Sunday, May 31, 2015

Chimayo, New Mexico

We stayed two nights in Espanola's Walmart (put in a tilde any old place) to satisfy my need to see Chimayo.

Where we stopped for nachos.

Lots of people here grow and sell chile. Chili? There's a right way to spell it, and at least one of you will put me out of my misery and tell me. Vendors held out bags and ceramic pots for me to pinch-and-taste. Every one of them will tell you it isn't hot. Caveat beggar: pincher beware.

Patricio and Shawna Chavez, of Chavez Gallery, create retablos in the traditional way, and beautiful sacred carvings. They also run a small cafe in the store, in case you need strength to resist their artwork.

Also Chavez Gallery. If they don't lure you in with pastry.

Carlitos Medina creates bold and striking paintings. Even his chile(i) sales pitch is a multi-media event. I like his philosophy of allowing new energy into our lives. With art, with love, with whatever makes the energy flow. He's not stingy with the storyteller's charm, either, and if he can make me blush, you will not escape.

Since I saw The Milagro Beanfield War, I've been determined to see Truchas, New Mexico. Now I have, sort of. Cute. Needs a cafe.

Our view from Espanola:

Now we're at Abiquiu Lake, where we've met up again with Evelyn and her mom, Joy. If you get a chance to meet them, take it.

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tstda62 said...

NM ALWAYS spells it as chile. Outsiders in any other state spells it as chili. Seems like I read it has to do with past generations of old spanish communities in NM spelled it as chile and it is a cultural thing in NM. Chili is a fighting word in NM. :)

Sondra said...

I've got Chimayo on my list....I am the proud owner of a Cimayon woven coat that dates back to the 1940's I hear they still do these beautiful weavings there and I want to see where my coat came from.

Jodee Gravel said...

Having never heard of Chimayo before I am now both entertained and educated. However I'm remaining silent on the "i" or "e" for the chil......seems safer that way. Nothing better than true artisans with a flair for story telling combined with a rich, historical location. Seems like a place we would love to visit. And with those views.......!

Good Luck Duck said...

I remained confused, Jodee, until Betty said "chile." Now I know we spell it like the country, unless we want to fight.

That would be fun, Sondra. Take your coat back to where it was spawned.

Thanks, Tostada Betty! Like the country!

JO said...

Another great place to visit.

rhondalyn said...

And beautiful photos to boot...

Bill said...

Beautiful, as always.