Saturday, April 11, 2015

Valley of Fires Recreation Area (a BLM campground) - New Mexico

The same weather system that almost made me write off Carrizozo also almost gave short shrift to Valley of Fires Recreation Area. We all got a second shot. We pulled into an already-full campground, and got a site that isn't really a site, but had everything we wanted, plus extra privacy.

When I came through here a month earlier, my main concern was setting up camp somehow out of the horizontal rain. Luckily for me, the tent area is is a protected area of the park, and I did fine. I still wasn't tempted out onto the lava fields, though.

This flow makes me think of bull plops in the desert. Same kind of humble art.

No bull.

Not a yucca. A spoonplant.

Still not a yucca.

Juniper. Not a yucca.

Wolfgang Rebesky

The sign says the walk is 1.5 hours, but even at my ducklike speed it took less than an hour.

At our campsite that isn't.

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BeckyIO said...

Neat area! I need to see more of New Mexico, all I've managed so far is to drive through on the interstate.

Evie said...

Outstanding pictures as usual. We drove through that area last year. Must go back.

Kate said...

Rocks friends.

Kimbopolo said...

Bull Plop Art - Nature's Finest Hour?

Anonymous said...

We've been there a number of times; cool walk through the lava fields -- as long as it isn't too hot! They've really improved the campground since the first time we were there, about 30 years ago. The last trip we were able to take my mom on was to Bosque del Apache, Valley of Fire, & Carlsbad Caverns, so those three places hold bittersweet memories for me.


Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Looks like a warm day!

Jodee Gravel said...

You know where there are lots of Yucca? Kansas. Weird, but true. We love all things geological so will have to remember this stop. The boardwalks are great for getting to see so much of the beds. I love the juniper, it has wonderful character :-) Glad to see "we" are still having a good time!

JO said...

Great looking cow turds another must see but I don't think the summer is the time for it. Great pictures.