Monday, June 30, 2014

I'd rather have the Truth: Truth and consequences in New Mexico

Most T or C dumpsters are more permissive. These two are just having a bad day.

Wolfgang Rebesky

Hillsboro, New Mexico

Wolfgang Rebesky
Same German tourist?  I'm not alarmed.

For no particular reason, on Friday night I broke my foot. Three times. Through the fog of pain I thought things like "this is worse than labor," which shows you how delirious I was. My duck-luck was holding, though, and I wasn't alone; my friend took care of everything, and "everything" was A LOT. I'm not going to go into detail, but pain does weird things to a body.

So, now I'm on crutches waiting for my orthopedic appointment tomorrow morning in Las Cruces. My previous plan was Florida, so we'll see what kind of magic cast they can put on my flipper so I can drive cross-country.

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Kate said...


Also, ow, that sucks.

Jan Goldield said...

I can see it was a door sort of day. Good luck with the foot.

Barbara Harper said...

I just adoor your pictures. Hope the appointment goes well and you can get on the road.

Sondra said...

Love T or C and area...its so inviting!! OUCH to broken bones broke both my arms last yr so I know what its like!

Betty Barnes said...

T/C now is on my bucket list thanks to you and your carryings on. ;) Sorry (again) to hear about the foot. Hope all goes fleetingly and healingly at the ortho appt.

Wheelingit said...

Oh nooooo.....broken foot. That is one painful event. Hope you get some sweet painkillers.

Contessa said...

Are you serious? Cr*p !!!!! I know you don't do exclamation marks but this calls for all of them! The photos are fab.

JO said...

Sorry about the foot hope you can get where you want to go.

Love the pictures

George Yates said...

Looks like you were trying to open new doors, and you did , with a broken foot,, OUCH!

Sherry said...

Gorgeous photos but bummer about the foot. Having broken my ankle TWICE, I know, slow learner here....anyway after that experience I caution you HIGHLY, GREATLY and ALL other ways to not use a boot. You'll have body out of alignment problems for years. Crutches are a PIA, do it anyway. Glad your "friend" was there to help. He doesn't get much press for all his good deeds.

Merikay said...

Hope it healrs quickly without too much pain. Bad luck!

klbexplores said...

So sorry to hear about your foot. Having broken my leg last year my best advise to you is to find someplace cool and SIT and watch the world go by. My back has never been the same for all the stress from using the crutches to stay off my foot. Find some great views and SIT.

Jodee Gravel said...

Escaping the German stalker? Kicking in doors? Ice skating? Dang woman, how does one break their foot three times??? Regardless of the reality I'm glad you had help when needed. No need to rush to the humidity of Florida, you're supposed to stay here awhile longer :-).

Barbara D said...

I hope the appointment goes well for you, such a bummer! I hope you aren't in too much pain - thank goodness for our friends.

Interesting comments from those who have broken feet and legs about the boot and crutches. Hopefully this will never happen to me, but if it does, I'll try to stay off my feet, for sure.

I love all the bright colors there - great photos! :)

Anonymous said...

Booo on broken bones! But yaaay for colorful photos. I'm always surprised at how vivid colors are in Truth or Consequences, and probably other places, what with all the sun beating down constantly.

Virtual hugs,


Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, y'all, for good foot wishes! The ortho appointment went well - I had a chauffeur to Las Cruces - and I have a shiny new red walking cast now. I explained my situation, and asked for the solution with greatest stability and opportunity for independence.

Judie, TorC takes pride in its quirkiness and bright colors. Things do look more vibrant in the New Mexico sun, too.

Barbara, this is all good advice - I've never broken a bone, so I'm a noob.

Jodee, I may be stalking the German tourist - we don't have a final ruling yet - and I haven't had to kick him. It was easier just to thoroughly break the foot in one accident.

Thanks, Merikay!

Good advice, Karen. I like watching things go past.

Sherry, you make me smile, with your quotation marks. He doesn't get much press, for sure, and that's okay with him. He has saved my bacon already a few times. I have a cast - I hope that's the most stable choice. I'm going to have awesome guns by the time I throw those crutches away!

George, you know what happens when we bulls paw the ground...

Thanks, Jo. I'm feeling more confident with this cast.

Contessa, "crap" isn't even one of the words I used. :D

Nina, I am all about the pain relief! Luckily, the pain (after the first hour when I thought I'd have to rally to die) has been minimal

Betty, carrying-on is what I do best. Glad I've nagged you into seeing the place!

BOTH ARMS, SONDRA??? What the heck.

Lol, Barbara H.!

Thanks, Jan!

It's been a new thing, Kate.

BestBet said...

Great photos! I follow your blog because I love your humor and resilience. I just don't usually comment. So sorry to hear about your accident. Bummer! Hang in there. This too shall pass. Wishing you all the best, Betty J.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thank you, Betty! I'm glad you commented this time.

Nancy said...

Sorry about your foot issues. Hope you heal quickly and I'm glad you have someone around to assist.
Take care. Nancy

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Nancy! I'm feeling better already.

Bill said...

Ouch. So sorry about your foot. May it heal fully and soon.
Great photos. I especially like the funky farmers market (written as I prepare to leave for our not-so-funky version).

Kimbopolo said...

Oh no. You're gonna need that foot.