Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ute Lake and Conchas Lake State Parks, New Mexico.

I don't have to tell you that the heat was hot and the ground was dry, but, the air was full of sound. The sound of an RV air conditioner. Luckily, we've been able to snag electric sites we've needed even last-minute.

Ute Lake is a vibrant, busy, big park. There are several non-contiguous areas; we stayed in the Yucca campground with big, BIG pull-through sites. If I were in Spud, I'd choose a spot up in the Eagle area overlooking the lake (there is strong 4G up there). In Yucca, we were able to get sporadic park wifi, but no Verizon signal.

Seriously, WTHeck?

Wolf said, "On Sunday we'll be unconscious."

"On Sunday we'll be unconscious??"

"No, on Sunday we'll be on Conchas."

And, so we were. Conchas has a way different feel. We stayed on Bell loop, where we were able to find one electric site big enough for a 36' rig to get level. Oddly, two-thirds of the electric sites are reservation-only, and so they stood empty while we were there. There are also no camphosts, so no chance to check real availability. 

The sites reserved for hosts are both empty - maybe because there is no Verizon signal for phone or internet, no park wifi, no TV reception, no sewer hookup, and it's about 25 miles from town. Plus it's the end of July, 100°F, and I'm cranky.

The lake is beautiful, but oddly quiet.

Two nights at Conchas Lake felt like enough; we moved on.

We didn't get one of Storrie Lake's coveted electric sites, but the temperature here is a relief, and so we don't really need it. It feels good to be back in the rain.

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Anonymous said...

Is the first print a bear? Or some large dog type, the second print looked to be a raccoon. Looks like you are having fun, it's hot here up to a hundred and humid.

Good Luck Duck said...

Not a bear, but a very large dog. I don't think it's the locale for a wolf, but it's a dog of that size. Yes, definitely a Waschbär. :D

Contessa said...

Luv those wabbits...

Good Luck Duck said...

They're wascally!

Evie said...

Love your pictures a usual. I think we won't go to Conchas till it cools down some. Did you find some kids? Was that Wolfs canoe?

Anonymous said...

Conchas was our go-to lake when we lived in the East Mountains (east of Albuq). Kept our boat there; kept campers there from time to time. Loved the tumbling red rocks much more than flat Elephant Butte or Ute. Good fishing, good waterskiing, good crawdads, good times had by all. We even scattered 2 of our dogs' ashes there because our shorthair LOVED chasing the birds. It's been so low for so many years -- it's great to see more water in there. We've been talking about detouring there again; it's been 10 years... Thanks for the photos & memories.


George Yates said...

That does look like a nice spot there, but with no signals and the hot weather can see why its not too busy.

Jodee Gravel said...

Not missing the heat, but the area is beautiful. Think I'd have to spend my time IN the water. Who takes the time to notch all those rails to "lock" in the post? Of course, who looks in the hole and takes a picture of it.....and posts it :-)))))

Good Luck Duck said...

Jodee, obviously those two "whos" are not the same who.

George, I felt a little creeped out that no one was in the water. What do all those no ones know that I don't?

Renee, it must be an excellent shoulder-season park. I'm not crazy about EB, either, although Caballo is a little more my style.

Unknown said...

which would you recommend..... ute lake or conches lake. we have a cruiser boat. love to fish live in denver colorado. want one more last hurrah before the snow flies jo

Good Luck Duck said...

Unknown, I'm probably too late for this non-answer: it all depends a lot on whether there's even enough water to get your boat down the ramp. We were in kayaks, so the issues were different, but all these lakes are pretty low. A call to the local park is probably your best bet.