Saturday, August 2, 2014

Coyote Creek State Park, NM. Now Datil. Later somewhere else.

I didn't want to scare you before, but this is the 667th post for The Good Luck Duck.

I left Storrie Lake State Park because ducks gotta roll ... no, really, they made me leave after 14 days. I headed up to Coyote Creek State Parks because ducks gotta go their own way ... no, really, Jeannie and Annie were going there.

But, first, a word or two about Las Vegas, New Mexico and Storrie Lake:
  • easy place to be
  • convenient
  • good facilities
There are a few oddities about the park itself, like the bathrooms are closed from sundown to 6 AM. The park is located right on 518, and so it's not an especially quiet park. Sodium lamps, so you can sleep bathed in a golden light. Feels safe, and if RV John is your camphost, you will get a bright smile and a cheerful greeting every day, and scrupulously clean shelters. Any state park is lucky to get him as a volunteer.

Carnegie library. Win friends and influence people by referencing the wrong Carnegie.

Gals need bar names, I learned. Pictured above:
Sh'Quita, Glori, and Shugah (not named in order - in order to preserve their dignity).

Coyote Creek was a mixed bag for me, so I warn you this isn't an objective review.

It's beautiful. Pines and oaks, with blissfully cool temps in July/August. Remember, this is monsoon season, and so camping without a shelter, if you're tenting or in a car, is almost out of the question. It rained about six hours a day while I was there.

There is good wifi coming from the visitor's center, and reaching a few of the sites nearby.

I got my own Verizon connection at my campsite, so that was terrific. It said it was 1X, but things moved along and I was grateful for the diversion.

The camphosts were great, and they helped me to find and secure a beautiful site with a shelter, after I had to relinquish my ADA site. [I was allowed to occupy it, but when someone with a legitimate sticker arrived, it had to go to them.]

There are more sites down the road, but access is denied. We thought the bridge was washed out, but no.

This crystallized the feel at Coyote Creek.

What the heck is this?

The first night I shared a site with both Jeannie and Annie (thanks!). Next door were some fishermen who prided themselves on professional quality belching and loudly arguing about airport security. They were from a neighboring state. I won't say which one, but one of us named them Cut and Shoot, and Dime Box.

Now I'm in Datil, NM. Betty and I decided a trip to the Pie-O-Neer was necessary. We are women of duty.

I can't sunny up these pictures because: none. It is a rainy mess all over New Mexico, as best I can tell.

Betty tells me I have longer in this orange cast, and I say FALSE. So, if you've got a spare "lose the cast!" vibe, send it. If you have extra "Betty is so wrong" vibes, I'll take those, too.

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Bob said...

But I didn't see you eating any π, er, pie. Hm, that bit of copy and paste didn't really pan out. Oh well.

Sarah said...

Your flower is a Tritoma sp, forget which one, but common name is Red Hot Poke or Torch Lily.

Sending the appropriate "no cast" vibes...


Anonymous said...

Love monsoon season. Smells so good in the pines, & the ground (usually) sucks it up pretty quickly...although it makes a huge mucky mess of the roads. I'm not TOO jealous this time because we're in a great spot in our daughter's backyard in MT. Beats the heck out of Oklahoma...

Good Luck Duck said...

Well, Big Sky and all, Renee. Sounds pretty nice in August! The wildflowers are blooming here, and Betty is defending her four-o'clocks against caterpillars.

Thanks, Sarah! Caught that vibe, and the flower name, too.

Groan, Bob. They do sell shirts that say "☮ of π"

Karen Snyder said...

I see Sarah has already provided the flower name....thought you might enjoy this:

I, as always, am loving the NM photos! Sending good thoughts that you will soon be rid of the cast. :)

tstda62 said...

I really am hoping my favorite Quacker gets her cast off Tuesday. Just messin' with her. :) She gets around pretty good with her orange cast but summer is not a good time to have to be hampered with a cast. Sending good vibes for Tuesday. I can attest that Quacker had a chocolate chess pie with a small taste of chili for zest and slivered almonds on top. I got a bite and it was delicious. Betty

JO said...

Great shot of the rain on the mountain. All the pictures have such great color. Send me a piece of pie. If you can't figure out which one is best send more than one kind. After all this sitting around is hard and dirty work but somebody has to do it.

Good Luck Duck said...

Oh, that's the critter for sure, Karen. Deer-resistant - I think some of my gardening friends would want to know that.

You are definitely messing with me, Betty, and I love you anyway!

Should I just use my discretion about which pies, Jo? Do you trust me? I won't send the cow kind.

Contessa said...

Cast be gone..

Good Luck Duck said...

Ooh, that felt like a powerful spell, Contessa! Thanks.

Robin said...

Your goat pix is udderly cute! So cool you got to hang out with Annie et al. Other pictures are really nice. Just remember, some people think pi r sq.

Jodee Gravel said...

All the pics are great - Jake in the meadow definitely a fav. Wrong Carnegie? How could you??
If you're going to be splashing around in the rain, that cast really must come off - hears to seeing that happen :-).

Anonymous said...

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George Yates said...

You are having too much fun there, just like you should. Hmm the bar gals.

Lorna Dunham said...

Casting the "CAST-BE-GONE" SPELL on ya! Soon, I hoped.

Good Luck Duck said...

Robin, those mathy people are hanging in the wrong area. *kyuk*

Jake is a shy primo don. And Dale? Andrew? Aren't they at least brothers?

Thanks, AS! I'm collecting them.

George, those bar names are just between you and me. Love, Bam~bee.

Thanks, Lorna! I hope you're a powerful witch!

Bob Giddings said...

So is this an eagle, or a duck who flew too low to the ground?

Bob, trying to keep a hand in.

Sherry said...

Fabulous pictures of Jake the photogenic. Love him tiptoeing through the wildflowers. As for those bar girls. I want the name Shugah. Which one do I have to kill for it? Or could we trade a pie? I'll bake for the name.

Good Luck Duck said...

Groan, Bob. Groan.

Sherry, luck is smiling on you tonight - Shugah is your cousin. I can't speak for her, but she speaks pie.