Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flagstaff to Datil - will the drive never end?

It was very good to see my cousins. At the same time, I loaded up almost everything I had stored there and brought it to the cabin in Datil. 

The straight shot from Datil to Flagstaff is easy driving. I tried to be more alert to RV-unfriendly parts of the road, but couldn't see any.

Holbrook, next to the tracks.

I'm back in Datil taking stock of what I need (nothing) and what I want (everything). A convertible type bed hovers in the space between want and need. I'm sleeping in a lawn chair, which is okay.

Annie visited today and helped me move an old, yucky couch out of my living area.

I've been hauling stuff out of Spud into the cabin. I'm not emptying Spud altogether, I just want there to be more space.

Can you see it?

I'm so tired tonight I don't think the lawn chair is going to deter my sleep.

Sugarloaf Mountain

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JO said...

I have the picture of the VW camper hanging right here in my computer room. Love that little thing.

Anonymous said...

Owww, even the thought of sleeping in a lawn chair hurts. You must be one tough broad (as my mom would have said). Obviously the couch was not an option for sleeping.

Shadowmoss said...

I slept on the queen size version of this the entire time I was in WA and then took it to Honduras and slept on it there. The air mattress is replaceable, so you don't loose the frame/legs when the air mattress dies (which they do eventually). The frame is aluminum so it is light enough to actually carry from point A to point B.

That was my solution. I sold mine to the landlady in Honduras, then couldn't find another one here until after I had set up an IKEA hack bedframe for my air mattress, or I'd still be on one like this.

Kimbopolo said...

Enjoy the home. Isn't it grand to need nothing?

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

I bet spring in Datil will be lovely! You do need a bed tho. What about Spud? That arrangement might work in the short term.

Good Luck Duck said...

It is, Kim! And the wanting everything is kinda yummy, too.

Shadow, i kinda like that thing! How heavy is it? I could shove stuff under it, too. Plus, I could get it into my car. Not to sleep on! Just to transport.

LOL, Renee! Well, a man I met in TorC told me I was "a hardy soul." I'm pretty sure it wasn't a pick-up line.

It's a cutie, Jo.

Jodee Gravel said...

The older I get the more a comfortable bed becomes a need instead of a want! 0.3

The older I get the closer a bed gets to the top of the need list!

Jodee Gravel said...

OMG! Tessa jumped up on the laptop and "sent" the comment above......sorry :-(.

Good Luck Duck said...

Coded message received, Jodee! :oD Yes, I agree. I do need a comfy bed.

Lynda, it has been, and could be. I'm comfortable in her, for sure.

Good Luck Duck said...

LOL! Her 2¢ worth.

Shadowmoss said...

From the ads, the twin size weights 20lb, and the queen size weighs 35. Sounds about right. I actually got my original one from Wally World, but can't find them there anymore. The key for me is having the ability to replace the air mattress without having to replace everything else. Especially with cats, that is a good thing. Even with my bad back I could carry mine. (the bed, not the cats).

Sherry said...

If those are your views from your cabin, isn't it round or oblong or something?? Can a cabin be anything but square? Anyway if those are the views then WOW are you gonna enjoy some nice sunrise/sets! Nice of Annie to help out. I'll bet Jake was a real help too. Love the name Sugarloaf mountain. Sounds good enough to eat. Is Big Rock Candy near by??

Merikay said...

We were in Holbrook just a few days ago. I'm so far behind in reading blogs or I might have realized you were heading that way. One of these days we will cross paths. We are heading east for now though.

New Age Nomad said...

Wow is that your Cabin land? Seen that lil camperbug before.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that Beetlecamper is street legal. It's far too awesome not to be.

Good Luck Duck said...

Sherry, it turns out that a cabin can also be octagonal. The liminal parts of the day are wonderful, and the in-between is also great. Jake was like a child that tells the parent it's time to leave; he sat and stared toward his car.

Merikay, I'm way behind, too. And, I was just running through this time. You must have gone to the national park?

That's it, Berg (do you go by Berg? I've been calling you that for a while). That bug is iconic, like Holbrook itself.

Let's say it is, Rob. I didn't think to look at its rear bumper for a tag.

Lesa NeSmith said...

I think that I could be envious of your cabin land and cabin...all that beauty in God's living room

Good Luck Duck said...

Right, Lesa? I envy me.

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