Monday, August 5, 2013

TAhhhos, New Mexico and the Enchanted Quarter-circle


Taos: Dude. You look awesome. Have a decaf.

Taos has a vibe, for sure. It's a destination that doesn't take itself so seriously. You can still buy great art, but you can park for free to shop for it. Looking for wifi? Taos would like to treat you at the public library (where you've parked for free anyway).

Stroll around the plaza (where you've already peed for free - NOT THAT tree - use the public restrooms down the beautiful "alley").

Talented buskers will serenade you while you buy (or don't). I'm a sucker for street performers. When forced to choose between buying a coffee and tipping a performer, I hesitate and feel remorse while adding my soy milk. Luckily, I don't have to choose yet.

A nut at the wheel
A peach to his right
A curve in the road
Fruit salad tonight


I couldn't resist the jumbo bowl of fresh pineapple at Albertsons, even though I knew it would end in heartache and regret. This morning I did a major front-seat cleanup. I would do it all again.

Next to Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.

Did I or didn't I?
Eagle Nest and the area may be the most beautiful place I've ever seen. I tried to see it overnight, but no go there. A park ranger gave me tips for where to camp further into the dark, stormy mountains.

This is where I actually camped - BlackJack Tent Area (Cimarron Canyon)

My campsite along the Rio Grande was at 36.305442,-105.770558. Rio Bravo BLM Campground, up 570. It's just north of the Rio Grande Gorge Visitor's Center, and if you forget my directions, someone at the center will tell you where to find it.

If you have an interagency pass (and who DOESN'T??), you can tent camp for $3.50 and get water and electric for $7.50. Coin showers, shelters, hot water, flush toilets. Like you're back living with Mom.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely sky pix!

Jan Goldfield said...

Waaayyy pretty!

Teresa Evangeline said...

Oh, man, now you've gone and done it. I'm getting serious pangs, deep yearning... gorgeous... looks like home...

The Odd Essay said...

Oh My! I love where you're at. Bill & I spent some time up in that area a couple of years ago... it took us 2 months to drive from ABQ to Farmington... kept stopping at places like where Georgia O'Keefe found her inspiration etc. You're right there... and I'd like to be there as well.

Maggie Whitehead said...

What Teresa said. xo

Sue Soaring Sun said...

Wow. The skies. Water in the river. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

How are you doing with the altitude? Taos Herbs sells a tincture for altitude that is wonder working! Plus drinking lots and lots of water (which I bet you know!) Pauline

Tesaje said...

Very pretty! Looks very green - been having a lot of rain? If you sleep in your car is it camping?

Good Luck Duck said...

Mary, I call it "camping," but I'm open to a better term. It feels like a comfortable tent when Spud opens her hatch. It has rained here every night of my Taos life.

Pauline, I haven't noticed the altitude much, but I haven't done any serious hiking, either. I felt it up out of Santa Fe, though, so don't know the difference. I'll look for the place - Google says it's about 1.5 miles from where I'm sitting.

Sue: Word.

Teresa and Maggie, I have to admit it does feel like home, even to this flatlander.

Lol, Sharon! I can see why you'd get sidetracked a few dozen times.

Isn't it crazy, Jan?

Thanks, Rob! I just didn't know where to look, it is all so gaspy.

Steven said...

If you're visiting the mesa, make sure they set a place for you :-D

Donna K said...

I think Taos sounds more like my style. Great photos and a campsite by a creek for $3.50?!?!?! Doesn't get much better than that.

Brenda A. said...

I love that sweet coffee shop bus. My kinda "shop"!

Merikay said...

Mee thinks you love the sky as much as I.

Dragonfly said...

When last I was there, a part of my soul stayed. If you find it treat it gently and promise it I will be back.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

OK, I am all kinds of jealous!!!

Gaelyn said...

Taos looks like my kind of place. If you had a coffee bus could you park anywhere and sleep in it? Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

If you're into "cowboy" music, look at Syd Masters' CDs. (We have them all...) There's a song Syd wrote that always gets me when I'm away from New Mexico -- "Under New Mexico Skies". That's what your photos made me think of, bringing on my typical missing-New-Mexico twangs. (BTW, that song was given the honorable title of "Official Cowboy Song of the State of New Mexico" by Governor Bill Richardson.) At least we're back in mountain country now -- Montana, here we are!


Geri Moore-Hajek said...

After re-looking at these pictures, it's easy to see why New Mexico calls itself "The Land of Enchantment"! Beautiful!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great shots of the gorge!

JO said...

Now that is breath taking.

Contessa said...

Just love Taos. That is where we got our wind sculpture that you often see in my lake shots.

Sherry said...

Water, electric, and creek near Taos for $3.50. Boy you know how to pick em. I might never leave. For sure, I am writing this down in my little bitty book. Please don't tell me motor homes of 35' can't fit in this site.

John and Pam ( said...

Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

You're in one of our favorite parts of NM! Very happy you made it to the BLM site and Eagles Nest (we were lucky enough to snag a spot there for a week a few years back). The BLM on the north side of Taos (Wild Rivers) is pretty darn awesome too.

Nancy said...

You should compile your photos into a book. They are always beautiful and well composed.

Roxanne said...

Thanks, Nancy! That's a great compliment.

Nina, I'm going to write down Wild Rivers for next time, because there is no way I'm not coming back here.

Thanks, Pam! Good models.

Sherry, I think Winona would fit here just fine. Write away!

It's wonderful here, isn't it Contessa? It's a good thing I don't have more room, or I'd have pretty googaws all over the place. Hanging off me, hanging off Spud.

Even better in person, Jo!

Thanks, C&A! So, my terror didn't register in the photos?

Geri, there's even an Enchanted Circle that concentrates the enchantment into an enchantment balsamic reduction. It's more enchantment than a muggle can stand.

Renee, I'll try to keep that name in my head. Does that make him the official cowboy of New Mexico?

Gaelyn, I think you would love it. And, I passed that bus again today and it hadn't moved, so maybe ...

Cyndi, you have good reason! This place makes the heart sing. Stumpy would even sing.

Dragonfly, I think I met it by the river. It says take your time, but get back here to collect it.

Merikay, I try to take pictures of scenery, but it always ends up being about the sky. So, yes. We are skybirds of a feather.

Isn't it great, Brenda? And, if you drink too much bus coffee, there is a nice rest stop just 50 yards from it where you are prohibited from staying more than 24 hours under the threat of a fine not to exceed $100. Where, I might add, you can get the same amazing views of the gorge and bridge that you see here.

Donna, it's a mellow place, and easy to get around in. Or, to stay put in. C'mon out. It's a healing place, too.

Steven, is that the brewery? Because I don't want to miss a place where they need to set a place for me.