Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A bromide about Chloride, New Mexico

A gal can only sit around on Main Street so long before she has to go seek adventure elsewhere.

Now and then someone writes a blog post about Chloride and the Pioneer Museum. If you've never been to the museum, you're thinking Muse-Ho-Hum. If you've been, you know those other people are wrong.

I'm not a museum cheerleader, but this is unique. So, let me RAH! RAH! tell you a teensy bit in an enthusiastic way.

[If you've heard this before, please adjust your volume. I'll alert you to the new stuff.]
Donna Edmunds, restorer and curator.
 When Don and Donna found Chloride, they were looking for a campsite and got lost. They thought they had stumbled into an old movie set. Donna said "This is where we need to retire."

The safe weighs 6000 pounds. I guess it's SAFE where it is.

Bats and rats had lived and pooed inside for 70 years. That's a lot of composting. They started their project with shovels.

Ninety percent of what's on display was under the poop. The rest came from other buildings in Chloride.

The previous owners closed up and left everything where it sat. Which is where Don and Donna found it, and set to restoring the building and its contents.

If you had saved a historic place from poop, you would be proud, too. They have made this into a place worth coming to see. You can imagine that they're sensitive about sham-poo in their museum; please use the pit toilets in the rest area.

 There is no set fee for viewing the museum, although you are free to leave a donation. Think about all that guano they shoveled. The longer you think, the more money you'll want to leave in the box. That's long enough! You'll want to save some cash for lunch. TURN YOUR SPEAKERS BACK ON.

 Donna and her daughter, Linda, encouraged me to have dinner at Chloride Bank CafĂ©. If you insist!

I browsed their menu and saw something appetizing that could be easily veganized. Yay food! I ordered a quesadilla without the queso. She offered to sub beans. Yay beans! Not only did she know what "vegan" means, she IS one! She and her husband have been vegan for twelve years. Yay vegans!

You can have whatever you're craving, though, because they offer meat and cheese and eggs. It's a full-service place, and breakfast is served all day. You won't need a lot of money to eat there, but you will need cash.

The gallery and gift shop features local artists' works. There is a beautiful quilt there that I stared at until we were all uncomfortable.

Disapproving Horse can eat and disapprove simultaneously.

My GPS requested that I turn left.

 REQUEST DENIED, GPS! Find a different shortcut.

Linda at the Winston General Store was very friendly and suggested two primitive campsites I might enjoy. The store offers some groceries, hot coffee, jewelry, belts, things in camo colors, and cute, gifty items. And showers.

Paula found her inspiration in my interview with Percy:

A tumbling bird from Nantucket
A pigeon with really bad luck-It
flew down from the sky
with a shriek and a cry
Landed butt over beak in a bucket

Sherry from In the Direction of Our Dreams is making matches for Spud. Look who she found:
He has honorable inTENTions.

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Gaelyn said...

Such a lot of cool junk.

Haven't you learned not to trust the GPS in the rural west?

Good Luck Duck said...

This was for sure a ding on the trustometer.

Tinabeane said...

What a very cool place! I would be there forever looking at everything. Thanks for the post!


Jim and Sandie said...

We didn't eat in Chloride and now I really wish we had. But the GPS knows that it about 10 feet shorter if you turn left like it tells you to.

dawn said...

There's so much to love about New Mexico--you just helped us learn about one more cool town in the coolest of states! Thank you!

Karen Snyder said...

As a lover of NM and most things "old," this post is a genuine "upper" for me, NOT a bromide at all! :)

I have easily lost at least half an hour of my morning, rambling thru here; calling up Google Earth to see where you were; connecting to your link to find Winston (lo and behold, it was once Fairview, but not the Fairview, NM where I once lived). My armchair travels and education continue! Thanks. :)

Good Luck Duck said...

I'm glad this didn't sedate you, Karen. You make me think of Click and Clack, who say "Well, it's happened again ..." I'm glad you're not thinking back on that lost half-hour with regret.

Dawn, New Mexico IS awesome! It was my pleasure finding and reporting back.

So right, Sandie. I was regretting taking the easy way by the end of the trip.

Thanks for reading and not snoozing, Tina.

JO said...

Oh I love those old restored stores. OK on my bucket list. If I don't hurry up and get on the road I won't have enough room for anything else beside the list.

judilyn said...

New Mexico really is the Land of Enchantment - sometimes in unexpected ways. My shutter clicks a lot there. Happy camera!

New Age Nomad said...

Thanks for sharing this interesting area. I think a year of New Mexico travels is in my future as well!

Nan Talley said...

The little time we spent is New Mexico was great. Now, you have provided more reasons to return. I enjoy your humor.

Grace said...

You and the poo! A summer in NM is on our radar, too! Thanks for sharing your explorations! Grace (in Tucson)

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

Glad you discovered Chloride! One of favorite places! We usually spend Halloween there, what better place to be on Halloween than a ghost town! Did you notice the 5 space FHU campground behind the Museum??? We love it!

Sherry said...

I'm on my way if there is a 5 space FHU campground behind this great museum. But really THAT much poo??? I'm afraid Spud is going to have to chase her man down and I'm not sure where he went. Maybe west although he was pretty attracted to that water front campsite. You don't have any waterfront in NM do you???

Contessa said...

What a cool place! Who knew.

Good Luck Duck said...

Jo, you'll need a bigger bucket. Better get bucket seats.

Judie, this is truth you speak. I go around feeling a little enchanted all the time.

I can't imagine you'll ever regret a year spent here, Berg.

Thanks, Nan! I enjoy imposing my humor on you!

I can't help it, Grace in Tucson. The poo is who I am. I may still be here when you arrive.

Yes, Geri, and I'm glad you mentioned it for Sherry, because I forgot to. Do you spend midnight at the "Hanging" Tree?

Sherry, 70 years is a lot of poo. You'd have lots of peace and quiet here in Chloride, and there are cabins for rent, too - not that Winona would allow that. And, yes! There is waterfront in New Mexico, but I think it's rarer than most anywhere else.

Contessa, people told me, but I was always all "Oh. A museum. Yay." Shows what I know.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Stayed a week in that Chloride Place. Was that working couple from Wisconsin still there? The Edmunds have done a great job on that town.

Good Luck Duck said...

I didn't meet a Wisconsin couple in Chloride, but the woman working in Winston said she had workamped there in the past. Her name was Linda.

Barney (The Old Fat Man) said...

I got to see the place in Oct of 2007 and covered it in my blog. It has really improved. They used to have a small rv park with utilities behind the artists store. Looks like I need to return for a great repeat visit.

Good Luck Duck said...

Barney, I can't see how you could go wrong going back to Chloride. Unless you're craving crowds, lines, and the roar of the mob.

SwankieWheels said...

Wonderful, wonderful. I gotta visit that place, being a retired museum professional. Just wonderful.