Monday, March 10, 2014

Who? What? When? Where? WHY! - enjoying the good life in Why, AZ.

I really like this place. I liked it the first time I visited, and I keep on liking it. I may just like it some more later.

I'm visiting Sue Soaring Sun right now. Soon she'll take a little vacation in the big city, and I'll stay here and visit Sonja. This park where Sue and Steve sometimes live feels very luxurious to me right now, and I'm soaking up the comfort and ease of it all, at $2.50/night extra-guest fee.

Sue's art makes me really happy. Sometimes the happiness sounds like snorting, like I do when I see this:


Sue has a cute little Tracker, and she took me out 4-wheelin'! Wheee! She knows how to tear up the roads!

"Oh Pronghorn! Your wool is so soft! Your lambs are so cute! What a good job you're doing at being a sheep!"

You boondockers know the roads around Darby Well. I had always been intimidated by the sign that told me it was Pronghorn Time, and that I wasn't allowed in. Luckily it isn't that time yet, and so in we were.

Look what we found! It's the back door to Organ Pipe National Monument!

A little past the part where the Border Patrol hangs out, the road gets rocky and rough, even for a hardy little 4X4. If you want to see the monument in full, I guess I'll have to suggest you go the regular-people way. We would have turned around right here, but what good's an Interagency Pass if you don't use it?

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Susan Alton said...

I can tell you're enjoying life to the fullest. Rock on.

Dragonfly said...

Brings back happy memories for me at Organ Pipe Nat. Monument when the kids were little. Next time I get out there, it will be better because I'm single. I've been following Sue Soaring Sun's paintings for a while now and they just keep getting better and happier.

Brenda A. said...

Love the amour-dillo!

SwankieWheels said...

OK, I'm sold. Another place I must visit, maybe next year after I finish my AZ Trail hike. Tell Sue she looks amazingly refreshed and healthy. Great photos, Roxi, again. (or always?)

Kimbopolo said...

Go Girl(s) !!!

Al Bossence said...

We have many pleasant memories in the Why, Darby Well, & Organ Pipe areas. Hickiwan Trails behind the Casino in Why was one of the first RV Parks we ever stayed at. Some of our first boondocking was the 2 mile marker south of Why. Darby Well Road will always be one of our favs. And who can forget quaint little Ajo. We're familiar with the Coyote Howls campground in Why as well. Lots & lots of great memories from our early years on the road in that great part of Arizona. Like that ladies art. Groovy:))

Donna K said...

I can see why (or Why) Sue's art makes you snort. It's rip-roaring fun! Great pictures.

Bill said...

It's so beautiful there. Enjoy!
And I love the romantic purple armadillo.

Good Luck Duck said...

Isn't he a charmer, Bill? Yes, this is a feel-good place.

Donna, she has a series so funny, I laugh repeatedly. She'll remind me of the title later. She had greeting cards made from them.

Al, I'm positive that your blog was my first notion of Ajo/Why. I still think of you guys as I drive around here. I'm still looking for that crested saguaro, though.

Going, Kim!

Oh yes, Swankie. The boondocking is good here; I think you would like it. Not as much going on as at Q, but beautiful Sonoran desert, and there are things in town you could get in trouble with if you looked hard enough.

Dragonfly, I agree with everything you said. You will have a whole 'nother experience here on your own. And Sue is letting her humor loose in her art with great results.

Rockin', Sue!

Good Luck Duck said...

Sorry, I meant to use your full Susan, Susan.

Susan Alton said...

That's okay. You can get away with it, once. LOL.

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

An all time favorite southwest location! Glad you made it back...