Saturday, December 7, 2013

Phoenix - Tucson Express

'Tis the season to accept all invitations to travel south.

I was in Phoenix only one full (low-energy) day, and I decided to check out St. Mary's Basilica. I took the light-rail to the general vicinity, but once downtown I got disoriented. It took three strangers, one Downtown Ambassador, a climb to the top of the plaza, and a rickshaw driver's directions to get me to the very-obvious structure. I say that's not bad.

Again I was unprepared for Phoenix's cold, gray weather. I stopped into the basilica gift shop and chatted about the ragged (61°F) cold and clouds; I confessed (ha!) that I hadn't brought the right clothes. The friar offered to lend me a jacket - "you can bring it back when you leave." Aw!

Phoenix convention center

Gum again?

Then a quick trip to Tucson.

Not shilling for UMI, I just liked their Venus of Willendorf-like logo.

Lori suggested we stop in Rock Springs on our way back. You should, too. It's unexpected. Now I've ruined the surprise and you'll be expecting it.

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Shadowmoss said...

I've been in Phoenix since the end of April and you have shown me more of my new home town than I have seen in all that time. Last night I dreamed of pies, out of character for me. Now I see a trip up I-17 on my next day off. Which is next Tuesday. I'll be scouting for a place to stop with visiting friends later in the month. Really. Gotta check out the pies, for them. Friends don't let friends stop for less that really great pies.

Good Luck Duck said...

This is the code of friendship, Shadow.

Diana said...

Love the "gum statue." Good one!

JO said...

Phx. is not my favorite place. Talk about being confused! anyway love the sculptures. glad you did a close up the dancing lady at first I thought ... never mind.
Not very warm here right now.

Sherry said...

Not much for big cities but those are very cool statues. Thanks for showing them to me so I don't have to go there. Did you get warm??

Rebecca said...

Venus of Willendorf! You crack me up. (And it DOES look like that. What a hoot.)

Gaelyn said...

Looks like some of those people dancing around should have jackets too.

Steven said...

Get out, get out now!

judilyn said...

Venus of Willendorf - I thought this was something that you made up, but no . . . it is 24,000+ years in the making. Thank you for sending me off to learn something new this morning. The lady looks as though she may have consumed quite a few of the Rock Springs pies!

Steven said...

I was kidding.

Good Luck Duck said...

Oh Steven, NOW you tell me. I dropped my camera and the friar's jacket and ran.

Judie, if you want to make it 24,000 years, Rock Springs pies are the way to go.

And fuzzy slippers, Gaelyn.

Right, Rebecca? They must have had her in mind.

Sherry, it took two days in front of a fireplace in Flagstaff to throw off that Phoenix chill.

Jo, we were in Tucson briefly, and you're right. It was NOT warm. We used our blazing hot credit cards to scrape ice off the car. I don't like to drive in most cities (T is an exception), so I'm glad to let Lori drive there.

LOL, Diana. She'll step more carefully from now on.

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

I went to Phoenix for the Heard Museum. I loved it, but kept going around in circles in Phoenix! Big cities just confuse me I guess... too many signs, or not enough signs, too much traffic, too many and too much of everything. However, I found Tucson easy to get around it, it was laid out in a much less confusing manner and I spent 2 winters there!