Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sooner or later, you sleep in your own space: Datil, New Mexico

Some of you have detected my discomfort with the cabin that kept me from spending much time there. I figured out, at last, that it was the lack of a bed. Then there was the agonizing about what kind of bed? and the suggestions. And then there was the Shut Up and Decide phase.

I went with the XXL Teton Sports Outfitter Cot, and the TETON Sports Camp cot pad. The reviews were good, although several people hinted that you'd want a friend and a hammer. Thanks, Betty! Thanks, MC!


Living room

In case you didn't see the mess the first time.

Hello/goodbye room
Quilt room
Now that I'm so much more comfortable here, I can tell you I have a crush.
Fog obscuring San Augustin Plain
A crush on my cabin. That's the one I'm talking about.

And, like a typical crush, it's making me ditch my friends and stay cocooned with the recipient of my passion. And, though I know I should get out of bed and meet my friends for drinks, it's not what's on my mind.

I did drive to Reserve, New Mexico today to see what all the fuss was about. What was all the fuss about? About an hour. Then, right back to the cabin, where I already know what the fuss is about.

There are tricky parts, and the trickiest is navigating the washed-out driveway in my boot. Sometimes there's a crutch, sometimes not, depending on how much I'm carrying.

I'm meeting another crush soon, and this one has a pulse.

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Evie said...

Another crush??? Love the pics of the fog on the St. Augustine Plain. Looks about my cousins view.

Barbara D said...

I love this post, and I love your cabin. I WANT IT! There's so much you could do, a little solar suitcase here, panel there, a generator maybe. That little cabin could be SO comfortable. Love the bed, it really looks comfortable, but the lonely slipper by the foot of the bed looks sad. I hope it gets a companion soon. :)

Kate said...

If you have a friend, you don't need a hammer. Or is that if you have a hammer, you don't need a friend?

JO said...

Now your getting the place to look like someone lives there. Need some stuff on the walls. Can I come and decorate I won't even charge you and I'll bring my own bed.
Are the pictures taken from your deck? We could frame them and hang them one the walls. 3m picture hanger thingies work great if you use them right.

Anonymous said...

Things are really starting to shape up at Duck West. Love the photos of the cabin, & love the ones of the Plains. Isn't it wonderful how many stars you can see, & how few (if any) earthbound lights?

Pam said...

You still wearing that boot? Hope you get out of it soon. Great little place!

crnbrryctg said...

I know, we are never about a picture of the outside of the cabin? From the living room picture, it looks like you have something nice going on outside too.

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

Welcome home! :-)

Jodee Gravel said...

Looks like heaven both inside and out. The designer recliner is especially fetching!! Enjoy your digs and your breathing crush :-)

Metamorphosis Lisa said...

Looks like you may have found your happy place! Happy nesting.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Lisa! It feels good here ... in the summer. :O)

Thanks, Jodee. The recliner is a limited edition, so don't go thinking you can pick it up just anywhere. And, the crush? Oh yes.

Thanks, Geri!

Cranberry, let me see if I can reference some outside shots. The view is pretty nice.

Pam, yes. :o/ I'm over it, but it's not over me.

Renee, the sky is amazing. I'm hoping, one night, to see stars - this front got jealous of the Perseids and moved in to stay. Which is okay, because I've seen lightning shows already.

Jo, you have some good ideas there, and your place is cute, so I trust you. Let me calm down from having a bed, and I'll start thinking about beautification!

Kate, this makes me laugh out loud, inexplicably. Must we choose??

Thanks, Barb! Yes, there's a lot that can be done here, and a little extra power is at the top of my list. That, and the matching slipper. And the matching hiking boot, and the matching sneaker.

LOL Evie, you're making me sound like a trollop. This is the same guy.

Robin said...

Lost my post. Looks great ~ what a cool retreat! Have fun with your double crush ;)

Contessa said...

Looking nice and cozy. Glad you are settling and just enjoying the moment.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Robin! Will do!

Thanks, Contessa. I feel at ease.

Kate said...

Inexplicably because it was inexplicable! I, for one, would rather have a friend _and_ a hammer.

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Those ceilings are just too high for my comfort level, but otherwise adorable! I like the crush factor.

Good Luck Duck said...

I agree, Kate.

It is a very high ceiling, so don't expect me to dust for cobwebs up there.

Karen Snyder said...

The quilts, the jackets and the chair are great starts toward some interior color . . . The outside colors are just right! :)

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Karen! I decorated the outside myself.