Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Glenwood, New Mexico. Unexpected town-love.

We're in Datil right now, "planning" to leave tomorrow. Our friends Betty and John came over yesterday for tea, and somehow I got very teased for my unplanning skills. I wonder if I'm drawn to friends who are heavy planners, or if I drive them to it.

Someplace in New Mexico. I'd tell you more if I remembered.

We stopped in Glenwood for the night, and it got to me right away. This is now one of my one-month towns. You remember - while I write the Greater American Blog Post.

The riparian environment may be part of the appeal. I got pretty googly over the Mimbres Valley, too.

I drive Spud from place to place, usually following Wolfgang, who is driving the big rig. We planned to stay at Bighorn Campground; he passed it, and I spotted it only at the last minute and pulled in. 

180 is a two-lane mountain road, and I knew he wouldn't be able to turn around right away, so I waited. And waited. Then I decided he hadn't noticed my absence and was going on through to Reserve. So, I pulled out and followed him. After a couple of minutes, he passed me heading back toward the campground. I knew he saw me, so I found the next turnaround and waited. And waited.

Then I realized he had gone on and found the campground, and was waiting for me there. I pulled out and headed south again, when he passed me heading away from the campground.

Suddenly this became too funny for me, so I pulled off to laugh for a long time. When I got better, I headed in the direction I had last seen him. Luckily, he is a man of good sense, and had just pulled off the road to wait for as long as it took me. Then I could be a good follower and lead him back to the campground he never saw.

Bighorn is just fine for a night or two. The road isn't busy, and depending on your needs and rig size, you can burrow back into the cozier sites. It's very close to town, and there are a few businesses there where you can (maybe) get a meal and (probably) get some gasoline. I met Joyce, who runs the little gift shop, and she was extremely helpful in pointing us toward interesting places. She told me about a campground that I'm saving to try when I'm on my own; it wasn't suitable for our luxury accommodations right now. 

When I asked about Mogollon, Joyce was adamant that it only be attempted with a high-clearance vehicle. Maybe next time, when I'm clearing high.

Catwalk Road is a good place for a long walk. Walking to the Catwalk itself is five miles, and that's why we have internal combustion engines.

Wolfgang Rebesky
I don't know who this guy is, but later I showed him a YouTube flash-flood video.

The Catwalk is still closed, but keep it in mind for its reopening. This lapse in my judgement made me nervous, especially because of the low-water crossing and the rain in the area the day before. I was a scofflaw, but there are good reasons for the closure and I don't recommend you scoff.

Closer to home.

Continental Divide Trail throughhikers pie-ing it up at the bar

Of all the many nearby attractions to Datil (stop it, I'm serious), I felt Pie-O-Neer was the one we shouldn't miss. It was a good call. Kathy came to the table and chatted, and Wolfgang was impressed with that. And with the pie.

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Cyndi and Stumpy said...

When I drive cross country, I always kind of have a theme in mind. Beaches, ghost towns, amusement parks, quirky attractions. One day the NM theme is going to be Good Luck Duck. I'll just follow your blog posts and cut n paste 'em to my blog.

Anonymous said...

Bighorn is always our lunch spot, although we have never stayed there overnight. Have never seen anyone else in there, either. The turn off is really hard to spot, so maybe that accounts for the dearth of visitors.

Do you not travel with a set of walkie talkies? Saves much grief of the ilk you describe. Plus you can talk to each other to ooooh and aaaaaah about the scenery just as if you are traveling in the same rig. Also very helpful in guiding driver into a parking space when hand signals are not sufficient.

Virtual hugs,


Good Luck Duck said...

Haha Cyndi! You would have to insert "and Stumpy" every so often, too.

Judie, we don't travel with walkie-talkies. He doesn't need to my help to maneuver his rig, and we're never traveling more than two or three hours. This was sort of a high-humor incident, but it's usually pretty ordinary.

Anonymous said...

Playing leapfrog (kinda) with a big RV. Interesting idea. That had to be hilarious; I would have been laughing my butt off. Missing Datil big-time since we're in Oklahoma, with the attendant tornado-, flash flood-, flood-, and severe thunderstorm-warnings & alerts. Lake Texoma is rising over a foot a day. Seriously, stop already. This desert girl cannot comprehend this volume of water. And my Arizona plants don't like it either.


JO said...

Love all the pictures but that first one is a framer. NM has so much to offer.

Al Christensen said...

I spent a night at Big Horn campground last year, disappointed to learn that the Catwalk had been wiped out. Gave a lift to a guy heading to Alma. http://rollingsteeltent.blogspot.com/2014/04/warren.html