Wednesday, October 16, 2013

El -ahhh-phant Butte State Park

I'm enjoying the area like a camper does now, out at Elephant Butte State Park. It's the perfect time of year to be here - crowds are thin and the flies are thick - temperatures are perfect. Chris invited me to share her campsite for a couple of nights. Spud is pretending to be her toad.

I showed you how Spud was packed just before I left. Here's the realistic version after one night:

I spent two hours re-organizing. The last load is always a few bags of things I forgot to pack earlier, and granola bars. Annie and David sent me off with extra food, too, and some homemade preserves.

Here's a boat launch area. The good old days. This last flood didn't quite restore the lake.

Sue told us about a campsite I hadn't heard of, on the way to Monticello. I went to check it out for future reference. I'll refer to it in the future.

There are hot showers and a heated shower room here. Bursts of hot water last for ten seconds, but you are welcome to re-burst as much as you want.

There is NOTHING I couldn't accomplish with this many solar panels on my cabin, and this much hot water. I would use my power for good, clean fun, and not for evil.

Which is more than I can claim for this guy. My NY friend, Bill, would know what this is. Three other people do, too, and they will educate me. The bug is as big as my hand (hand not shown).

Chris' campsite is really nice. I've never been down this way, and it occurs to me that paying $4 "extra" for a really pretty and convenient site with free showers beats the boondocking sites on the main drag with coin-op bathing. Thanks for clueing me in, Chris!

My Spud-bed is comfortable, but not as comfortable as the bed I got used to, so last night was my adjustment period. Today I bought a pillow. I must be pretty comfortable after all, because I'm telling you about buying a pillow. Any greater comfort and I'll be telling you what it's made of, ripping off the tags, and describing my favorite sleep position.

Sweet dreams
(this is not the pillow)

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intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

I like hot water, esp when my body is sore or tired, which feels evil till the water hits, and then it feels wonderful. Go for it.Roxi, splurge on the 4 bux. (Spud is too crowded!!)

Sue Soaring Sun said...

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and that you're still in the area. VW John Rogers is here! He would love to meet you in person, if you get back into town. He's across the park from me. The neighborhood is improving.

Jim and Sandie said...

Hard to believe how low the lake level is. So sad. We were there in 2009 and Jim fished that lake. I have no idea what your friend is but I'd stay away from him.

judilyn said...

We were there in 2010, and the lake was entertainment for many a boater. Hard to think of it as being dry land.

Sherry said...

I think you've got yourself a walking stick there ma'am. BUT don't try to take him on a hike. Or swimming in the non lake.

Lisa said...

We are currently at Emigrant Lake near Ashland, OR and it is as low as E. Butte (only much smaller overall). Pretty sad to see these reservoirs so low. We did not stay at Monticello. but that is definitely where I'd stay if we return!

JO said...

Sherry called it a walking stick, we just call them stick bugs. who knows its ugly all the same.
Sure happy to hear this crap at the White House is over. Now to get this foot thing resolved so I can hit the road.
Have fun.

Lynne (WinnieViews) said...

Wow, I think Millie swam from that boat launch a few years ago. Hope the lake gets refilled this winter! As for bed comfort, I've been might happy with my Big Agnes Insulated Air Core air pad. It's a little pricy (as all good backpacking gear is), but sooo worth the comfort and tee-tiny stowing compared to memory foam or a self-inflating camp pad. I slip it under a sleeping pad and feels like I'm sleeping on my bed at home!

Lynne (WinnieViews) said...

correction... slip it under a "sleeping bag" not sleeping pad!

Nancy1340 said...

Yep, the big ol' bug is a walking stick. Won't bite.

Nancy said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying hot showers, good friends and home-made preserves. Spud still looks pretty well organized. You have to have things within reach (like your pants)!
You could absolutely rule the world with those solar panels on your new digs!
Enjoy! Nancy

Good Luck Duck said...

Right, Nancy, I don't like letting the pants get too far away!

You guys with the walking stick answer - yikes! Our walking sticks back east are the malnourished relatives.

Lynne, how does it inflate/deflate? Is it passive like a Thermarest, or do you have to inflate it? I'm using memory foam which is okay, but I'm okay with better-than-okay.

Where are you going, Jo? Didn't you once winter at your home base?

Lisa, Monticello looks really nice, and quiet. And the shower house is heated - did I mention that part?

Sherry, I could take him on a hike with a leash and collar. Wowwie.

Judie, there is still enough water for boating, but definitely not from that launch site.

Sandie, I imagine Jim could still fish the lake, but again, not from there. Not that I want to tell him how to be.

Sue, yeah! I want to meet John. Glad to hear things are improving in the 'burg.

Nickie, Spud is too crowded again today with an extra pillow. Arg.

Linda said...

If you get a state park pass for NM, all camping in NM state parks is free for a calendar year. Life is good.

Good Luck Duck said...

Ain't that so! And, deluxe camping is just $4/night after that, if you're the sort (me) who likes (me) that sort of thing.

Pam said...

I'm enjoying your stay in New Mexico, we'll be stopping in for a few days this time next year so I'm keeping an eye on your weather! That 10 second burst thing has been everywhere I've camped lately. I hated it at first, but I bet it does save alot of wasted water which is a good thing. I know my showers are shorter because I just get tired of hitting the button.

JO said...

I do winter in Tucson, but now with the camper shell I can go wandering more through the south.