Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mexican dental recommendations, please!

I am just fine! However, a reader contacted me for Mexican dental practice suggestions, and I couldn't remember where I have read good reviews.

If you have had a great experience with a particular practice, please comment! If you can remember reading someone having a great experience, it would help all of us.

Thank you!

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SwankieWheels said...

Do not go to mine... implant tooth he put in failed two days later, that was his second attempt. I lost a great deal of money going to him and he refused to give me a statement for my insurance company which means I may not get $ back from my insurance company. I will not give his name at this time since I am still negotiating for a solution. A guide named Manuel is the go-between for this dentist. You may email me direct at Charlene.swankie@gmail.com. I do know that Bob Wells on cheaprvliving.com was happy with is dentist in MX and did a review. I understand the Randy, the mobile codger also did a review on MX dentist.

VtChris said...

Also inspect the place with your own eyes. I accompanied a group who went to a dentist they raved about (I just went along for the ride into Mexico) and while I was waiting for them asked to use the bathroom. WELL......I wouldn't of eaten in such a place! No soap or hot water, stunk of urine and generally dirty.

Evie said...

I have been to dentists in two different Los Algodones and really didn't like either one. My fav is in Tijuana by San Diego. I've been to two there don't remember the first ones name but he fixed all the work that I had done in Los Algodones. The last one in TJ I have been to twice and I like them a lot. Trust Dental https://www.facebook.com/trustdentalcare. And I will go back there. They are very easy to drive there, just watch youtube videos and easy to get back. PM me for more info.

Anonymous said...

Fiero Dental Clinic
Mobile Kodgers / 23 May 2012

Los Algodones
Eva Urena (+ short notes on 5 others)
WheelingIt / 18 January 2013

Los Algodones
Rubio Dental Group
Mobile Kodgers / 20 September 2013

Los Algodones
Rubio Dental Group
Mobile Kodgers / 15 March 2014

Lynne (WinnieViews) said...

Looking forward to the comments here as I need to go back to Algodones this winter. I went to Dr. Eva Urena last year for some minor work and her office seemed on par with the dentists I've seen in the U.S.

Jodee Gravel said...

Both Nina and RVSue had good experiences if I remember correctly.

Jim and Gayle said...

We've been to Dr.Eva Urena in Algodones, also, and were pleased with her work. In fact I had a US dentist comment on what fine looking crowns she did. Her English is not good, though, so it's a bit hard to communicate with her.
If anyone is wintering in the Rio Grande Valley of TX, we really liked Dr. Fernando de la Rosa Saenz in Nuevo Progresso. Very personable guy, fluent in English, does his own cleanings. Jim had an implant done there two years ago and has had no problems.

Anne Sigalet Henderson said...

RV Sue used. http://www.losalgodones.com/jabal_optical_&_dental.htm
You can read her post about her experience. http://rvsueandcrew.net/a-friendly-welcome-to-los-algodones-mexico/

Masprema said...

I went to SaniDental in Algodones in June to have all of my teeth removed and dentures made. I was very satisfied with the care and service and price. Its Oct now and I am still happy.

Barbara D said...

I have heard good and bad about dentists in Mexico. Even if things seem good at the time, it's how well the work holds up years later that prooves how good they are to me. If I was going to Mexico for dental work, I'd go to Dr. Eva Urena in Algodones. Nina at WheelinIt did an extensive review - see above John 97205 - and Jim and Gayle, too. Her work seems to stand the test of time. :)

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

I've been very happy with Dra. Urena, however she was not available when we were there in March. Went to Dr. Jorge Cortez and had extensive work, crowns, fillings, wisdom tooth pulled, deep cleaning. All went well and we were very satisfied.

swankiewheels said...

As a follow-up to what I wrote two weeks ago, I have now seen a dentist in Parker, AZ because the implant crown the Mexican dentist put in came loose and I just wanted to get it glued back in. Turns out it was not the crown that came loose but the abutment post itself came out because it was the wrong post for the implant, and did not thread past the first two threads, in other words it did not thread all the way in. They also did not use a rachet or wrench to tighten the post into the implant, but I didn't know they even did that as it was my first implant. Also seems that the threads in the implant itself are crossed, like stripping threads in a nut, which is why they could not thread the abutment all the way in and they used a short one to fake finishing the job. That is why he was only gently screwing it in with his fingers otherwise it would not stay in. It only stayed in 48 hrs. They wanted me to return, a 200 mile round trip for me at 8 miles per gallon, so they could fix it, but I told them I wanted a refund instead, and that I could not afford the drive just for a dental visit. It may be one thing if you are going with friends, or doing to Yuma for shopping, but I had no reason to return and no faith that he would get it right on the 3rd try. They agreed to the refund, but so far I am not getting any $ back. I did not want to give his name, but feel I must warn others away from them. Dr. Sabas Magana Ambriz of Sabali Dental Group did a good job in pulling my tooth and placing the implant in. He is nice. His English is poor and he uses a guy/guide/assistant name Manuel to translate. They have not been honest with me about the problems they encountered once they discovered they had cross threaded the implant, even when I realized something was wrong, they lied to me about it. Now I am out $950 and have nothing to show for it but a crown-on-a-post-in-a-box, and still have no tooth. The Parker dentist believes he will have to pull the implant out and start all over again. So, I am saying DO NOT go to this dentist - Dr. Sabas Magana Ambriz.

A second issue I have is that I was misinformed and told I could pay the Mexican dentist out of pocket and then submit an insurance claim myself to Delta Dental of California. Turns out that is wrong too, UNLESS I myself had an address in Mexico, and that address is on file with Tricare/Deers as well as Delta Dental.

So, I guess I have learned some important lessons here and you are wise to get good solid referrals to dentist. If one doesn't have Dental insurance, a Mexican dentist might be a good deal. But from now on I am going to get my work pre-authorized by the insurance company so that I know exactly what I am up against, and I am sticking to American dentists.

Dawn Weber said...

Dr. Jorge Cortez did horrible work on me. He had his assistant ruin a good tooth that just needed a filling then he made me pay for a root canal after she ruined it. They gave me great pain worse than childbirth I felt tortured. Then I went to another dentist the next day cause I was in so much pain. They showed me half the root still in there and it was packed with a big gap. He ruined 2 good teeth now I'm trying to get my money back and I'm going too. I'm going to tourism office, and the sun newspaper if I don't get it back. They said that was no specialist that worked on me he was a fake.