Butte Lake











The brochure claims that there is wifi in the "main area," but I'm not sure what they consider main. My computer does see the hotspots, it just can't pull them in. Maybe I'll paddle down to the marina later to see what I can wifi-nagle.  

Liking the Habitent again tonight. I'm also wondering what time Passion Pie opens in T or C. But, I'm sure sleep will win and I'll wake up with Fig Newtons in my hair like every other morning.

If you go to the Comfort Station, you'll be able to pick up wifi. I hope that will be a Comfort to you.


House guests do get tiresome! Cheryl, naturally I can't read your blog post. I just wanted to say Many Thanks! for helping me out those first weeks. I thought you were having an intractable transportation problem this time, and saw an opportunity to provide rides to and from your many, many mechanics' visits. A very small token of thanks.  I thought I had been clear about that, and I really thought I had given you ample opportunity to protest gently and graciously, if you needed to. I'm sorry that I failed to do that, and that it led you to behavior that surely isn't typical for you.

I'm especially sad that you feel like I was mooching. I hate feeling like a mooch; everyone does. It feels really low - the most painful of insults. That's why I tried to buy groceries; mostly you wouldn't let me. Took you to dinner as a small way to contribute in a way you felt better about. Please do let me know what I owe you, besides the debt of gratitude, which I'm unable to repay. 

You were very kind to me when I needed it, and I will always be grateful for that. All the best to you, always.

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RuthieBee said...

Holy quackers web-footed gal, if you are in NC in the mountains near Asheville I live in the woods and you are always welcome. Indoor plumbing does have some advantages. And I bet you would enjoy the "big city" though I prefer the company of nature. Come set a spell any time.

Kate said...

Fire ants are pretty much just the absolute worst.

Sue Soaring Sun said...

Wow, the lake is lower than when I last saw it...which I think was with you, when you visited TorC a couple of months ago.

I'm sorry you are having so many hard experiences, my friend. For me, those seem to come and go in phases. I hope things will be on the upswing for you now.

Jan Goldfield said...

Invite from here in Mountain View AR as well. Empty RV sits in the driveway, hookupable on both ends.
Ticks will take the place of the gnats.

Good Luck Duck said...

Kate, they suck hard, after they bite.

Aw, thank you so much, Ruthie! I love the Smokies - have since I was little. Are you saying YOU have indoor plumbing?? *sets GPS for "Ruthie"*

ain't for city gals said...

what in the world? I guess that is why I never offer anything unless I really really mean it. An so you are welcome anytime but it is hotter than hell here right now!

judilyn said...

Been to Elephant Butte State Park, but there was a regulation bath house - used the facilities many times. Clean showers, flush toilets . . . ?? So wonder what part of the park you are in. I know there are several different camping areas, so ask around. There may be a much more palatable spot there.

Good Luck Duck said...

Judie, the a-commode-ations are fine, I'm just a quarter mile from them. I took my shower when it was still hot and a cold shower seemed like the right choice. I know they're renovating one of the bath houses, which may be the one that usually has hot showers.

AFCG, (I should know your name by now, but was never able to find it) thank you for the invitation. I'm not sure of hell's fahrenheiticity, but it may be the same temp here.

Jan, that's a wonderful invitation that I still enjoy thinking about.

Sue, thank you. There are things to be learned from them all, but I wouldn't mind a school vacation.

ld said...

elephant butte is HELL over the fourth so many people you can walk across the lake on them. the lake is way down but still looks beautiful. have fun

Anonymous said...

You need to go north, my dear. Northern NM is beautiful, although anywhere near a lake will be busy over the 4th. El Vado, Heron -- gets you into a bit cooler elevations. Remember, if you duck-dunk yourself in the water, then sit in the shade, you'll get downright chilly (until you dry off...). Just repeat as necessary.

Renee (from Datil -- I try to use this differentiator so you know which Renee is commenting) If we were actually IN Datil, you'd be welcome to hang out a spell at 7400' elevation. Unfortunately, we're back in the sweaty Midwest...

ain't for city gals said...

think about going to Alpine Az in the white is GORGEOUS there...about 9,000 feet elevation...lots of national forest and then a little farther there is Hannigan Meadows with a FS campground...small but I think it had toilets...can't remember. It is cool that high up..Sheryl...with a S...ha!

