Thursday, June 12, 2014

Parked in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

I haven't traveled in the last week; I've been enjoying the comforts of sticks 'n' bricks in a tiny town. I'll be here another month, maybe.

I took a friend down to Caballo Lake State Park with me, where Annie had a carload of stuff for me that I can use very well in the cabin. Stuff, in fact, that I was just about to buy from Amazon, so double-yay! Next to (one of) Annie's campsites was the winner in the Pets I Take Camping event.

Wolfgang Rebesky
"Llama! Over here!"
"I shall ignore you."
"I spit at your attention!"
My duties here are very light. Turn on the automatic watering system. Spritz a few other plants. Give grape jelly and oranges to the orioles. Provide the kolibri syrup.  Cater to the cat's every whim. Last night I woke up because she had captured my foot; I caught her in the delicate "pin - lick - nibble" stage.

We saw "Godzilla" last night. Whatevs.

This is my report from an actual house. For more house stories as they break, tune to KEEW: Everybody Else in the World, up and down your dial.

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Unknown said...
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Texas Yellow Rose said...

I'm the "Unknown," having posted a comment not being logged in. What I asked was . . . what if my dial goes round and round, not up and down? Hmmm?? ;)

Kimbopolo said...

Good to know that SOMEONE is keeping the plants, the orioles, and the cat happy.

Lisa said...

Now how fortuitous is it that Annie is unloading stuff just when you need stuff?!?! Awesome!

Lisa said...

Oh...and I got a good belly laugh out of those llamas! What the Hell?!?!?!?

Pam said...

Add me to the "What the hell?" on the llamas. They're cool though. Gosh, we spent lots of time at Caballo this winter and didn't see anything that cool.

Did you hear about the stegasaurus they found at Elephant Butte? New Mexico is so damn weird. I love it. We're north of Las Vegas (NM) now. I forget the name of the town we're in but it's really nice. Temps are great.

Pam said...

oops. I meant stegomastodon.

Bill said...

Were those hikers using the llamas to haul their gear? They are work animals in South America. We went "hiking with llamas" once in Colorado. The llamas carried our stuff. Pretty cool.

Steven said...

Hola Llama, como se llama?

Jodee Gravel said...

I bet those llamas have great stories to tell when they get home from camping - silly two-leggeds! I wonder if you pay a pet fee or an extra vehicle fee.....?

Pam: thanks for the note on the dino bones - very cool!

Nobody tell Amazon where Annie's parked now that Roxie put her on blast for lost sales :-).

Sherry said...

Hmmm I know people who take llamas camping to haul their stuff to way out of the way places you could never get to without climbing over a mountain in Nepal but to a campground? What's the real story here. Pretty nice of Annie I'd say. Sounds like she has excellent junk.

Good Luck Duck said...

Betty, I suspected all along that your dial goes round-and-round. I think the principle is the same *consults radio dial textbook*

Kim, it's a cushy job, but someone's gotta do it.

Exactly, Lisa! Things are always working out for me. The llamas - hoo boy.

Pam, I've only caught the local paper's headlines. I need to Google that puppy. New Mexico is So Damn Weird. I see a new tourist slogan.

Bill, I have to admit I didn't ask the campers about their set-up. They would be handy for such things, and then you make a sweater.

Steven, that phrase is now rolling, permanently, inside my brain. What a stuff!

Jodee: She got too close! I was so mad I could spit. And, that's just Annie.

Excellent junk, Sherry!

Barbara D. said...

Drat! I wish I was camped there now with those llamas! How very cool. I'll be you are completely enjoying your stix 'n brix stay. Nice for both you and Annie - she gets rid of stuff she doesn't have room for, and you get stuff you have the room for and need. What a win/win! Things sound very good in your corner of the world. :) :)