Friday, October 31, 2014

Datil "Rhymes With Cattle" New Mexico

My spontaneous road trip was very satisfying, and lasted ten days. How satisfying? Let me count the ways:

Whew. I'm completely socialed. 

Nothing. Just made me laugh.
Gerkin and Bud. Ditto.

I'm back at the cabin now, where temperatures have been perfect. PERFECT. Betty, my good friend and social director, has me booked for the next two days; this means I can wear my not-pajamas.

Life here is not exactly Early Farm life. I do stay up a little past dark to surf or watch something, and I don't get up to milk the cow. So, with limited light at night I feel no compulsion to get stuff done when I want to be snoozing.

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tstda62 said...

Datil has two days of happenings. Got to take advantage of it because there are many many days of unhappenings. :)

Good Luck Duck said...

LOL, Betty! Yes, I have been here for several of those days of unhappenings.

Jodee Gravel said...

So Rita might very well have the best sign ever - not that I need incentive to eat ice cream, but I would have to stop there!! And Bud.....well, you had to.
Always nice to have some snoozing time after all that socializing :-)

Nan Talley said...

You are just full of lots of fun! love it!

Al Christensen said...

Thanks. I'd been wondering how to pronounce Datil.

Lesa said you were very gracious even though she stumbled into your part of EB unexpectedly.

Have fun unhappening.

Nancy said...

Was great meeting you at EB. Hope to see you down the road again soon.

JO said...

Ahhh the good life. Found some really good LED battery powered lights going to pick up a few more for hangin in the Camper at night. Even found one I can plug into my deep cycle battery.

Lesa NeSmith said...

Thank you for being gracious.
So nice to put a face with a name.
Speaking of lighting I have a favorite Solar Luci that is strong enough to read by!

Good Luck Duck said...

Lesa, I'm glad you stopped! Hey, if you can stand meeting me in my pajamas, you're the one who's gracious.

The Luci is neat-looking, and not very expensive. I'm wondering why it's inflatable.

I like LEDs, too, Jo. Your battery set-up looks good.

See you soon, Nancy!

It was serendipitous, Al. And, all the unhappening is making me sleepy.

Ha! Thanks, Nan!

Jodee, it mostly doesn't matter what else the sign says after "ice cream."

Laura said...

Hey, did you say Annie & Jake...are they back in town.

Good Luck Duck said...

Laura, Annie, Lisa, and Jake are back in Wisconsin now - just in time for winter!

Pam said...

Sounds like you're living the good life to me. Pajamas, not-pajamas, whatever!