Monday, September 9, 2013

Life in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico: languid, but not languishing

Truth or Consequences has its own torporific charm, and I am not immune. I start the day off pretty slow, but rally in time for an afternoon nap.

I accidentally drove to the top of town. Once you're there, there's nowhere to go but down.

Turtles on water tank, Truth or Consequences

There are no sea turtles in Truth or Consequences. There used to be, but people started putting them into the hot springs. You think that's nice, but a turtle in hot water sees your ladle as sinister. Turtles are not stupid, and now they live in Mexico.

Geri did a more thorough write-up of Truth or Consequences last year. She is more conscientious, and it was February, before the Summer Weakquinox.

[that means 'big sky"]

I have a book of Sierra County day trips. I use it to fan myself.

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Sue Soaring Sun said...

I think one of those cloud groupings looks like Santa Claus. Or God, if He is built like Santa and has a beard, too.

The Odd Essay said...

You make TorC look much better than the way I think of it... but then, I never took the hot springs. Maybe that makes all the difference. Nevermind... your photos of the sky are beautiful!

Jim and Sandie said...

I still love T or C. And I love cloud pictures.

Jan Goldfield said...

Cowan in hot springs = turtle soup. It's Cajun. Look it up.

Teresa Evangeline said...

You're setting the bar for languidity. Someone has to do it ...

I like turtles. They deserve our respect. Did you know we're living on Turtle Island?

judilyn said...

Truth or Consequences is quite fascinating from a camera point of view. I found my head twirling in all directions, attracted by the colors and oddments that are put to good purpose there. Do you know when they "did" the water tower? I don't recall having seen that lovely art when there circa 2010. A repeat visit is probably necessary . . . soon!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pix Roxi! I can't wait to visit TorC one of these days! We have much more of N.M. to explore. Can't wait to get back to Az. for winter.Hope I see you then. Dixie

John and Pam ( said...

The sky in the west is just so beautiful. I am really looking forward to returning.

Bill said...

From what I've read and seen, Truth or Consequences is a funky town. In the good way.

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

Can you bathe in the Rio Grande?

Good Luck Duck said...

I almost had no choice, Nickie. Water rushed past on the streets so fast we were nearly all bathing in it.

Bill, I can highly recommend it as the best kind of funky.

It is, Pam. I never get tired of taking pictures of other things to disguise taking pictures of the sky.

Dixie, you guys ought to wander out when you head back for the winter. Even though you can't get as warm here as in Tucson.

Judie, I don't know when they did the tower. Let me Google ... okay, didn't find anything. Maybe Geri could tell you more authoritatively.

That's this continent, Teresa? I like turtles, too. I'm really more of a resonant match with tortoises, although turtles are pretty great, too.


Me too, Sandie. Both.

Sharon, I'm wearing my T or C eyes. The hot springs help, too.

Sue, have you ever seen them together?

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

I can't tell you about when they painted the tower, but I bet C of C could! Also, I can tell you about the turtles and why a certain turtle is so important to T or C. Have you been introduced to TurtleBack Mountain yet? Look around, we have a mountain here that has a natural formation of a turtle straddling the top! Depending the time of day when you look, he can be very obvious or camoflaged (sp?). In most Native American societies, the turtle plays an important role in healing (and the early belief that we were living on the back of a turtle!) What better place for a turtle to rest on the mountaintop than the land full of healing hot springs! Before Elephant Butte Dam was built, most of T or C was a marsh of hot water. Native Americans came here to soak, seeking out the turtle on the mountain landmark so they could find the hot springs. Only rule back then was no weapons allowed in or near the healing waters!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Roxi. T or C was never my favorite town, but I'm seeing things through your eyes that I didn't with my own. Thanks for letting me borrow them.


Good Luck Duck said...

You're welcome, Renee. Saunter noticed I had some photographer's eyes; if I can borrow them, you can, too.

Geri, check out the missing turtle in the newest post. Teresa Evangeline told me we're living on Turtle Island (North America).

Anonymous said...

TorC is home to me but I live in PA for a short time till I get the money around to move back home. I love Truthorconsequences. I miss home too. I love the pictures I saw on here.