Sunday, September 15, 2013

What it's like to live out of a Prius, and what's it's like not to.

I'm enjoying the best of Truth or Consequences. Comfy digs, snuggly kitties, a perfect blend of friends and solitude, and the walk-to-ableness of desirable hangouts. I walked-to and hung-out at Black Cat Books and Coffee this morning and indulged in both.

Flooding has subsided here. It took two lives while it stayed. 

The Rio Grande used to flow freely through here, where people now live. Rivers pretend to be tamed, but they have long memories.

yard art in Truth or Consequences
Moral: guitars are a gateway instrument

Tina lived in T or C for a year, playing Scrabble. Now she's in Texas trying out gate-guarding.  

What's rowdier than four middle-aged women playing Scrabble? House plants.
Terry asked me about traveling in Spud: am I really doing that? what is my daily life like? and that seemed like a thing to talk about.

I haven't been living out of Spud for the past month because I've been housesitting here in Truth or Consequences. The timing was great for me. I'm comfortable. I've been able to enjoy friends and re-center myself. The home I'm in holds the spirit of the people who usually live here - it's peaceful and cozy and happy.

When I'm in Spud, my days are varied. It's easy for me to be in places that are interesting. I try to find a place for the night early-ish in the day, or at least have a place in mind. I like state parks and BLM campgrounds because I'm supposed to be there, so I'm comfortable and can put up Spud's Habitent. And they have toilets and often showers. I wander around. I ask people what they would tell me to see. I see those things. I find good books and squirrel them into empty spaces. I read them. I do crossword puzzles. I meditate. I take naps. Meditation ➪➪ nap.

I can get unwound and anxious if I think about the future, whatever that is. I can feel sad if I think about the past. Being here now is my favorite tool, and I use it for everything. Loose nut? Oh good, it's pliers. Becoming unmoored? It's a rope. Need attachment? It's a joiner. Too attached? It's a crowbar.

I feel joyous and grateful when I'm seeing new, beautiful things. My days are like that a lot.

When I take a notion, I pack up and move on. The packing up may take as much as five minutes, if I've scattered myself around.

There is thunder in the not-so-distance. Literally. I metaphor you not.

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Sherry said...

Great post Roxanne, makes Spudding seem the thing we all would want to do. Hope your place provides the same ambiance and "peaceful, cozy, happy" as your T&C dwelling. Solitude and walkableness is what I loved about Charlottesville.

michael ultra said...

No even as rowdy as a house plant? Why do I think of Venus Fly Trap? ps. Thanks for the tip about I am signed up and getting great internet from them!!

Brenda A. said...

Being here now is my favorite tool as well. My little projects around the house have become my "be here now" vehicle of choice. They keep me focused on what's in front of my face.

Sue Soaring Sun said...

Rowdy as a houseplant--ha! Yet I feel pretty exhausted and need quiet time to myself after our games. I guess they're boisterous enough for me.

Nowness is all we have, and even the present is an illusion.

Katie Cross said...

Oh, very cute blog! I love that picture, and that you've named your car spud. At least, that's what I thought you meant by spud :) Can't wait to read more from your blog!

klbexplores said...

One other thing that I am discovering with my current life circumstances. Even living in the now involves a come to recognizing the choice in the present. It all depends on the focus. A turn to the left we see all that is wrong or skewed. A tiny turn to the right the focus brings us a new reality. We alone determine the focus. Great post!!

Merikay said...

Finding the best next place can be stressful. We all love you and keep you in our hearts. I hve laughed for you and felt great sadness for you. I wish you the best.

Red Meador said...

Great post

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Red!

Aw, Merikay, thank you for that! I love you, too.

So true, Karen. It's my choice, which is hard to know and good to know.

Thanks, Katie! You have a way with words yourself. Yes, my car is named Spud. An old friend gave it that name for no particular reason, and because it made me laugh, it stuck.

Sue, that interaction is plenty for us social introverts.

Ah yes, Brenda. Sister in the Church of the Here and Now.

Haha Michael! Feed me Seymour! Glad Millenicom is working well for you. Which plan did you choose?