Maria Brown said...

Roxi, whatever direction you go in next, remember that I will be in New Orleans the week before Thanksgiving, and there you will have access to all of the amenities my hotel room has to offer... your own queen-sized bed, indoor plumbing, and access to the beauty that is NOLA in the fall. So you have 5 months to get moving in that general direction!

Love, me

michael ultra said...

Wow, the lake looks so much different than I last saw it. btw, I am alive and happy in central Florida and things are going okay. I don't know why I have taken a writing break. Writer block? Lazy? I need to find out though. (thanks for your note, Maybe I just need a swift kick in the butt)

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

There is a much better part of Elephant Butte for you to camp! Under the shade of huge cottonwood trees and next to the Rio Grand and I think it's $4 per night! Each site has a covered picnic area and there are toilets nearby.Much cooler! Directions? head to the dam, take a right, this road it will lead you down to 3rd street in T or C. When you get to the "T" at the stop sign, turn left, AWAY from T or C. You will cross over a bridge and immeniately past the bridge on you left is Elephant Butte DRY camp campground! Also sent you an email!

Texas Yellow Rose said...

I sure hope the next post (or the next one after that) finds you in a more hospitable and less barren environment. That sure doesn't look or sound like where to be in Summer. You have heard of shade from trees, right? Love and quacks . . .

Donna K said...

Never been to Elephant Butte but it sure looks like it could use a refill. Glad you explained that second Biblical allusion - I wasn't getting it HA!! It's just that I think mostly fish was on the menu, not happy brownies...but then what do I know? I wasn't at either event. Geez, I'm rambling - gonna shut up now. Stay cool, head north or at least to higher elevations.

Annie said...

Cheryl's post was completely inappropriate. I'm sorry she did that to you. Not cool.

Grace said...

I couldn't sleep last night after reading Cheryl's post. I was so concerned at what your reaction would be. I'm happy to read your response here. Thanks for sharing it with us. Now, find some shade! Grace (in Tucson)

New Age Nomad said...

Yikes! You need to head into the mountains. Pie Town, NM I here has great pies, is at 8000ft, and caters to travelers. Not sure of the commode situation?

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Aw! Rox! I'm sorry that your dealing with shit. and that's what it is. Bury it and leave it. I'll be looking for you when I head west, again. (not til the fall, although I am ready to run away from home, right now!)

SwankieWheels said...

Your photo is awesome, you look healthy and happy. I didn't see Cheryl's post, but have had what sounds like similar reactions from a few people I have helped along the way. Jealousy??? Forget it and move on... you are the better person for your responses.

Jool said...

Roxi, I hope you get to a cooler clime soon. That will help immensely, being in beauty and comfort. As for the honking quap that was spouted elsewhere, let me just say I quit that other blog several days ago when I decided it spent more time blasting away at other blogs as well as perfectly nice people. That and the fact it is supposedly written by an educated person who uses TOO MANY QUOTES!!! I "cannot" "Stand" to "read" "like" "That". Very "distracting".
Okay, you may want to delete "my" post. LOL. I just get so "irritated" with "people" who do "not" have a "kind" outlook.

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Seems to be some bizarre uncomfortable vibes in Blogland these days. Heck, I (and one of my regular visitors) got (IMHO) blasted on my own blog earlier this week and then in an RVing forum. I ended up deleting the negative part of the conversation from my blog comments. Of course, the instigator was someone I've never met and, for the life of me, I cannot remember them ever posting before. Then I got another comment yesterday blasting me about it all from someone I've never heard of and who has no Google profile. I'm about ready to quack-slap some people but instead hope perhaps they will just go share their version of "joy" somewhere else.

Sue Soaring Sun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Good Luck Duck said...

Betty, I think getting anonymous grief on your blog is a sign of being in the big-time! I've never gotten such a thing (AND THAT'S FINE, Y'ALL!). Get to quack-slapping! I'm hanging out briefly in a cool library in Magdalena. This town is a post all its own.

