Friday, April 25, 2014

Rock House - Elephant Butte Lake State Park

There will be some excitement of the Earth-y kind at Paseo Del Rio tomorrow. So exciting that the ranger suggested I might want to move back a little. That's excitement.

Have you seen the sign on Exit 92 (I-25) that points you to Rock House? If you read it and think of the Commodores, stop it. No one else does.


Visiting Rock House is a high-clearance adventure, and so Annie's CRV was just the vehicle.

Don't let them kid you. The "toilet" is where you make it.

 Still, isn't it amazing how many camping possibilities there are at this one park? I'm only showing you half the map.

I did my due diligence and still found nothing solid on Rock House. So, I just took the same pictures everyone else does.

You're not likely to see many shots from the back of the house, since the structure sits right on the edge of a cliff.

I met Paco again today. He's a big pittie who greets me by putting his mouth completely around my arm. It's cute and gentle, and it makes me laugh. I also met his man, Juan, who camps around town in a beautiful little trailer he built himself. He's a carpenter with lots of work in town. Otherwise, he says, he'd be out in nowhere.

And that's your weekend update.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I loved your property you bought with the little dwelling on it...when are you getting back there to give us an update on fixins. But nonetheless, I love following you around to places I can only dream of right now. When we are out on the road I hope we meet up. Safe travels,

Good Luck Duck said...

HI Shirlene! That was it, don't you recognize it? :oD I imagine I'll spend a little time there this summer. Maybe some fixin's, maybe just some enjoyin's.

Anonymous said...

Everything is looking very New-Mexico-ish for you (which I would love to be in the middle of, although Rockport, TX isn't too shabby). Hope the spring winds aren't TOO horrendous. You seem to be having a whole lot more fun at Elephant Butte than I ever did..

Jool said...

Take pity on us! We need a picture of Paco. Take it with your one good arm.
Jool in N. Texas.

ld said...

so what was the earthy excitement, love rock house and view of river below

ld said...

so what was the earthy excitement, love rock house and view of river below

Good Luck Duck said...

LD, there's an Earth Day event going on at the park today. Informational booths, some tree-planting and whatnot.

I know it, Jool. But, while Paco is leaving love and slobber on my left arm, my right hand is scritching his back.

Renee, I'm glad you're enjoying Rockport. I liked Port A. It is crazy-windy here. Crazy-windy.

Barney (The Old Fat Man) said...

I searched heavily for info on the Rock House but found nothing and nobody who could give any information on it. It still looks the same after four years. Thanks for the pictures.

Dragonfly said...

Lie to me and tell me those are just robins in the sky, or on the rock.

Good Luck Duck said...

Just wild chickens!