Friday, April 4, 2014

Geronimo Scenic Byway and blogging friends

I've had three minor worries lately - let me tell you them.  

  1. that I would drop my wallet in a pit toilet
  2. that a critter would come out of the toilet paper in those metal dispensers
  3. that someone would take my stuff
  1. my wallet fell out of my pocket onto the floor of the bathroom
  2. a little spider came out of the toilet paper holder
  3. someone took everything I left in my campsite (not a lot)
Now I'm not worried about any of those things. Ta da! Now I'm worried about how sexy I'm getting, and how people will give me money or start using my Amazon link for researching their purchases.

Salem, NM

Arrey, NM. 

You can see why I'm worried.

Outside Hillsboro, NM

Hillsboro Library

Hillsboro has modern ruins.

Bridge over Percha Creek gorge

Graffito on bridge over Percha Creek gorge

It's so green in these riparian areas that my desert camera refused to believe. It kept color-correcting to brown.

 Lake Valley is a ghost town in which no one lives (as opposed to other, inhabited "ghost towns" like Monticello or Chloride).

Lake Valley

The BLM maintains those buildings it owns in town.

Sheets of pure silver were discovered in a cave here in the early 1880s. The boom began, and ended when the US Treasury devalued silver because of the glut. Later, manganese was mined here. That ended after WWII, and the town dissolved in the 1950s.

How many ways do we hafta tell you?

I saved my exciting blogger meeting for last so you'd have to slog through archaeology blahblahblah. It's Katie! And her blogging friend, Barbara! Together (Katie snoozes while Barbara writes) they author Me and My Dog...and My RV!

Barbara spotted me first, but my fierce Do NOT Disturb vibes scared her away. Really, I was thinking "Peanut butter, or Fig Newtons?"

Barbara explained to me that if someone wants to buy something through my Amazon link, they have to start researching through that link in the first place, instead of going in through "" Otherwise, they leave cookies around (mmm, cookies) that cause Amazon to say "you got here on your own - I'm not giving that Duck a dime!"

Works the same for everyone, so if you want to help out a particular blogger, make their link your "favorite" or "bookmark" or "shortcut." Obliterate your urge to type "" into the address bar.

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Sue Soaring Sun said...

Great photos, Roxanne, and thanks for the explanation on the Amazon thing. I will start here when I need to research stuff from now on. And why choose? I'm sure fig newtons would taste even better with a dab of peanut butter.

Dragonfly said...

I love it! The picture of the house, your new fixer up or is it in move in condition? Someone stole your stuff? It sounds like you are in my neighborhood.

Good Luck Duck said...

Dragonfly, I decided to move into the mine shaft - it's in better shape.

I really (still) feel like it was someone clearing out the site, thinking I had abandoned it. I think that because they took my leftover groceries, including an almost-empty soy milk carton and other stuff not worth taking.

Sue, you are a woman after my own stomach.

Jim and Gayle said...

How nice that you got to meet Barbara and Katie! We love other people's dogs, and Katie is one of our favorites.
Yeah, and the thieves that took our bikes last week were just clearing off our hitch rack, thinking we had abandoned the car;)

Good Luck Duck said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the bikes. Blerg. That's a thief of a different stripe. :(

Gaelyn said...

I'm sure you're the sexiest person in Lake Valley.

Good Luck Duck said...

Why, thank ... wait a minute ...

VtChris said...

Wonderful photos Roxxie!! I sure do miss NM. Say a great big "Hi" to Carol and Katie for me.

Good Luck Duck said...

New Mexico misses you, Chris. I'll pass your greetings on to the girls.

Judith Bell said...

I would not have been happy about the spider, but at least I'd be in the appropriate position if it scared the crap out of me...

Gail said...

Bummer!!! I need tho make a Campsite Still Occupied sign or something too. They had one at the local RV place but it was a ridiculous price. Is there a CH host or ranger station you could ask? Ah well.....

I should see if I have a pic of the toilet in Canada that was like something out of a horror movie. Literally hundreds of daddy longlegs. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

Along with the fear of dropping my wallet/camera/keys into the pit, I'm scared to death of dropping myself down there. Holdover from my as if I could fit down that hole anymore (yucch, the thought STILL gives me the willies!). Have always wanted to go to Hillsboro & Chloride but haven't made it yet. I'm just singing HALLELUJAH because we're finally someplace WARM! Headed to Rockport, TX this weekend. Still missin' NM!


Good Luck Duck said...

Renee, I'd like to go to Chloride via 52. Maybe start with a tour of the VLA, then bump down that road into Winston. And, you're not alone in that fear; I've encountered it before. It reminds me of the joke: One of 14 siblings falls into the outhouse pit. The father walks away, and someone says "Aren't you going to get him out??" Father says "It's easier to make a new one than clean that one up."

Oh Gail, maybe save that picture. I still have to be brave enough to use those things at night.

Right you are, Judy! I won't even mention that you talked about poop first this time. :D

Contessa said...

Better than dropping your iPhone into the toilet like our RV neighbor did.

Good info re the Amazon site.....I researched $1600.00 and then bought it but no one got a dime except Amazon.

Bill said...

So, are they saying that it's dangerous to go inside the fence? Maybe they should just come right out and say so. :)

Sorry you got robbed. I wonder if someone with judgment and character that bad might be tempted to go explore the old mine.

Sherry said...

Such worries. Do all your dreams come true like that? Glad to hear the person who took your stuff didn't get much. Left over soy milk? Really? If it was someone cleaning up then you now have a reputation as a trashmama. Will they let you return? Would you want to? PS> You are lookin' pretty good behind those sun glasses.

Good Luck Duck said...

Sherry, either it was a very tidy thief, or a ranger who now feels too sheepish to own up. Maybe the good stuff will reappear in the dark of night...? About my fears/dreams - yes, pretty much. Luckily, the "fears" part manifest in mild and usually-funny ways.

I wish they wouldn't be so subtle, Bill. "Dangers Await Inside." What does that mean, exactly? Maybe the gear thief would like to go on a field trip.

Ouch Contessa, it hurts me physically to know that. Well, then, I'm glad I mentioned it, and that Barbara convinced me to say something. The iPhone kinda hurts, too.

Kimbopolo said...

You look mahvelous! I aspire to meet b &k too some day.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thank you, dahlink.

Nancy said...

I have that wallet/keys fear. Let me just say this. "Zippered pockets"! It alleviates that fear every time.
It is sad that you have to lock up your half used soy milk when you go on a hike. Was your vehicle still at the site?
Take care.

Barbara Harper said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Lived in Salem, NM and went to the best dances ever at Lake Valley. Love your great photos.

Good Luck Duck said...

Wow, Barbara - how long ago were the dances (if you don't mind revealing)?

Nancy, I left the customary camp chair, flashlight, and other signs of occupancy, but I was out for the day in my car.

I also love my zippered, velcroed, stapled pockets.