Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rolling Solo - Caballo Dam State Park

There have been expected shifts in circumstance, some unexpected thrills, and some humorous encounters. I don't wanna give them a lot of extra energy and power, so I'll just say 1) challenging departure, 2) microburst over Percha Dam State Park, 3) wildlife encounters a) indoors, and b) outdoors. I'll show you the aftermath at Percha next time. Spud is a tank, apparently, because by the time I ventured out, I could barely move the branches off her, and she is fine. Me? Only psychic trauma.

This is not my microburst. I thought you'd like to see the KAPOW!! it can deliver, and why going through one in a tent under a tree is something you might tell your Facebook friends about.

Exhilarating! Life-affirming! Opportunities for butt-tent purchase!

So, all is well. I'm well, my traveling friend is well, Spud is well. I've had fun being in and near Truth or Consequences and seeing Sue, Steve (thanks for the Reiki, Steve!), and Annie. It was just the thing to transition me back into solo living.

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SwankieWheels said...

Whoa! Neat video.

T-burg Annie said...

Hi Roxy, sounds like quite an adventure. C's aunt Helen once said "if it doesn't kill you then it's an adventure". Pour yourself a tall cool tequila sunrise and celebrate your survival while listening to my recent adventure. Yesterday I was driving home to T-burg and suddenly a horrendous heavy sideways rain started with gusts at least 30 mph...I kept driving as I only had a few more miles to go and truth be told I kinda like adventures, but the gusts were blinding and shaking all the vehicles on the road including mine. I had to struggle to stay on the road which I could barely see. Then I saw branches (albeit small ones) flying in front of my were slowing down and pulling off the road and I thought C may like me to arrive home alive so I looked for a safe place to pull over, fearing that another blinded driver may hit me...I somehow drove about another harrowing 1/2 mile till I was relieved to see the Ridersport Motorcycle parking lot. I pulled in, parked my motorcycle behind a Schwans truck so the wind would not blow it over, and trudged into the shop.

Kate said...


Good Luck Duck said...

On your motorcycle, Annie??? That's worse than riding down the road in a tent!

JO said...

We get those here quite often had my awning take a flying trip. Glad all is well

Grace said...

Have heard of micro bursts but never really new what they were. That video tells it all! Glad you are okay!