Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pentax Lazarus. Soggy Sedona.

Here are some shots with the dead camera:

I'm not dead yet!

Yes you are.

I got better!

These folks parked near me last night. I didn't meet them; they came in after roosting time.

I don't like to look gift rain in the mouth, but the weather is pretty miserable. I looked around for other favorite areas, and the forecast looks the same for the rest of the world. It's okay. If it took leaving my lawn chair and slippers outside to get some needed moisture to the area, it's a hit I'm willing to have taken.

If I want to go somewhere, I'll need to take down the wet tent and cram its wetness into a dry Spud. [That sounds more tater-porny than I mean it.]

My internet connection is holding, and that's a fine thing. I have books I can read, and sudoku. My camera works. I had my caffeine in an innovative way. There is a toilet mere steps from me. Don't cry for me, Arizona.

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Larry Vanstone said...

Love those clouds.

Sue Soaring Sun said...

Your neighbors sound interesting! Thanks for sharing their blog. We are having cooler weather with lots of wind down here in Why, too, but just a few raindrops so far. Great hunkering down weather.

Tessa said...

Hey Roxi, I wanted to tell you how vastly you've inspired me! I just went car camping in my Prius for 2 nights in the Texas Hill Country at a state park. Thanks to you and your link to Suanne's Prius RV info, I'd worked for weeks to set it up just as you two had explained and it went GREAT. I was so pleased and cozy. The temperature got down to 27 degrees one night so I didn't use the Habitents, but left it closed instead, with the heat on Auto 73 degrees and never once got cold. I still have some finessing to do, but I thought Prius car camping was simple, minimalistic, and amazing and I thank you for being an inspiration. I also think the Prius would be the perfect car to ship to Europe and use over there in their wonderful campgrounds. The shipping price from Galveston to Brussels is just $1040, so I'm considering it for Summer 2015, and maybe leaving it there for a few years. With the great gas mileage, the ability to run the heat and A/C without the engine "on" all the time, and the comfort inside, the Prius is a GREAT camping machine. Thanks for opening my eyes to the possibilities. I had no idea. Sure enjoy reading about your adventures-love the way you write! Quack on! :) Big hug from Texas!

RuthieBee said...

Color me confused dear duckie but I thought you bought a house? Is it house season yet? Or art thou called ever to the winding road? Just wondering!

Good Luck Duck said...

Ruthie Bee, you are absolutely correct. I suppose it's technically a cabin, with its only amenities being its fabulous view and superior neighbors. I didn't have the cajones to overwinter there (it's at 7500'). And, you're correct that I'm still drawn to the road!

Tessa, THANK YOU for telling me this! I agree! I also leave the engine "ready" to charge my electronics when necessary, and I don't feel guilty.

I would have guessed that shipping would be much more. That sounds like a FANtastic adventure!

Sue, somewhere in-between the deluvian bouts of precipitation, the tent got dry enough for me to snatch it off the hatch and head to town. Why? For coffee, and ... that's it. Just coffee.

Larry, clouds in the northeast are just a gray blanket, without the warmth or comfort. I love clouds here!

Dawn from Camano Island said...

Glad to hear your tent dried out.

Sherry said...

Sounds like quite an adventure. I'm sure the locals appreciate your sacrifice in bringing the rain. I've heard they were wishing for some. So you are now the Rain Fairy??? Can we call you RF for short??

Good Luck Duck said...

You can call me anything you want, Sherry, but I'll forget why in about 42 seconds.

Dawn, I'm sleeping shut down tonight - not waiting tomorrow!

Theresa Kim said...

The Pentax is determined to show you it is still alive!

Good Luck Duck said...

I'm feeling much better!

Page said...


JO said...

Just lost my post playing with the buttons on the new mouse. That'll learn me.

You Sat. looked like ours but we had some wicked wind and pulled the slates off the driveway side, yes the new slates that just were installed. But the guy will come today to see about it.
Hope you can dry out some today. We should get more rain but the wind can do somewhere else than you. Good to see the camera recovered and took great storm clouds.

tozca leather said...

Glory is fleeting, other then obscurity is forever.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the camera just needed to cool off from all the great scenics that you posted that day! A back-up camera is very comforting for a shutterbug. Even an out-dated 5MP (or less) digital is useful. Should be pretty inexpensive to have that comfort.

Virtual hugs,