Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Boondocking in Cottonwood, Arizona. Not there.

A lot of boondockers know where to camp in Cottonwood, Arizona, but not so many know about this spot. I assume. There are hordes* of RVs on Thousand Trails Road, and only a coupla where we are. 

Internet coverage with Verizon is excellent here.

*at least three



Spud with Habitent. "Habitent, Will Travel."

I want to stick around this area until my gadgets arrive, and then I'll set out on my super-secret adventure. It's not really super-secret, I just don't want to dissipate its energy by talking lots about it before I've done it. Sometimes, too much talking takes the place of doing, and I'm already Captain Inertia.

For my friends who worry that I might be freezing solid: no such luck. It's hovering around 30°F here at night; last night I woke up and had ripped my hat right off my head in unconscious overheating. That's with the Habitent up and the night air caressing my Buddha-like earlobes.

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Gaelyn said...

30 seems rather chilly to me as I sit in my tent in a steamy South Africa.

Karen Snyder said...

Beautiful century plant; gorgeous skies; waaay too chilly for me, but if it makes you happy... :)

Good Luck Duck said...


It's sort of the challenge of the thing, Karen. Once the challenge wears off, I point south.

Nan Talley said...

Thirty is not that bad when the sun is shining, but at night? You must have a warm sleeping arrangement. I love sleeping in cold air.

Bill said...

I see you've found yet another beautiful spot. You shouldn't have to worry about noisy neighbors there. :)

JO said...

Nice spot, notice you didn't give away the location. LOL keep it private. Nice sunsets and a great century plant. The people who lived here before me planted one of those in my itty bitty front yard had to take it out. It was taking over my driveway and the street.

Good Luck Duck said...

Haha, Jo! I don't mind telling where, just not while either of us are still here. Haven't had a problem yet, not going to. I've seen huge century plants, but I didn't know it was their nature to get so unruly.

It's very nice, Bill! A little distant highway noise, but it's far away enough that it sounds charming and a little melancholy. Like a train in the distance.

Nan, I do have a toasty little nest in Spud. It's like sleeping in a hot potato. :o)