Sherry, spudding has a lot to recommend it. Spud is in the driveway pawing the ground and blowing snot.

Nan Talley said...

Super post, Roxane. I love your spunk. I don't know if you believe in God or not, but I will share this verse that has helped me during times "I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, ..."plans to give you hope and a future"...Jeremiah 29:11.

Bless you sweet lady

SwankieWheels said...

Awhhh... I love it.... "Spudding!" That is classic.

Dear Roxie, it sound to me that now, you have discovered the joys of living in the NOW! That's really wonderful. It's a hard think to explain to someone not yet here and NOW. People often ask my plans, and many days I have no plan for tomorrow, because if I decide today what I will do tomorrow and then it comes and weather or circumstances changes that plan... I can feel disappointed... so when I wake up, I decide. Of course there are some fixed events, like payday, that I have no control over, but in general, I love living in the NOW. Peace.

If Spud is pawing at the ground and blowing snot... you might want to pay attention... or he might run off and leave you in the past.

Gaelyn said...

Nice to have balance. Even if the houseplant needs watering once in a while.

Linda said...

Really enjoyed this post. I like glimpses into how things go for different people, and this is one. Now, I am looking up Habitents.

Btw, I have some pretty lively three-generation Scrabble games with my niece and mom when I go to Scotland. ;)

Linda said...

OK, having now investigated Habitents--if I understand it correctly, you sleep in the trunk and the tent extends it enough that you can do that?

Anonymous said...

get yourself a thundershirt. they don't make one that is big enough for me. billy

Good Luck Duck said...

Billy, just walk over here and I'll tie your t-shirt on really tight.

Linda, I can sleep fully extended in Spud without the Habitent on. But, with it up I get air, sitting room, and a more spacious feel. It really does feel like being in a tent. It doesn't extend her length any, just her height.

Gaelyn, balance is good if you're an acrobat. I wanna party like a ficus.

Haha Swankie! She better keep her mind in the now, too. Yes, people ask me what's next, and when I admit I don't know, they seem jealous. And that's as it should be. :o)

Nan, thank you very much for that. It made me weep a little. It's a very beautiful sentiment and verse. ((( Hugs )))

Anonymous said...

Roxi -- So glad to hear you continue to be in a "comfortable" place -- both physically & mentally. It's nice when they both come together. Wish we were in peaceful rural NM! Helping a child make the steps towards dissolving a marriage is taking a toll on us. Your post reminds me that we -- and she -- will get back to a place of being centered & at peace. Sometimes it's hard to remember in the middle of chaos. Thanks!


Suanne said...

I'm pleased to read that Spud is taking you to both the Now and other beautiful places ... she's a good girl. Your Prius Sister, Suanne

Linda Sand said...

Do they make Thundershirts for people? I like the idea of a comforting wrap. It must have some weight to it as well? To feel like a good body hug? I miss Dave's hugs when I go south for the winter.

Anonymous said...

Roxie, your days sound very familiar! :) Great post. We've been alternating house-sitting with boondocking. They complement one another, don't they? -Maureen

JO said...

Good Post.

My Little Run Away is ready and taking off Friday to freeze a bit.

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

I've wondered, too, truly. 'bout stuff like fridges and food, stoves and food, storables (meaning: food), how you manage... 'bout stuff like sleeping comfortably with the trunk closed, as I wonder about being safe sleeping with the trunk open, maybe even about having to get up in the middle of the nite to go potty... 'bout stuff like: whatz next?

The best place to be is in the Here and Now, but sometimes I still wonder....

Monsoon rains can be scary.

Good Luck Duck said...

Nickie, those are good questions and I think I'll save them for a blog post. Thanks for asking! For now, I'll just say that I feel safe and I eat well. :D

Good, Jo! Finally!

They are a a good pairing, Maureen!

Linda, maybe what we need is Temple Grandin's hug machine. Or a Thundershirt would be easier to RV with.

Thank you Suanne! Prius on, Sister!

Oh, Renee, I'm so sad to hear that has become necessary. But, not as sad as if it were necessary, but not being done. I do wish peace for you and for your child.