Thursday, March 6, 2014

Move on? Or ride it out?

I saw some fun lights in the sky last night. Some call them "stars." Seriously, they were out of the ordinary, so maybe I'll drive in that direction today to say either "Aha!" or "hmmm."

I'm expecting a youthful invasion here soon, so I'm going to pack up and move on while the moving is easy. It's very comfortable here for me, so I'm leaving under protest; it sounds like "I don't wanna go."

Some boondockers would find the occasional screaming F16 to be a problem, but I don't. It's sort of exciting. And, it's not constant.

I've shown you pics of where I am now, so instead, I'm going to show you stuff from Jerome a few days ago.

This mine shaft sinks 1900 feet into the ground. That's about the total height of the CN Tower in Toronto. Find it at the Audrey Headframe Park. Admission is free, although you're free to drop a couple of dollars in the slot for goodwill, if you're so motivated.

I dropped the big bucks (five) and went to the state park museum. You know, museum, but it was very nice, and I completed a questionnaire before I left and got a free night's camping at an Arizona state park, so SCORE.

This picture is for my dad, who told a few jokes many times. Here's one:

A man sits down at the bar, and a fellow says "I'll bet you $20 there are three doors in this bar." 
The man looks around, counts, and says "I'll take that bet." 
The second fellow says, "There's the front door, the back door, and the cuspidor. Twenty bucks, please." 
The first guy decides to win his money back, and scoots down the bar. He says to his mark, "I'll bet you $20 there are three doors in this bar." Fella says "I'll take that bet." 
First guy says, "There's the front door, the back door, and the ... aw, that's $40 that damn spittoon cost me today!"

To save time, Dad would have called that one #27. Which reminds me of another joke ...

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Sue Soaring Sun said...

Will you be driving towards the lights as far as Ajo? Or just "aha?"

RuthieBee said...

My squeeze and I have been watching the Xfiles series and what you said puts me in a UFO state of mind...say hi to the space people for us all if they take you for a ride!

JO said...

Well Ajo is still good weather wise. Come on down. The joke is pretty good. You dad had a good sense of humor I take it. guess that's were you got it.

Loved Jerome

Good Luck Duck said...

Jo, are you hanging in Ajo now? Yeah, Dad and I had a similar, uh, humor style.

Ruthie Bee, they asked about you, and I told them where to find you.

It's possible, Sue. When are you going into the big city? I'd hate to be Ajo-in' while you were Tucsonin'.

Sue Soaring Sun said...

I will chat you up about this instantly.

Sherry said...

You should move on. Boy Scouts are invading??

Good Luck Duck said...

Oh, you know, they call it "camping." And, yes. I agree. Moving on.