Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mountainair in the rear view

I liked Mountainair a lot, and somehow I skipped over it literarily, but not literally.

There are two art galleries in town, one of which is fully prepared to offer workshops as soon as the town can reliably support visitors and the hotel is on firm footing. I suggested catering to RVers, who bring their own homes.


I was passing through on my way to re-meet someone even more interesting than Mountainair, so I gave the town short shrift. Don't judge me!

You'll go to Mountainair to visit three sets of ruins in the area. I visited none of them, but don't follow my rocky path to perdition. Stop and see them.

I'm enjoying the hospitality of a friend in Albuquerque until tomorrow, when she will begin to enjoy not being so hospitable. Thanks, Joy! You got me through that expected rough patch. Now I'm drifting on my own like milkweed in a breeze: unpredictable and fluffy.

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Lesa NeSmith said...

I loved Mountainair...the weekend farmers market and all. ...check out

Anonymous said...

Great ride on a motorcycle; rode it many many times when we lived up North 14. The ruins are very cool -- you should try to visit at least one of them next time you're in the area.

JO said...

Looks like a place that needs to be checked out.

Bob said...

OK, that's really some pretty cool stuff. Sure beats the average cactus.

Rachael Darland said...

Hey Roxi! Long time huh? I'll be coming through New Mex and would like to cross paths again. Call me if you get this, K? 620-451-0384.
Rachael and Moonbeam

Pam said...

Unpredictable and fluffy sounds like it could possibly describe you. I'll be invasive yet adds visual interest like a weed.

Jodee Gravel said...

I always love your pics of the towns' storefronts and local art. You have a really good eye for finding the visual highpoints in all these little, and big, places. Always good to have a new face there when the other one isn't.

Jane Dean said...

Looks like a fun place. Need to put it on the radar. I miss the SW

MFH said...