Monday, July 20, 2015

Red River, Eagle Nest, and Cimarron, New Mexico.

We spent two nights at an RV park in Questa. There are advantages, but I always feel hemmed in by them. Like I'm being judged.

"I'm just here to judge."

What ...?

Hahahaha! What the what?


Hoo boy. Fancy top-knot.

Okay, I'm judging a little.

"Don't stare at their hair!!"

From there, we headed toward Eagle Nest State Park, where everyone who was anyone had gathered. We met Swankie Wheels (Charlene), and Evie and her mom, Joy. 

Red River, New Mexico

Red River is lively and bustling with commerce.

How is that possible?

I put this here for you Texans. He was down to strawberry.

I don't see you, and I never shall.

We waddled around saying "duck-like" for two days.

Don't make me do the pelican limerick. Again.

The visitor's center at Eagle Nest State Park is straw-bale construction.

Just remember, it's like the country.

We paid.

Eagle Nest is a cute little town, and it also has a nice thrift store, Angel's Attic.

Eagle Nest State Park has charm, enchantment, and magic. It does not have hookups, a dump station, or Verizon wifi reception.*

*Swankie did have 3G with her Verizon jetpack, but the price was that she put it on top of her van and drove away. I don't recommend that kind of Faustian bargain. Evie and Joy had AT&T reception.

Cimarron, New Mexico

We managed to find 1) a burrito, and 2) a good cup of coffee in Cimarron. Plus a walking tour.

We didn't stay here, but that review almost swayed me.

All you need is $2 and a dream. Alone, I might have killed off the afternoon in here.

I'm no architect, but I was unreasonably excited by this building. Check out those lines! One hundred fifty-one years old, and plumb plumb.

The old jail. These guys weren't kidding around with their penal system.

Rumor has it this jailhouse is haunted. I see no evidence to support that claim.

St. James Hotel, Cimarron, New Mexico

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VtChris said...

As always.....a delight to see the world thru your eyes.....

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Chris. Love you!

Anonymous said...

The colors of New Mexico are so vivid, and you have captured them so well! A real joy to waltz through this lovely array of photos. Thank you for sharing them! ;->

Virtual hugs,


SwankieWheels said...

Now I feel better about having buzzed through Cimmaron and past the jail and hotel without stopped to check them out. I'll do it if I go back through there, for sure.

Yeah, hard lesson learned about loosing my Jetpack. Now using my new phone to connect and it works a lot faster in the same locations, then the Jetpack did. Figure I'd end up better off, just using the phone as a hot spot.

Great photos, as always, but I think you are having too much fun!!!1

Good Luck Duck said...

You may be right, Swankie. You may be right.

Thanks, Judie!

tstda62 said...

Really good blog as usual my Duckie friend. I am with Swankie I am not as observant as you are but I will be looking for what I missed when we go back up in that area in Sept.

Sondra said...

Is it crowded there this time of year...and is it hot? Im kinda trying to decide between 2 possibilities...Love all those straight line bricks and the lovely lake shots..AND the ducks with Doo',s sweet!

Maura and Pete Bedard said...

Love your Pics..Love your commentary even more...(as little as it is) Find myself laughing.

Merikay MacKenna said...


C. J. Hall said...

You depicted the area that was, for a number of years, one of my top weekend "getaway" places very well in the pics. I lived in ABQ, but did not camp back then. You've made me very "homesick" as I now swelter through a summer in the mid-South.But, it also has cheered me up to think of getting back there next year. Thanks!

Al Christensen said...

I had been in Cimarron Canyon, which was nice, but, gee, I should have gone all the way through to the town. I should hire you as a tour guide. You see the things I miss.

Bea said...

Beautiful photos of a greener New Mexico than I have seen during the winter month. The duck must have been a domestic Crested Duck. There are duck clubs who breed all kind of crested ducks. They look so funny. See more here:

Good Luck Duck said...

HAHAHAHA Bea! They are hilarious! Not that I'm judging ...

Al, those crazy little visitors' centers will tell you more than you want to know about a place. Or, I'll guide your tour.

C.J., did you stay at local inns back then? Yes, NM is always here, just waiting for you.

It is, Merikay!

Thanks, Maura! I always try to be funny as little as possible.

Sondra, there is a hot time of day now, in July. I would say the town wasn't especially crowded, and we drove right into a first-come, first-served campsite, and that would be more easily accomplished early in the week. We pulled in Thursday afternoon; don't hate us because we're lucky.

Thanks, Betty! You may have to offer to drive if you want to stop somewhere. :oD

Jodee Gravel said...

Oh man the Emporium.......and all geese judge us, harshly. Love the flowers in the pink chair and the substantial block building. Your "urban" hikes are so much fun, delightful in their "every day".

JO said...

Fantastic as always

Evie said...

Loved the duck pictures. Mom and I took a day trip to Cimmeron but just drove around as mom doesn't do much walking around. Thank you for the great pictures.