Jool, I don't want to delete your post at all. I want to smooch it a little.

Thanks, Swankie! I feel pretty good! Sorry you've been at the pointy end of misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Thanks, Cyndi. I plan to be here! Keep in touch, or have Stumpy do it if you need to paws.

Berg, how about Datil? Is Datil good? I want to go to Datil. Then City of Pies.

Aw, Grace, you're so sweet and sensitive. You need a nap now! Hugs!

Thanks, Annie. I wish there could have been, like 10 seconds of honest communication long, long before what went down went down. I was so ready to go, but sticking around because of my own faulty grasp on the situation.

Donna, there was bread, too, right? And a lakey amplifier.

Thanks, Geri! I saved that info in my email, because I'll want it again.

Good to hear from you, Michael! I hope you're air conditioned, because Florida is worse than New Mexico in the summer. No, really.

Thank you, Maria! That would be fun. You'll probably be all conferencing and presenting during the days, won't you?

Thanks, Sheryl! I'll bet it's cool, cool, cool up there right now. I do like a campsite with a toilet, yes I do.

Renee in Datil, I don't think I could stand water that cold! Brrr. The showers were just about right. And, I'm headed to Datil! Sorry you're not there now.

ld, I've heard that same thing. I imagine a fireworks display out over the lake would be pretty spectacular.

Brenda A. said...

I hear Mercury is in retrograde. Not that I really put any stock in that stuff. But it's the best I could come up with as to why someone would do such an about face. Hell I don't even have a clue what transpired as I don't follow said person's blog. But I know from our own conversations that you were not abusing anyone's generosity and you would gladly have done anything you could to make restitution. But, being in a somewhat similar situation, I know how difficult or even impossible it is to do that.

Ya know, I'm just going to do some supposing. Some people thrive on drama. Maybe she ate up getting to play the hero, hearing all the high praise from you on your blog. Being in the limelight and all. But eventually that died off. Time to create some new drama.

Obviously I have no idea what I'm talking about. And probably should not be making such wild stories up. But hey. When people get really weird on you, you start imagining all kinds of scenarios, right?

Love you Roxie and just really am with you on wanting a break from life school!

Grace said...

There's a campground not too far from Magdalena.
Never been there.... just a thought.

Grace (in Tucson)

Jim and Sandie said...

Holy Cow - the lake is almost dried out. That is so sad. We haven't been there for a couple of years. I cannot believe your "friend" turned on you like that. Why are people so cruel. This is going to be a long hot summer for a whole lot of folks.

Harriet said...

Man, I take off one day to go to the Dr and all hell as broken loose. I don't know what went down, figured it was something negative and I'm sorry for all concerned.

When us ducks get older you'd think we would stop quacking so much.

Life is way too, short to be upset about anything! Love, Love and Love some more!

Allison said...

My grandmother used to say, if you can't say something nice, just don't say anything at all. And that is all I am going to say.

klbexplores said...

Hope the bad vibes have quiteted for you a bit... Not sure that going north will get you to COOL. I am currently about 90 miles to the Canadian border and the reports are the weather will be flirting with 100 degrees for more than a week. ~Boo~ I'm not a happy camper. My kitties aren't happy about it either!!

Mary said...

Oh MY! I'm sorry a fellow Kentuckian did that to you. It really isn't fair at all. Southern manners can be tricky and the eastern Kentucky manners even trickier!

For example, if you ask someone who is sick and is also from the mountains how they are feeling and they reply:

Very well.

They mean they are NOT well at all. See what I mean? That is no excuse for the behavior, just a comment on how confusing we southerners can be.

In my house after 3 days/visits you are family. You get to buy groceries and wash dishes. It is just simpler than trying to educate "furriners" in the subtleties of southern manners.

Anonymous said...

Roxanne. . . I sorry you've been hurt. There's been an epidemic of the nasty Blogger's Plague lately. Good for you for addressing the source of your hurt. I did the same thing recently. Now I know what blogs not to visit.

It's a shame Elephant Butte Lake is so low. I wish you were some place cooler.

