Friday, April 11, 2014

B3 (Blogger 3) summit concludes - Caballo Lake State Park

Meeting other bloggers, getting closer, then parting, reminds me of the elasticity of friendship and camaraderie, and the temporary nature of a beer. It was satisfying to sit and chat with Suzanne and Barbara, and briefly sad to say goodbye. Still, we all know why we're living this life, and it's not to see the same things and people day-to-day. Besides, one thing is nearly certain, and that's that we'll meet again somewhere. It's the way we roll.

I'm a log. Look away.

Nothing to see here.


This site is Arrrcupied.
Hopefully, this sign, my pirate hat, and my new chair chained to the picnic table will be subtle indicators of my intentions. Occupy Campsites.

Here in Truth or Consequences, my friend friend, Sue, has an art opening Saturday night. If you're in the area, come take a look. She'll be at January's, and there will be things happening all over the downtown - it's Art Hop!

See you there!

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Nan Talley said...

I wish we were close enough to go to the art hop or a First Friday. Tell Sue good luck!

Me and My Dog . . . and My RV said...

I've seen lots of lizards posted in the last day or so - it must be lizard season.

That sure is a good site - it should be empty and waiting for you when you return. Nice sign!

Have fun at the Art Hop! :)

Suzanne said...

I like what you said about the elasticity of friendship. A true friendship stays right where you left it. I hope the same can be said about your chair. Look forward to rolling into you again one day...

Dawn from Camano Island said...

What Suzanne said. I would've loved to see a pic of your chair chained to the table.

Bea said...

THAT is a cool name" B3, blooger 3 summit! I like that. Way more peaceful that all the other G # summits around in the world! Keep up.
Great shots.

Good Luck Duck said...

Bea, we were also tackling tough issues, but we laughed while we did it.

Dawn, we do what we gotta do!

Suzanne, we'll definitely coast to a stop near one another again.

Barbara, are you still up there? I've been like a lizard in the sun down here, just not as fast.

Nan, Sue's opening was very cool and got a good response.