Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Shiprock, New Mexico and Four Corners

Leftovers from Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Australian goatherd

"Bonded leather. James Bonded leather."  

Should have saved this for The End.

Shiprock, New Mexico.

We stayed overnight in a big-rig parking lot next to the shopping center. Five separate times, people knocked on the RV asking for cash. One knock came after 10 PM, and another before 7:30 AM. After a while we started passing out water like it was money.

This is not common. I've never experienced this kind of intensity before, and it made me nervous, grumpy, and sad. However, you should stop long enough to see Shiprock and the weird volcanic geologic features in the area.


Stegosaurus Mountain (just kidding, in case that's ever on a quiz). 

To be clear ...

Volcanic breccia

  1. Breccia (/ˈbrɛtʃiə/ or /ˈbrɛʃiə/; Italian: brecce) is a rock composed of broken fragments of minerals or rock cemented together by a fine-grained matrix that can be similar to or different from the composition of the fragments. 
 Now I need a .edu domain.

There is a ridge that extends for miles, which was part of the throat of the volcano. There is no punchline.

"How about that Marla Hooch!" at Four Corners

Four Corners is the iconic spot where four states meet. Your parents brought you here in a station wagon. Your sister kicked you for three days.

It looks like I'm nearly alone on the plaza. Really, I stood in line for 40 minutes to look like I was alone.

Man Washes Four States at Once

In even bigger news, I have finally been into Colorado, and I CONTINUE TO BE INTO THERE.

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judilyn said...

The aggressive panhandling frightens me.

Virtual hugs,


Good Luck Duck said...

I know what you mean, Judie. And, I have an irrational (maybe?) fear of strangers knocking on the door. Asking for money.

Karen Snyder said...

Was the mopping before or after you stood there? ;)

I would absolutely not open the door to anyone at either of those hours, no matter where I was camped!! I'm a pretty trusting soul, but there's a limit!

As always, your photos are awesome and your captions chuckle-worthy!

Mary said...

The cow photo took me a few seconds!

Peter + Beatrix said...

That dog in the first picture looks like our Molly. Great pics from a beautiful area. Re. the panhandling: The U.S. has way too much poverty. If types like D.Trump gets to be President it's gonna get worse.

Kate said...

I wanted to get a picture of Loiosh standing in four states at once, but the sign said no dogs. Wait, why did I let that stop me?

Good Luck Duck said...

Kate, because you know everything would be cool, and then Liosh would say "woof" just to be perverse.

P&B, this town did depress me, and I don't remember feeling like that anywhere else.

Mary, the cow was undercover - that's why you didn't recognize him immediately.

Karen, now janitorial crews are put on alert when I enter the area. Justifiably? Depends.

Kate said...

He would 5000% do that, for the whole and express purpose of making me crazy. For he is horrible.

The Odd Essay said...

Bill's mother was raised in Rattlesnake... near Shiprock... don't think it's even there now. Anyway, I love your photos... make me feel kind of nostalgic. I hope you stopped at the Hogback Trading Post.... Tom Wheeler has some great things there. And... did you look for the petroglyphs on the rocks out of Farmington on the way to Shiprock... Really... not graffiti!

Pam said...

We were at Red Rocks Park near Gallup last weekend and got a knock like that. The guy said he wanted to warn us they had spotted mountain lions and black bears on the trail up to Church Rock, then he asked for money. That was our first morning there so we were afraid it was going to be a steady thing but we were there four more days and no more knocks.

We ended up really loving that park. We made reservations (which I almost never do) to come back in August for the big Indian Tribal Council and then December for the Red Rocks Balloon Rally. You should check those events out if you're going to be in NW New Mexico for awhile. (I think the name of the first event might not be big Indian Tribal Council though.)

Pam said...

It's the Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial.

Jodee Gravel said...

Oh James..... :-) Why isn't it called Stegosaurus Mountain? Everyone would be able to remember the name. I'm not sure what's scarier, having someone knock on my rig door, or knocking on someone's rig door and hoping they aren't armed. Sad. Soooo many punch lines........

Good Luck Duck said...

I know, Jodee - I call out first if I even have to knock on a camphost's door. Maybe because I know how unsettling a knock is for me.

Pam, is the ceremony open to the public? Like a pow wow?

Sharon, I didn't see Hogback. :/ Is Rattlesnake still on the map?

Pam said...

Yes! It's open to the public. Here is a link to the (partial) 2015 schedule. http://gallupceremonial.com/schedule/ and a link to some great pictures from the 2014 ceremonial. http://gallupceremonial.com/2014-inter-tribal-indian-ceremonial-pow-wow/

It's held right at Red Rocks park which is really beautiful. It's a Gallup city park but it use to be a NM state park. Camping with water and electric is $20.00 a night even during the ceremonial. They might have boondocking, too, but I don't have info on that. I'm going to do a blog post soon on Red Rocks park. It was one of my favorite places we have stayed. (Not sure I'll feel that way when it is crowded though-it was pretty empty last weekend.)

Bill said...


I like it. :)

How nice to discover pictures of goats in a post. :)
Beautiful shots as usual.

Good Luck Duck said...

That's how it goats sometimes, Bill. Thanks!

Pam said...

I thought I'd better come back and update my info on Red Rock Park. We came back here this weekend and it was like an entirely different park. Hot, crowded, noisy, stray dogs running around. It was weird how different it was from just two weeks ago. On that visit we were only one of about 5 people in the whole park, it was beautiful and peaceful and the temperature was perfect even though it was really hot in other parts of N.M. I was shocked at how different it was this weekend.

I guess it's one of those parks that you just have to hit at the right time. I wanted to come back and warn you since I had so highly recommended it. I still (somewhat) recommend it but with a big warning to have a Plan B ready (like maybe Bluewater S.P.) if you pull in and find it crowded. It wasn't scary horrible this weekend but if this had been my first visit, I probably wouldn't be back. Really, really weird how different it was just two weeks ago.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Pam, for the re-review. I've been places like that, too; for example, Buckeye Regional Park out of Buckeye, AZ. One time peaceful and lovely, the next, dirty, loud, and unsettling. Timing is everything.