I give you credit for your resilient sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

"I sorry" Hahaha! That actually sounds pretty sympathetic!

Tesaje said...

A cold shower in the heat can be pretty wonderful. I always take a shower at night in the heat because I hate feeling sticky in bed.

Awww, sorry you had a semi-public beat down. I never saw the post but it doesn't sound very nice, especially to complain on the web but not in person. I have no personal knowledge of you or the other person but it is surprising. You seem like you would be a good house guest. Is this southern vs northern miscommunication? I have some trouble with that, myself.

There are lots of people who think they want to be helpful and gracious but basically lie about what they need in return and then fester with a false smile until they explode. I'm with the other Mary - after 3 days, you are welcome to help around, or even right away. I've had people stay with me for months and never resented them being there afterwards. I take the attitude that it is karma building (even tho I don't really believe in karma). If I ever need it, then someone will be there for me and have in the past. But then I deal with any issues at the time they crop up and don't let them fester. I would let you stay with me too but I can't imagine why you would want to in a MD summer. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Roxi, Sorry about any nastiness you've experienced!You are such a sweety! You are doing GREAT--Hang in there!---Magdalena!!! Will & I fell in love with that place! I'll be interested in your take on that area? Faithfully following your adventures. Dixie

BoNanZa said...

I sorry too...what the duck? SuperMoon residue with a side of wacky hormones I'm guessing. Head for the hills sister!

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

I think mobility and heading north in the summer is what ducks do. You should see them here around Shollenberger Lake in Petaluma! Let's let the whole blog-airing be over. This is a no fault zone!

RuthieBee said...

YES i have indoor plumbing, and bathtubs for ducks to play in as well as a deck that feels like a treehouse, too many cats and other amenities of "civilization". The door is open for you as we are likely birds of a feather. Just give me a heads up if you come this way and I shall feather the nest!

Jac said...

You are one class act, Roxi--& that goes for Annie too. We all have occasional problems with other folks in our lives, but how we choose to handle it shows our nature, whether it includes wisdom, humility, compassion & kindness--or not. Bashing people online or on twitter is one of the unfortunate technological developments of our time. The drawback is then all those who read it now see the true person revealed, & one can't take it back. You are forever remembered for that behavior. And so are you--for taking the higher path. It's why I'm glad to be your friend.

It's just that, well, ducks waddle, Roxi, & I'm havin' a hard time with the image of class & a waddle. Can ya just work on that walk a bit??

Donna said...

a bitchy woman that must have her way exactly, or no way at all. often rude and belittles people, believes that everyone is beneath her and thinks that she is so much more loved than what she really is. selfish, spoiled, and overly dramatic.

Carolyn said...

Just remember that you have other physical world friends who can communicate with you directly about their feelings. And have even shared their space with you for long periods.

I am, of course, referring to your mother...

Anonymous said...

1. to describe a person who exudes great style and personality with confidence and expresses their own style and not letting others influence who they are or want to be. 2. A person whose character makes them stands out from the rest.

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

Whatcha wanna bet the "anonymous" above me is Desert Diva and quoting from her personal "urbandictionary" on the Diva defination????

Nancy said...

Water rolls off ducks backs and so should everything else. Keep quackin' girlie, keep quackin'!

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow. She's a peach all right. So sorry she hung her stinky skid-marked grannypants out for all to see.

Marcia from PA

Anonymous said...

We stopped at Elephant Butte for about an hour while we were on our way to Tucson one year. It's a pretty nice park!

I, too, am sorry that you were called a mooch. You certainly don't seem one to me and it sounds like you were a very nice houseguest!

Anonymous said...

" wanna bet the "anonymous" above me is Desert Diva"....wrong, just a decent person who has never met either party, followed both blogs, and thought that decent people would act a bit more decent if they saw "other" definitions which can be found from the site quoted by the first person (look it up). However, I see that some of the type of people giving support here are just angry, mean spirited type of people whom I don't wish to be associated with. definitely my last visit here, to many Crazy Marys to deal with.

Good Luck Duck said...

Brenda, you're saying it's mercury poisoning? Yes, when things get inexplicable, we do try to explic them in any manner possible. Your manner sounds pretty reasonable.

