Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"I don't mind a shortcut, as long as it doesn't take much longer." T or C to Datil, NM

Six weeks in Truth or Consequences included two Art Hops (second Saturday of every month). There is a new gallery in town, Sun Gallery, and it's a lot of fun. No snoot there, so if you need some, bring your own.

Much gratitude to Jon, who has still never met me, but allowed me to live in his house for the duration, while he was vacationing in my hometown, Synchroni City. We call it "Ithaca."

I took the back way home, which involves a few hairpin turns, a few stops to calm my stomach, and some outrageous views. This path will take you through Cuchillo, Winston, and Dusty, NM. It might also (if you hurry), take you past Andy, a friendly flagman who helped me pass a pleasant twenty minutes waiting for my escort.

Andy has lived between Dusty and Truth or Consequences all his life, but has been to Germany twice (lucky duck). He was in the US Army. He gets the urge to travel sometimes, but the news persuades him to stay home. I told him I don't watch news much - it gives me the wrong impression of the world. He got that.

When he learned I was going to take 52, he got a quizzical look, and asked me if I had a spare tire. "That would be a heck of a road to break down on! Luckily, I've never been with anyone who broke down on it." That's okay, Andy. Other men have doubted Spud's grit, and they've been wrong, too.

He wished me a safe trip and a good day, and so it was. And, here's my escort...truck. He helped me follow the road into Winston.

My father had a satchel full of expressions that he'd pull out and flaunt, then shove back for repeated usage. He liked the shortcut, too. My dad was a rambler, and staying put too long pained his spirit. That life creates some hard choices, and when he had to choose, he chose to move. A man who couldn't make things go right could at least go.~ William Least Heat-Moon

NM-52 is New Mexico when she has no one to impress, and leaves her makeup off. She is beautiful, but doesn't care if you think so.

New Mexico golfs.

The shortcut truly didn't take more than an extra hour-and-a-half. I missed the mail pick-up in Datil, but I'm okay with delayed gratification. 

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Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Can't wait to get back. Leaving in just 6 days. Wahooooo!!!

George Yates said...

More wonderful scenery along the way, love the desert.

judilyn said...

New Mexico presents photo ops at every blink. Even simple scenes like your fence are wall worthy.

Randi said...

Love your pictorials of New Mexico. I hope to meet you in my travels.

Jodee Gravel said...

Well wasn't Andy just a fun distraction during a long wait :-) Love the ranch markers - would love to know the stories of how they choose those names. Looking forward to hearing how things are back at home.

Sherry said...

That Wahoo place must be owned by a misplaced UVA Graduate. Since you are on your way home I guess I'd better hunt around and see how I missed where you've been. Where have you been? Haven't seen you around my place in a long time either.

JO said...

What a great ride you had. Such beautiful things along the unbeaten paths of NM

Peter + Beatrix said...

We traveled the 52 on our way to Chloride,NM

Sue Malone said...

Love the back side of New Mexico and your phrase about makeup was stellar!

Contessa said...

Enjoy your home for however long you plan to roost.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thank you, Contessa. I can never predict how long I'll stay, because the comfortable feeling isn't linear. I can go for a while, happy as a pig in a vegan barnyard, and the next day I have to pack and run away.

Thanks, Sue! I love New Mexico's hindquarters, too.

That's the perfect other reason to take 52, P&B. You probably took it on out to 181 and right into Truth or Consequences, didn't you?

New Mexico is terrific, Jo.

Sherry, I've been here and there, doing this and that. You know. Stuff.

Jodee, Andy added human interest to my story. I was glad to meet him.

Thanks, Randi! I think we keep rotating around each other, but we'll meet eventually.

Judie, you've noticed that New Mexico feels different from Arizona, which is not what I predicted when I first arrived.

Me, too, George.

They're gonna let you guys leave New England, Cyndi?!?

Rojo said...

New Mexico is a gift to the rest of the world.

MFH said...

A man who couldn't make things go right could at least go.~ William Least Heat-Moon -- Werdz tuh liv by. An excellent post! Will you be returning to T or C after the retreat?

Good Luck Duck said...

I am, indeed, back in TorC!