Grace, thanks for that! It sounds really good, so I saved it. I moved on, but i want to go back to Magdalena anyway.

Sandie, I don't have a point of reference, but lots of people exclaimed about the lake's level now. Thanks, too.

Harriet, I blame your doctor's appointment entirely. As though you could leave us unsupervised!


Karen, I'm in some mountains (I just crossed another continental divide - where's my pastry?), and it's better than it was in the lowlands. Not perfect, but do-able. And, my vibes are much better than in the flatland.

Mary, that's very confusing! I agree - house guests should feel free to learn the routine and carry on with it, which is what I thought I was doing. Sometimes, though, "help" doesn't feel like help, I guess. Too invasive, not done correctly, etc. I know how to swipe a card, though, and it always ends up right!

Sue, thanks for that. "I sorry" works for me! I've recently learned that there was other unpleasantness going on behind the scenes involving you, and I'm sorry that happened, too.

Mary, I didn't see the post, either. I'm sure what I was told was the niced-up version. I agree with you two Marys. Kindness can be free, but groceries aren't. Chores don't do themselves. I did do chores, but perhaps not correctly or as-desired. People get funny about their routines and other people helping throw off their stride.

Thanks, Dixie! YES! Magdalena - LOVE it.

Bonanza, I'm in the hills! Good advice!

Lynda, is Petaluma cool now? Because quack.

Aw, Ruthie, that sounds awesome. All of the things!

Thanks, Jac. The waddle came standard, so if I change my stride now it will be for after-market struts. Hugs!

Wow, Donna, that urbandictionary is whooo! *afraid to look up "duck"*

HAR Carolyn! I miss you.

Geri, I guess Anonymous could be anyone! It will be fun to guess...

Nancy, I just had a cloudburst roll off my back! Not enough to change the fire hazard from "EXTREME," though. Then there's the forest! quackquackquackquack!

Hi Marcia! This imagery is too much for me not to laugh. Is that wrong? [checks own granny panties]

Thanks RV. The good houseguest thing is what I was trying for.

Gaelyn said...

Comforting and keyboard at the same time sounds fine.

Sue Soaring Sun said...

I've learned a lot from supporting Roxanne through recent events. One is that somebody who is truly "a nice person" or "a decent person" does not have to tell you that. If you gotta claim that about aren't.

Annie said...

Amen Sue!

Annie said...

Also, a nice person doesn't lie about and twist a situation; a nice person doesn't call someone and *BEG* that someone not to tell anyone they've called and then post their version of the call on their blog; a nice person doesn't make a post in the first place that only serves to belittle, tarnish, and falsely impugn the character of another. A nice person is not vindictive and mean spirited.

I've been sitting on my hands for days now being mad about what transpired. I hate seeing someone I care for maligned and I hate being drug into it, too.

Good Luck Duck said...

Because keyboarding is comforting, too, Gaelyn.

Thank you, Sue and Annie.

Cj Cozygirl said...

I agree ten-fold with what Allison said. Blogging is for fun, journaling, sharing, and bringing everyone together who love the same sort of living and lust for travel. I'm late here with a reply...just getting caught up! SAD this all went down like this for you...there is place for a personal private discussion...someone got lost :( Less than three weeks we hit the highway full-timing...hope our roads cross. ~cozygirl

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Cozygirl! Me, too - see you out there!

LG61820 said...

What we have here is a failure to communicate. . . I have been in a similar situation in the past.

If a person takes the lead on a 10 hour drive and refuses my offers to drive several times then she shouldn't complain to all of our co-workers that she had to drive!

DD's actions seem like adding insult to injury to someone who's down. She had such a glow of good karma and now she's gone and destroyed it.

As a side point, she recently wrote that something was "mute" when she meant "moot". I'm no former teacher, but that jumped off the page for me! LG

Good Luck Duck said...

Good analogy with the driving. I hope things have improved for her; the more happy people, the better off we all are.

Did you ever see the Friends episode when Joey said something was a "moo point"? "It's like a cow's opinion - it doesn't matter!" That scene still make me laugh.